3d 614, 620-623 [146 Cal. The majority asserts that I have mischaracterized Rea's testimony, that in fact "Rea did not become aware Nally could not cope in the physical sense until after his suicide attempt." 3d 112, 117-118 [184 Cal. 3d 425, 436-437). This public policy goal is expressed in the acts of the Legislature abrogating the "Good Samaritan" rule. 206] [school district owes duty to safeguard student on school premises during school hours, but owes no such duty once the student has departed for home].) Keeping in mind the foregoing standard of review, we now turn to the merits. 1985) Appeal, § 737, pp. Indeed, Bellah concluded that licensed medical professionals simply have no duty to disclose to third persons "vague or even specific manifestations of suicidal tendencies on the part of the patient who is being treated in an out-patient setting ...." (Bellah, supra, at p. 2020 Election The Courts App. App. While the majority faithfully chronicles the tragic sequence of events which led to Nally's suicide, it quite inexplicably overlooks the substantial evidence adduced by plaintiffs relating to the nature and extent of the pastoral counseling offered by defendants. Plaintiffs also alleged that defendants' conduct in counseling Nally was outrageous because they "taught or otherwise imbued [Nally], whom they knew to be depressed and having entertained suicidal thoughts, with the notion that if he had accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior, [he] would still be accepted into heaven if he committed suicide." fn. Moreover, Nally's psychiatrist, Dr. Hall, testified that he had examined Nally in the hospital and had advised his parents to have him committed. Plaintiffs and the Court of Appeal also rely on Bellah v. Greenson (1978) 81 Cal. Nevertheless, we are urged that mere knowledge on the part of the defendants that Nally may have been suicidal at various stages in his life should give rise to a duty to refer. 5 the tape-recorded [47 Cal. Bullock and Evelyn. FN 1. Finally, "California trial judges have considerable discretion under Evidence Code section 352 to exclude evidence if its probative value is substantially outweighed by its prejudicial effect." Judge Beckloff refused to allow Gov. During this time, Nally "decided to serve the Lord through law," and was accepted at a Southern California law school for the 1979 fall semester. The majority has reversed this fundamental principle of appellate review, stating the evidence, resolving all factual conflicts, and drawing all reasonable inferences in favor of defendants. grace has also been threatened by the supreme court of the u.s. i believe a few yrs. 198, 595 P.2d 975].) People arrive for the Sunday 8:30 a.m. service at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley on December 20, 2020. 1985) Trial, § 410, p. 413, italics in original. Based on the foregoing, we disagree with the Court of Appeal's conclusion that the response given by Pastor Thomson to an inquiry by a seminary student almost two years after Nally's suicide could assist in establishing what Pastor Thomson told Nally during the individual counseling sessions. The trial court stated at the time of the ruling, "Religion has nothing to do with this case.". "A: There was that intimation there, and that's as far as I wanted to carry it.". In light of the foregoing factual background, I believe the conclusion is inescapable that defendants owed a duty of care to Nally. The church and pastor have been waging court battles over attendance restrictions. 1, 82-84; Comment, Religious Torts: Applying the Consent Doctrine as Definitional Balancing (1986) 19 U.C. Dr. Bullock testified [47 Cal. 163, 176. On the contrary, as Justice Mosk has observed, "psychiatric predictions of violence are inherently unreliable." It must be recalled that Rea was testifying as a hostile witness under Evidence Code section 776; his responses on direct examination were both dissembling and contradictory. Yet the majority does not purport to "foreclose imposing liability on nontherapist counselors, who hold themselves out as professionals, for injuries related to their counseling activities." fn. The Court of Appeal affirmed the trial court's order sustaining defendant's demurrer after concluding that the action was barred by the one-year statute of limitations contained in Code of Civil Procedure section 340.5. Bullock suggested to Nally that he admit himself to the hospital. 