Here is Kite's version of events, which he said took place "towards 10 o clock, 10:30 (p.m.)": "We go over and I knock on the door, and then this great guy who’s been saying all this crap lately — I’m sure he’s a good guy — but anyway, he answers the door. But sorry we weren’t some five creepy looking guys that they guy felt threatened by," Kite said. The man who made and delivered the pizza that Tim Grover insinuated gave Michael Jordan food poisoning the night before Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals. But, at the time, his district manager allegedly reported no additional cases of sickness derived from Pizza Hut food. From there, Kite said he returned to the Pizza Hut to great celebration. Anonymous. "I’d love for it to be super exciting to have some great thing. But the detail he divulged — he said the Pizza Hut, while no longer standing, was situated next to a Park City high school and across the street from a 7/11; he also said his son is named after Michael Jordan — lend some credence to his story. That didn't stop him from playing 44 minutes and scoring 37 points in a crucial three-point win. His name is Greg Kite, and he spent his Tuesday morning on "The Big Show" with Jake Scott and Gordon Monson on 1280 The Zone telling his side of this story. What's newsworthy is Grover's claim that a rogue pizza delivery man was responsible for the ailment. Any way you slice it, the pizza that Michael Jordan ate the night before Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals wasn’t poisoned, says the man who claims to have made it. May 17, 2020 Z P 5 Comments Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan, The Last Dance. He also added he is certain it was Jordan who waved to him upon the delivery, pretty much dispelling any rumors of Jordan gallivanting to Las Vegas or other party havens the night before the game. "Unless of course obviously you add something to it, but that didn’t happen because it sure as heck didn’t leave my hands.". May 17, 2020 Z P 5 Comments Chicago Bulls , Michael Jordan , The Last Dance I’m sure you’ve heard the story of Michael Jordan’s “Flu Game” ahead of Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals in Salt Lake City and you’ve probably heard it multiple times. He was dehydrated and had lost weight. And he hands me the 20 (dollar bill), made a gesture to me — obviously keep the change or whatever — and I’m handing him the pizza, and I said, 'Hey can I at least say hi to Mike. 8 years ago. Why not, it’s my one shot, right? Rose's hangover theory forced you to make two huge assumptions. The governor was photographed greeting the president at the airport. One of the most memorable moments of Michael Jordan's storied career was the "Flu Game," in which he propelled the Chicago Bulls to a 90-88 Game 5 … He goes by the stage name Bret Michaels. Sun accidentally poisoned Michael in "Born to Run " Paulo poisoned Zuckerman in "Exposé " Sawyer almost died of septic poisoning in "What Kate Did " Hurley, after stepping on a sea urchin, urges Jin to pee on his foot to stop the poison in "Hearts and Minds " Nikki and Paulo were poisoned by Medusa spiders in "Exposé " The food poisoning itself isn't the issue — it was originally suspected that the "flu" from which Jordan suffered was related to something he ate. He has been found. News flash! "I remember saying, 'I will make the pizza because I don’t want any of you doing anything to it,'" Kite said. Joe Biden Endorsed By Republican Governor Who Poisoned Flint, Michigan. Upon learning the room number, the player told Kite and the driver that it was Jordan's room and walked on. Now, the man who made the pizza Jordan said was poisoned has provided his own account. Michael Dawson was a construction worker and aspiring sketch artist.