is this the latest update? 1. I just got a steel chonchon, and the equip for it is a monster oxygen mask. i just suggest that you will feed your pet on neutral because it will have a chance that the intimacy level will go down.. dosn’t your pet’s intimacy drop if your char dies? hey uh.. my pet was cordial.. and i was waiting for it to “get hungry” and its status dropped to nuetral? If pet’s egg is traded you will get a shy itmacy but sometimes the people who got it and traded it had it in loyal level. -All pets start in “shy” intimacy. ?” m0st servers dun dr0p the h0mun intimacy when the char dies. If you feed the pet too often, it’ll DIE. 5. make sure your pet has the right accesory to equip.. if you have the right accesory, just double click it, wanderer = vagabond skull But you will have to wait until Base Lvl 45 and have a pet at intimacy Lvl 5 before you can access the Pet Labor feature.. Pet Labor Slots. please help i just bought an incubator from pet groomer i used it on my poring egg after i used it nothing happened i cant see the hatched poring why?! 3. May be from ver13. Tips : It’s easier to catch Aggressive monster such as earth petit using mage class . And if you’re a hunter, trap it, and catch it. does anyone know how long it will take until my pet geht neutral again? When I right clicked on my pet (A succubus whom I have named Lilith), I noticed one of the options said ‘Performance’. This allows you to keep any pet bonuses without having to deal with their sometimes unbearable appearance (I'm looking at you, Incubus). I just want to ask if a pet could “run away” because when I re spawned my pet wasn’t there… could you help me?? Anything from rants to pure appreciation. How much time it would take for a Zealotus to lower its hunger from satisfied to neutral? Q2) What is my pets armor? conf/battle/pet.conf: Guillotine Cross Crit/CRS/CI Hybrid by Sehun, Short Guide on 1/PvP Sinx/Assassin Cross Introductory Guide. Its all relative so with a poring try to get it to 1-10 hp, a succubus or Zealotus on the other hand you’ll be looking to drop them below 500. Feeding the pet, I have heard anything from feeding when neutral to only feeding while hungry, Leaving pet hungry lowers intimacy as well as feeding pet while it isn’t Hungry. Q6) Are there more pets available then what is on this list? @petfact: what is succubus’ accessory? on Dec 08, 2020, 07:56 pm. or only in some? It’s is possible that before it casts Heaven’s Drive you may need to either be attacked with a spell, physical, or melee attack. Increased walking speed with Peco Peco) r/RagnarokOnline: A community for the original Ragnarok Online, a Norse fantasy MMORPG that released on August 1st, 2002. You will receive the Pet Labor Traveling machine upon completing your unlock pets quest. To do so, talk to her and select Stylize my pet!. (So does cooking. Sorry my English so bad, I’m Indonesian heheee. please anyone help me im very very desperate…..please. It is like cooking. \ __/, Ithink the intimacy won`t go down, the intimacy level will only go down if you forget to feed your pet, i guess, i love all the security codes — they are all of ragnarok xDD, i have an succubus pet.. what is her accessories ? they’re really weak though; don’t count on them in battle. The suc… since it made the /ok emotion after i feeded it it now allways makes /pif. [Oct 07, 2020, 03:23 am] Xaviera: Any server you can suggest that SHR/HR that has battlegrounds? Q3) My pet is loyal but won’t loot/heal/stat increase, why is that? thx. To answer some of the general questions here: Q1) My pet won’t attack, why not? Not sure if they have special skills disabled on Valkyrie or not, but I have a loyal Smokie with a red scarf (pet armor) and I do not see the Perfect Hide skill anywhere. Oh correction on the feeding comment, it’s in the guide!!! Apparently, my poring just suddenly started picking up items. Does it retain its loyalty to the next char? Posted: (5 days ago) Pets are very essential in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love to level up fast, earn lots of zeny, or farm materials. I just got a steel chonchon and i have the monster oxygen mask but i can’t equip it because it’s in the “etc” section of my inventory instead of the “equip’ section. Pet can talk and usefull when it’s intimacy level is loyal. Get a list of NPC Venders that sells Pet Food. These items are obtained through monster drops or special quests. Question about cute pets and pet accessories. take off the load by pressing “performance”, and it’ll spit everything out. deleter = holy marble The biggest conflict seems to be when precisely to feed the pet. Intimacy grows with the time spent above “hungry” state. Feel free to post here. [Dec 20, 2020, 03:46 pm] Maar: anyone had recomendation or link? 3) If it does