(So rare, so rare) //]]>, Sorry, we have to make sure you're a human before we can show you this page. Lyrics to 'So Rare' by Andy Williams. I don't have it all I'm not claiming to But I know that I'm special (Special) Yeah And I'll bet there's somebody else out there To tell me I'm rare To make me feel rare (Yeah, yeah) I'm not gonna beg for you With every beat of the heart that I give you (So rare, so rare) Follow @genius It became a hit for Jimmy Dorsey in 1957.. Rare Lyrics: Baby / You've been so distant from me lately / And lately / Don't even wanna call you "baby" / Saw us gettin' older (Older) / Burnin' toast in the toaster / My ambitions were too So Rare 3. (Official Music Video) From the Book: The Musicians' Gig Library: Jazz, Swing & Big Band. So rare, this is a heaven on earth we share So rare, so rare So rare, so rare. Just when we thought “Lose You to Love Me” was the saddest track we’d ever heard, Selena Gomez’s Rare lyrics and songs about Justin Bieber came to … So rare, so rare So rare, so rare You are perfection You're my idea of Angels singing the Ave Maria For you're an angel I breathe and live you With every beat of The heart that I give you So rare So rare, so rare So rare So rare Or you're an angel, I'd breathe and live you //