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“Varian’s Imaging Components business has a 50 plus year history of dedication to the imaging industry.”—Sunny Sanyal, Senior Vice President and President, Imaging Components


Wed, 2013-10-16 03:34 PM

NBACC at Fort Detrick

The Federal Protective Service, a unit of DHS, issued a solicitation on October 16 in search of a company that can provide armed security guards at the National Bio-defense Analysis and...
Tue, 2013-10-15 04:15 PM
Morpho Detection, Inc. has announced that it has received a contract valued at approximately $10 million from the DHS Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) for the development of a next-...
Mon, 2013-10-14 03:35 PM

MK 18 Mod 1

The U.S. Navy has issued a sole source award, which could run for five years and be worth as much as $36.5 million, to a company based on Cape Cod, Hydroid, Inc., of Pocasset, MA, for an undisclosed...
Fri, 2013-10-11 06:34 PM
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), a unit of the Department of Justice, wants to identify individuals qualified to serve as instructors for a course on Advanced Explosives...
Fri, 2013-10-11 05:38 PM
TSA has announced it plans to award a “bridge” contract to IBM Corp. to continue supporting the agency’s Secure Flight program for at least another four months and perhaps an additional six months...
Wed, 2013-10-09 08:53 AM

Blighter's B-400
ground radar

Blighter Surveillance Systems, a British electronic-scanning radar and sensor solution provider, has won a contract to supply the South Korean Armed Forces with its Blighter B-400 electronic-scanning...
Fri, 2013-10-04 12:18 PM
The Domestic Nuclear Detection Office within DHS has awarded a total of 10 separate R&D contracts to seven different companies, totaling more than $18.1 million, to help the U.S. Government...
Thu, 2013-10-03 04:53 PM

Scott Greiper

Scott Greiper, the president and founding partner of Secure Strategy Group, LLC (SSG), a consulting firm offering financial and business development advice in the homeland security sector, has been...
Wed, 2013-10-02 02:08 PM
Eighty-five percent of frequent flyers think that TSA is doing either a poor or fair job in performing security screenings at the nation's airports, according to a new survey of frequent flyers...
Sun, 2013-09-29 12:15 PM

Screen shot from
ARA's CBRN training

To ensure preparedness of Air Force personnel to “continue the fight” in a WMD environment, the Air Force has turned to ARA’s team of CBRN and instructional systems design experts to develop a...
Thu, 2013-09-26 06:31 PM

Hi-Scan 6040-2is
from Smiths Detection

Smiths Detection held a press conference at the ASIS security conference in Chicago on September 25 at which it introduced its new “dual view” Hi-Scan 6040-2is scanning system intended for use at...
Thu, 2013-09-26 03:47 PM

Chuck Dougherty

If you ask Charles (“Chuck”) Dougherty, the president and CEO at American Science & Engineering since April 2013, “What’s new with your product line?,” he is more than likely to turn the...



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Add Jerusalem-based Identa Corp. to the handful of companies that issued statements in the wake of the failed Christmas day attack on Flight 253, saying they have technology that can detect PETN, the...
Cambridge, MA-based MetaCarta, Inc., a provider of geographic search solutions, has announced the launch of MetaCarta Geographic Search and Referencing Platform (GSRP) version 4.5.   This software...
The Cellular Cargo Bomb Scanner CBS 7.72 Series from Homeland Security Strategies (HSS) scans cargo at airports, marine yards and trucking facilities in an effort to detect bombs, such as those...
Bruker has announced the North American launch of its compact, fully automated and fast toxin identification system, called pTD (portable Toxin Detector), at the American Society for Microbiology (...
TiaLinx, Inc., a developer of remotely controlled miniaturized object detection radars, announced on April 21 the launch of the Viper60-A, an ultra fine radio frequency beam that is capable of...