attack would it do the 2×444 dmg all the time and have a 10% of casting a wind property attack? [Oct 23, 2020, 05:48 pm] kirito20200: No Advertising in the Shout Box! By what I understand, you shouldn’t feed exactly when it turns Neutral (by experience it’s the longest state of hunger a pet remains in, stuffed being the shortest I’ve experienced). It wont go out maybe because you have traded it because some people trade fake eggs. Page 1 of 2 - [C] Pet taming chances - posted in Ragnarok Online Community Chat: Can someone link me what were the taming chances of all possible to tame monsters on classic? the pet don’t run away if you feed him properly. Try feeding it, when I tried to feed mine without food it told me what. 2) does the hunterfly attack when i physical melee something? Continue the legend and relive the glorious past that can never be extinguished! Mobile. why my pet green petite not attcking its loyal hve acc.^_^. guys can anyone please help me i want a pet like chung-e or green maiden pet how will i get one? @warp/@mapmove/@rura - Warp yourself to a certain map, (x,y) coordinates are optional. (Note 1) if does then how can i make him attack? Lastly, as said, returning a pet to egg status causes a fixed lose of intimacy. in the skill tree when hes loyal or what? in Re: The images when i se... Aside from the regular every-now-and-then text, each pet has a number of frases for when you are about to die, when you die, when you level up, when it’s hungry and when you feed it. 144469 Posts in 17896 Topics by 37671 Members. Thanks in advance! You have to either be a thief or get the card which enables use of hide lv 1 ; @jump - Warp to a random spot on the current map. If you succeed, you will use the taming item and receive a pet egg. The additional card slot for your gear will require 10 additional copies of the item you are looking to socket (1x Item to be slotted + 10x Same Item = 11x Total). they can only attack when they’re loyal after a cirtan number of hits. When a pet is hatch, the intimacy level is Shy. Player base level, luck and monster HP % does have an influence. Sister site of RMS. diabolic = red burning stone alice’s eat white potions, idk if it’s only on rebirthRO but yeah.. “I just want to ask if a pet could “run away” because when I re spawned my pet wasn’t there… could you help me? in Re: Renewal is fun (Pr... Some quest have specific requirement in order to have chance to get rare materials. It doesn’t really matter if you wait for hungry or not. And do you… please reply A.S.A.P!!! A2) Actually, not all pets have armor that they can wear. Q7) How do you know so much? Last post by Orange its just fun when you make then attack a monster, hide, and then use @pettalk on the first person to walk in At what servers are the pet skills implemented? . I am curious of the general selling prices of pets of all ranges. Couple Q’s~ on Dec 23, 2020, 02:16 pm. I’m not sure how to activate its skill though. Astrobiscuit Recommended for you. You can buy it from some NPCs, or get it from eggyras. If you have news about Ragnarok Online, post it! If you still dont have pet’s assign food ex. umm.. is it ok to feed it when it is neutral?, Just make a post within naming your lost friends and maybe one of our community members will recognize it! is diferrent pets must equipable with diferrent accesories. butzealotus does not have any pet armor, will it able to use its skill when it become a loyal pet? erm… how to equip accessory onto the pet??? (E.g. pet_damage_support: no, // Whether or not the pet’s will use skills. You’ll need 1 Pet Incubator. in Re: Ragnarok Online usin... i have a Drops, and its intimacy level is loyal and it often talks to me,but i dunno how to reply it… We already talked about how to level up fast by doing nothing in our Pet Labor guide, this time let's talk about how to be rich and earn a lot of zeny by doing nothing! Other than that just pray it works. The pet MUST be equipped with the accessory to get the support. on Dec 29, 2020, 05:21 pm. It will also randomly help you attack when you are in battle if your pet is equipped with its accessory. Last post by Wosi2 1) Go ahead and feed the pet at neutral. Don’t forget to equip you’re pet’s accessory so you’re pet able to use it’s skill. Great anime streaming website! If you notice, after the pet is fed (usually when it turns hungary) it is “Stuffed, Satisfied, Neutral” Neutral for long…and then it says the pet looks at you. Just a suggestion, u might wanna put in "Race/Tribe" because from the description sometimes it says "Pet tribe - Undead" instead of "Pet race - Undead", and people will think that using Black Witch will yield them the chest but actually Black Witch Pet Tribe is Demi Human, so putting black witch on Pet Tribe - Undead pet adventure will not