If you use your emotional energy in the right way, it can end up making not just everyone else feel good, but also yourself. To train yourself to be nonreactive in moments of crisis, the best strategy is to remain calm. The Emotion-in-Relationships model (ERM) describes a theory designed to predict individual's experiences towards emotions.First introduced by Ellen Berscheid in 1983, it was further developed in cooperation with Hilary Amazzalorso in 2001. I’m in a relationship with a girl that feels emotionless at the moment. How to Be a Good Boyfriend: 33 Traits to Make You The Best Ever! Take notice of the feelings that you currently feel. Keeping Your Cool 1. You don’t wish to stay weak right? 22 Signs of Love to Know if Your Love is Real, How to Make a Guy Fall in Love with You: 25 Ways to Charm Him. So your boyfriend can be one of those. Don't abuse alcohol or … If there is a problem, it's really practical, like, "Yo, Jobaba, you know Jacinda told me the other day she wants me to cut down on drinking." You could tell them specifically the things you need from them. To be emotionless serves to be a great benefit for all as it makes you independent of all the people surrounding you and thus you come to know how to live life without depending on others and teaches you how to live with head raised high. Empathy is a very important part of humanity, but being overly empathetic can leave you feeling like a weeping wound. Figure out your own shit before you worry about other people. The key is to knowing when to invest the energy and when just to let it go. . Think it as bad water being eliminated from eyes and even emotions would not come closer to you. You may feel nervous. Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a condition that affects the way a person processes everyday emotions and reactions. You Don’t Discuss Your Emotions Another sign your relationship is lacking emotional support is if you and your partner aren’t being fully honest or forthcoming with each other. Listen to your partner without getting defensive. #6 Try to listen without feelings. Calm down by distracting yourself. Get the very best of LovePanky straight to your inbox! DESCRIPTION. Try to ignore the people who seek to get your sympathy through your tears and stay the most of times with those who pay a damn to those who throw the bows of their emotions all the time. If and when your partner does open up, don’t judge. Those who pay response to others always become a victim of emotions and if you become a victim of emotions, you can’t ever be emotionless. Your email address will not be published. Being emotional is something that some people are born with, but others lack it. See yourself an observer and not active participant in a … Drama queens want all the drama, but they never want to take steps to change their situation. Family relationships may be used to describe the emotional bond between people involved in a union, but the emotional relationship component is used to describe the emotional bond between any two individuals in the genogram (family tree). Take notice of all the emotions flooding into your brain. All relationships take work, and being in a relationship with a person with bipolar disorder is no different. At the time I was obsessed with these fantasy books about a girl training to be a warrior. Being 12, I thought this was really intense. (How to Be Emotionless). Sometimes, distance is the very thing you both need to breathe on your own and gain a little perspective. #4 Avoid socially stressful situations. When it comes to relationships, you get out of them what you put in. Learn To Recognize Your Own Emotions. Also never assume that you can patch your relationship at a later date. For a highly sensitive person, learning how to be emotionless takes practice and mindfulness. If you have a problem, step back, and out, to see what is going on rationally, instead of trying to figure out the emotions of it. Never Judge Their Emotions. If you want to know how to be emotionless, sometimes you just have to not answer the phone or not be the one who drops everything to help someone through their emotional crisis. Emotional people have a tendency to insert themselves into a situation and navigate it imaginarily through emotions to check out all angles. (How to Be Emotionless), I really hate tears as even if they are fake, we can’t judge them and emotions are likely to arise in such situations even if we have kept them by the side. In return you will get a blank stare. 3. The good news is that although you feel for everyone else and it can seem like a curse, it isn’t all bad. He doesn't like expressing. Here are the best things you can do to deal with any emotion that … Avoid anticipating the future Learning how to control your emotions in a relationship makes a huge difference in maintaining a happy and fruitful union. There seems to be this ongoing debate between men and women, and among women that men are emotionless, quite often women are witnessed saying things like “he just shuts down” or “he doesn’t show emotion.” Well there are many different ways to show emotion. You should try out being stone hearted the most of time so as to get rid of these emotions and you should believe that you are cruel enough to pay heed to anyone’s actions in order to be emotionless. You each have your own laptop (or computer) You have a reliable internet connection at home. if you want to stay emotionless like that, you have the advantage that you dont have any feelings that can be hurt. It is about catching yourself before you fall into the endless emotional pit. You should never go on someone’s tears if you wish to be emotionless. Breath deeply and then start to think about the correct course of action. Whether it's jitters or butterflies, a healthy relationship [doesn’t always leave … (How to Be Emotionless), Love Letter : 6 Sweet Things to Write For your Lover. You can’t be responsible for what someone has stuck in their craw. Being emotional makes it more difficult to be in tense or stressful social situations. You also can choose to listen to your partners … Accept that feelings are neither right nor wrong. If you have someone who always seems to be in crisis mode, stop letting them use your emotional energy to get their fill. When someone is in a bad mood or does something to you, emotional people have a tendency to take it on themselves or to internalize it. Take tears as water but not tears and you get sorted. Liked what you just read? How to Share Your Feelings With Your Spouse Try these tips to help you feel more comfortable and prepared to share with your spouse. Find another word for emotionless. I am stone. A healthy partnership requires empathy, communication, and self-awareness. Relationships revolve around them. the disadvantage is that you dont have a love in your life and miss one of the most important reasons, if not THE most important reasony what a human beeing is actualy in this world for. You are in a relationship for longer than 4 months. If you are the person who puts everyone and their emotional needs above you, then it is time to make an oath to put yourself first. If you know that going to a family wedding is going to let out your emotional monsters, then skip it. People who are highly emotional have a hard time investing in their own well-being. How to detach yourself and have a better life]. Take a deep breath. You may ask them about their issue of difficulty when it comes to expressing their emotions. You can’t possibly take the weight of the world on your shoulders, so don’t let everyone else’s misfortune weigh down on you so heavily.