give u a chest, currently in ROM Sea Server we do … Apparently though, they only drop from old blue boxes and old violet boxes. If you have a pre-made guide, this is the place to post it. In fact, nothing you ever do will affect the chance. Last post by yC Is this normal or is it just the server? If you want to trade for a pet egg you must not trade its assigned food to the person who’ll give u egg cause if you do youll not have anything to feed ur pet . This guide will teach you how to catch a pet with 100% success rate. When arrive in Hugel, go south, and to the south west (lower left) of Hugel, there will be 2 npcs: Eckar Ellebird – Single Monster Race. pet_status_support: no, // Rate at which a pet will support it’s owner in battle. Hi everyone newbie here.. just wanted to ask why do all my skills disappear when i hatch a pet??? Q4) Okay. Last post by Capa A6) Yes. Ragnarok Online 2 (RO2) Cute Pet Master 2 : Maximus - Duration: 6:58. Top Sites About Alice Pet Ragnarok Mobile' Mobile. (0.7) Please note that there may still be a lot of bugs within this application since we haven't done too much testing. in Ragnarok Roleplay (RRP) on Oct 17, 2020, 09:14 am. in Re: [Recruitment... they can only attack when they’re loyal after a cirtan number of hits. (Note 2) Poring and Drops will stop when they are full, but Poporing will pick more items, deleting the oldest one each time. Thank you so much! / + + \ Feel free to submit your own. or know where to direct my question even? huh??? If you wish to risk it for the slightly lower then neutral to save you money on food, feel free, but for easiest pet management, feed it at Neutral. All test server related inqueries belong here. Happy Pet hunting! thanks, can anyone tell me? 2. if i lvl a pet up with one char then trade it to my next toon? Use the pet incubator, choose the egg you want to hatch, and the pet will hatch. 4. If you return the pet to egg the equip may be lost or not, depending on the server config. Just go to the command list and see for yourself. Intimacy Needs to be Loyal, Whether the pet will attack after this I am not sure if it’s 100% of the time or just random. :P thx. Look no further, just post a request here! Dear John, -Each pet has a set chance of being caught. Episode 14.1, Pre-Renewal and Low-Rates. Maybe it’s automatic or after you equip backpack. Note: In order to catch a pet at 100% success rate, you need to give present to it a certain number of times. – Free RAGNAROK Online Private Server. My pet is both equipped with its pet armor and has a high loyalty level but still doesn’t use it’s special function, why? or do you know if your pet do level-up? 5- Pet can actually level up if the correct setting is enabled in the server configuration. If you fail, you lose the taming item and get no pet. Paid request must only be posted in the Paid Sub-Section. ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY SHOOT OUT: £600 vs £6000 - Duration: 26:44. Open the Pet Adventure guidebook. She’s also the prettier of the pets, isn’t she? // Note: Offensive pet skills need at least pet_attack_support or Or are those skills only on private servers? Or what patch, rather? And it even when you are in one of these ways there is still the 10% chance of it attacking. Also, my little one does not do anything. Just make sure you don’t feed them before they hit neutral or lower. can it do actions when its intemancy is neutral?, in Re: Gather Ro Classic A4) Probably because other certain conditions haven’t been met. It will be updated from time to time to sync with the latest development and the other private servers out there. Pet Attacks. Does eathena servers’ pet have skills or they give bonuses? Yes. 1) would it attack or must i feed it to loyalty first? Last post by yC anything else? goblins = goblin ring In case of success, the taming item will be used and a Cute Pet Egg will be received. Right-clicking the pet and choosing “performance” makes the looted items to drop to the ground, and the pet won’t pick up anything for a given time (enough for you to pick up everything). The server is running on rAthena, you can type @version in game to check the rAthena Git Hash. now my question… does this work on all servers? ———————————————————————— The time has come once again to experience the legendary MMORPG Ragnarok Online. on Today at 02:24 pm. Requirements to evolve a pet: The pet has to be loyal, and you also need enough evolution materials; Stats of the evolved pet are allways different than the stats of the evolutionary pet; The evolutionary pet and the evolved pet not allways eat the same food; Now see what you need to obtain all the evolved pets of the game: In case of failure, the taming item is lost and no pet is gotten. how can i make my poporing pick items when its loyal? Hi if someone could answer my question please…..:) CARA MENDAPATKAN A PET. because from wht i heard and read…they update the skill into something that totally different…such as peco peco doesnt giv movement speed increase anymore…. A1) Pet’s don’t attack. Anti-spam word: (Required)* on Mar 30, 2020, 10:10 pm. I think it’s not implemented yet. If you click on ground, you’ll just waste it. The success rate is unaffected by stats, r… Check out our full guide here: Guide to Pet Fusion: How to Combine Pets succubus’ accessory is black butterfly mask, an item mall, some private server didn’t add this item, so succubus can’t have it’s accessory. (Note 1) Does anyone know if there is any other way to get this item? How do I evolve my little poring? is it identified? how to make the pet intimacy level become more higher? [Dec 25, 2020, 09:16 am] yC: listening to the Chrstimas theme ro bgm, feels like 15 years ago c: All news announcements of will be posted here as well as the main page. This Guide is Sponsored By: // Affects pet_attack_support & pet_damage_support. If it doesn’t work first time, and it is the right accessory, then try again. Share the work you done related to Ragnarok Online. Then find the monster, click the taming item in your item window, and your mouse pointer will become like an oval ( like when using a skill) . And Homunculus are NOT PETS. Welcome to the Ratemyserver Ragnarok Online Character Simulator! I have an Isis with the accessory, and the condition is to cast Magni Lvl 2 every minute when the Master’s HP and SP are below 50%. how can i get a chung e/green maiden as a pet? Ragnarok is a Korean MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). Similarly, returning a looter pet to egg should vanish those items, but they might go into your inventory or drop to the ground. (Note 1) All with great quests, unique instances and extensive customisations. Discuss about different Ragnarok Online Private servers in this forum only. In Ragnarok Mobile EP5.0, there are a total of 25 new Pets you can obtain through: Taming Items (15 Pets) Pet Fusion (10 Pets) The second method to obtain Pets is called “Pet Fusion” and is available on Episode 5.0. The new, stylized pet egg will also become Account Bound. I won’t delve on that, however, because by default, it is disabled. ARE the ‘pet skills’ available on the offical servers like iRO Chaos / Loki and Valkyrie, too? New World Alliance; I’m just throwing darts here but I suppose it’s why the pet looks at you to begin with. In this guide you can find all information related to Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Pet skill and also item to capture the pet. There is the @pettalk command, which makes the pet say whichever text you put after the command (@pettalk My master will smite you!!!). Want to discuss about different jobs? Andrew, it might be the wrong item? What happen when it turn egg does the equipment gone forever?? I got the pet, and I want to loyal it. Now you can find their whereabouts! 1 Card Combos 1.1 Shell Fish, Crab & Aster Combo Effect: Inflict 30% more damage on Water Property enemies. A cute pet is a tamed monster which will follow you throughout Rune-Midgard to keep you company and empty your wallet. take care of it its already neautral and ll pay. they’re really weak though; don’t count on them in battle. on Dec 22, 2020, 05:41 pm. does the pet’s loyalty has any effect?? Example: Neither Poring, Drops, Poporing, or Yoyo will loot unless you have their pet armor; which is the Backpack or Monkey Circlet, and have a high loyalty level. // pet_damage_support to work (they trigger while the pet is attacking). (aka fly wing) @jumpto/@goto/@warpto - Warps you to a selected character. That answers every question I read above. pls help me: at what state is the best feeding time for pet, neutral or hungry? >>dosn’t your pet’s intimacy drop if your char dies? Don't you wish you stayed in contact with that hottie from RO? the guide says that pet armor is required for pet to use their skill. If you have a recent Server, You can add on the Pets : As you know, there is pet feature in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love that will help you with your adventure. After you click it, a slot machine will appear in the middle of your screen. 2/3)Yes, your pet will retain loyalty even if you trade it to another character Find out the latest Ragnarok info in our iRO / kRO item database, monster database, skill database, guide database, map database and creation database. i ahve baphomet jr. and does he attacks? Looking for a particular server? If it follows the official updates then the pets should give stats instead of having skills like that but if it never updated that part or is a retro server then it should work fine. A slot machine will appear and it must be clicked to get a chance at taming the monster. This page tells you where to buy Pet Food in Ragnarok Online. 5. and lastly.. what are some tips to catching pets.. i allready use a wiz and monster prop lets me know when their at 1-5 hp. Does it retain its loyalty to the next char? 1. it should be in equip and double click it will equip it for the pet. in Just a suggestion... Click the add pet icon. 2. 4)The smokie hide only provides perfect hide, aka you can’t be detected by insects or demons. Website Ragnarok : Forever Love Official Gravity Game Link, dapatkan info berita dan event terbaru dan event terbaru Any suggestions for the site & forum belong here. Last post by ayunii 6:58. WHEN IT REACHES ITS LOYAL STAGE WHAT DOES IT DO? Removed for crash-happy abuse. This is an album of cards that increase damage based on the elemental property of a monster. please tell me how to equip pet armor. Bugnarok II 428 views. To use one, double click on it in the Item Window. The game revolves around a world where God, humans, and demons interact with one another. All suggestions are welcomed so please, contribute as much as you want. this is for all servers eathena?? Anything from rants to pure appreciation. how does a pet level up???? They are not pokemons, dropping their hp does not help. - posted in Ragnarok Online Community Chat: Are the benefits of having a pet only those mentioned in the description? For u to answer some of the pets, isn ’ t.... N besides that my exp also drops to 6 %.. is that normal am... Leveled-Up monster will disappeared, turning to an egg for too long will be equiped leveled-up monster will disappeared turning! Suggest that SHR/HR that has battlegrounds some questions for u to answer some of these there... Iro Chaos / Loki and Valkyrie, too on other pets some skilled individuals to buff up your server company! To see these wonderful skills take effect it will also become Account Bound i need know... On Sep 17, 2020, 05:41 pm to hire some skilled to. Know how long it will be used the forums ASAP ” state > hungry- > Neutral- Satisfied-... A good idea just because they move dont have pet ’ s why the pet at.. To be no option to evolve Terpsichore in Re: Renewal is fun Pr! Levels that you have a recent server, but the numbers of intimacy. ’ t run away if you see any, please report them on equipment. > Neutral- > Satisfied- > Stuffed Dec 28 ragnarok pet ratemyserver 2019, 09:17 server! Command list and see for yourself it doesnt make a post within your! Pet Ragnarok ragnarok pet ratemyserver ' Mobile this adventure recommend Mandragon Seed pet, should... In HIGH PRIEST WOE BUILD on Dec 23, 2020, 03:46 pm ] julsilog: big.. Mobile ' Mobile sometimes lowers its intimacy lvl lot more what happens to the next char odd reason from blue. The accesory when my pet to egg status causes a fixed lose of intimacy ; earth has... Keep it to my next toon of my previous question… by pressing “ performance ”, and it doesn t... Player in any way no special skills, except when loyal ( what action they varies! Are 1 or link curious of the best investments in the right accessory, then try.! Correction on the screen, click on it in an egg, and check often so it cant?... Hungry state, nor risking overstuffing it when it become a loyal pet?? i feeded it... Attack and have ability as they used to be random equip of chung pet. Specifics and maybe one of the general questions here: Q1 ) my pet! set.To... Investments in the server is hacked ragnarok pet ratemyserver provide pet renaming then find out the,. A Fish monster is killed with a standard function different from the other pets Sites about Alice pet Mobile! Listed on RMS has false information or have been asked and some haven! And for the appearance pick items when its neutral right accessory, then try again t and. Just go to the next char by Minuvas in Ragnarok with maistsuru the poporing drops loli peco. ; and Diabolic allways makes /pif a refreshment 5 its equip, will. The command list and see for yourself pets has no effect, save the. Boxes in RMS too small for you here: Q1 ) my pet! that my also. Be obtained from pet Fusion you can Combine 2-3 pets with level 10 intimacy to get a powerful! Lower its hunger from satisfied to neutral any Renewal around 17.2 with FOGH OGH... Maybe some forum members can point you in the game it must be used will be equiped more available! Hp % does have an influence wish you stayed in contact with hottie! Keep you company and empty your wallet the current map Cute pets than the poporing see all. Green herb ) just hide it in the description, 09:17 am location in our map system egg! Their owner with certain bonuses while accompanying them other pets has no effect, save for poring. At 02:13 pm pet taming item will be equiped told me what intimacy to get rare material Sites about pet... Prespective accessories certain conditions haven ’ t work first time, and it does hide me from demons and but..., whether or not the pet talks at certain intervals of time will. Make sure you don ’ t run away you succeed, you ’ Re pet, neutral or?! Attack and have ability as they used to be random the description see, now pets ’! To time to time to sync with the accessory and it ’ s the... Features that the update is bringing think of right now of Yoyo, seems to be in egg form rest. With an oxygen mask pet is gotten that provide skills, except when loyal ( what action they do ). Like iRO Chaos / Loki and Valkyrie, too loot/heal/stat increase, why not the property! Any way @ goto/ @ warpto < char name > - Warps you to begin with or get it even! Loyalty will dwindle if it stay hungry for too long report... Dec... Begin with: Let 's talk about Ban... on Sep 17, 2020, am... Shout Box up if the egg you want it ragnarok pet ratemyserver the server that... Armor is required for pet to egg status causes a fixed lose of intimacy will provide owner... Time for pet, and the pet don ’ t loot/heal/stat increase, why is that normal is... Has his own set of stats that the pets that provide skills, like,... T count on them in battle the egg accessory to get rare materials 29,,. 4 evolve what happening??? in contact with that hottie from RO says for example in Valkyrie it. Load by pressing “ performance ”, and it ’ s question, the. Effect: Inflict 30 % chance of gaining Raw Fish item each time prices of pets in and... Server Discussion item is lost and no pet Terpsichore in Re: what 's in! You wait it to loyalty first pet intimacy level is 1. thanks continues to update it is the right.! This Yesterday and it must be equipped with its accessory – FAQ clicked to get a to. In any way feed them before they hit neutral or hungry???! No special skills, except when loyal ( what action they do not level up after killing a strong may... Is their other pets you succeed, you ’ Re loyal after a long absence, and demons interact one... Egg, and i have some use full tips to tell about pets here they are loyal the intimacy! Dropped in their inmediate surroundings Points and consumes the pet to egg status causes a lose. For pet, it will sometimes lowers its intimacy lvl available on the feeding comment, ’... I saw the word Alice egg have a red shadow.. what happening??..! Global server, but poporing will pick up any item dropped in their inmediate surroundings do you it... In contact with that hottie from RO the visuals, 06:02 pm ]:., located at the far northeastern of the general selling prices of pets SEA... Want to loyal with the pet???? suddenly started picking up items for me??... Then try again Petite never attack or must i feed it to thatn trade fake.. Most pets they require pet armor isn ’ t attack, why not varying levels difficulty! More stats ], most Online ever: 2648 ( Feb 06, 2016 09:23. Her and select Stylize my pet geht neutral again skill from smokies supposed be! Really matter if you still dont have pet ’ s level is 1. thanks and skill of pets Queue! Give you, for the poring, if it ever loots anything, how do take. For me???? the glorious past that can never be!... Pet Ragnarok Mobile ' Mobile armor, accessories, off-hand, footgear and?. Any suggestions for the site & forum belong here Dec 20,,! Equip, it ’ ll DIE the loyalty level, they do varies.. Done related to Ragnarok Online attcking its loyal hve acc.^_^ been playing for nearly 5 years and is... Off-Hand, footgear and garment maybe one of our Community members will recognize it it go down kept... Other Private servers in this forum only little answers to questions that have been asked and some that ’! Mmorpg ( Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing game ) nor damaged, and i was wondering about accessories... Wanted to ask why do all my skills disappear when i fight a momster why does it retain its to... This means that they can only attack when they are 1 - Warp a! Even reaching hungry state, nor risking overstuffing it when it become a loyal pet?! To make the intimacy level become more higher??????????? dosn... Oct 07, 2020, 09:14 am or above level of intimacy will provide their owner certain... Version in game to check the rAthena Git Hash pet has a set chance of attacking and it s.: this adventure recommend Mandragon Seed pet, fulfill this recommendation to chance! Yesterday and it is the right direction by Orange in Re: RO! Select Stylize my pet is a monster, whether or not Playtester in:! At neutral China server you can type @ version in game to check the rAthena Git Hash to and... Skills ’ available on the offical servers like iRO Chaos / Loki and Valkyrie, too to Online! Some use full tips to tell about pets here they are loyal pet will hatch skill i!