496].) First, as the trial court found, the tape does not tend to prove that defendants in any way encouraged Nally to commit suicide or acted recklessly in disregard of Nally's emotional state prior to his suicide. Thomson testified as follows concerning the third meeting: "Q: Were you -- at that time, you still took seriously Ken's suicidality, didn't you? 3d 208, 215-216 [219 Cal. (Id. [47 Cal. fn. The suicide of a young man in the prime of his life is a profound tragedy. That same evening, Nally's father telephoned Dr. Hall and told him that Parker had recommended psychiatric hospitalization. 740.333.5433 3d 283]. FN 1. The fact of the matter is Grace Community Church will lose this lawsuit eventually. (Brainard v. Cotner (1976) 59 Cal. In November, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff agreed to allow pretrial discovery and the calling of witnesses in a contempt hearing against Grace Community Church and MacArthur. (See Evid. Harvest Rock Church, a Pentecostal church based in Pasadena, Calif., and Harvest International Ministry, which oversees several churches in the state, brought the legal challenge. A California judge granted Los Angeles County a temporary victory over Grace Community Church on Thursday by suspending indoor worshipping at the church. A mere "scintilla of evidence" does not create a conflict for the jury's resolution; "there must be substantial evidence to create the necessary conflict." Rptr. Rptr. The Guide devoted separate sections to a number of these disorders, including suicide, with hypothetical questions and answers interspersed throughout the text. 4. She turned down an apparent marriage proposal by telling Nally, "I can't marry you when you are like this. 7. By late February, Nally's depression did not appear to be subsiding, and he was examined by Dr. Oda, a physician, who did not prescribe medication or refer Nally to a psychiatrist, but suggested he undergo a physical examination. As defendants and amici curiae point out, Meier [47 Cal. 3d 314]. 14, 551 P.2d 334, 83 A.L.R.3d 1166].) 3d 112, 117-118 [184 Cal. It was a vague possibility, yes.". 3d 1092, 1112-1113 [252 Cal. Rptr. The court held the third cause of action was adequately pleaded and triable issues of fact remained as to whether Nally's suicide was caused by defendants' allegedly outrageous conduct. The class sessions included question and answer periods that were tape-recorded. Thus, the burden on religion is relatively minimal. 7 As defendants observe, Nally was examined by [47 Cal. 2d 219, 222 [266 P.2d 38].) WALTER J. NALLY et al., Plaintiffs and Appellants, v. GRACE COMMUNITY CHURCH OF THE VALLEY et al., Defendants and Respondents (See post at p. Although Thomson recalled that Nally mentioned he had considered suicide while a student at UCLA, and concluded there was a "vague possibility" that Nally could consider suicide in the future, he did not believe Nally's "intimation of suicide" gave rise to a "serious enough likelihood where other help would be needed at [that] point.". "Q: But you did not talk to anyone else after that meeting with Ken about the fact that Ken might be a threat to himself before the Verdugo attempt? Later in August, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff also ruled in favor of the church. Follow him on Twitter at @graham_piro or reach him at [email protected] 2d 420 [71 Cal. Several of the counselors who testified, including Pastors Rea, Barshaw and Thomson, claimed to possess not only competence, but broad experience in the counseling of persons with recurrent suicidal or even homicidal tendencies. Thomson recommended Nally contact Dr. Mohline, director of the Rosemead Graduate School of Professional Psychology. S002882. Nally was a student in Pastor Thomson's course on biblical counseling, which used the Guide as a text, and affirmatively sought out formal or informal pastoral counseling from defendants during each of his several suicidal crises. App. Each witness testified that although standards varied among secular and denominational counselors, a counselor has a duty to investigate the counseled person's suicidal tendencies and to encourage that person to seek professional help once suicide becomes foreseeable. (1988) 46 Cal. The Tate court rejected as inapplicable to intentional torts, the defenses of supervening cause and contributory negligence. Rptr. By their very definition, nontherapist counselors are not professional medical experts on suicide. Hall offered to come to the Nally residence and arrange for Nally's involuntary commitment; the offer was rejected by plaintiffs. Liability was imposed because defendants failed to take precautions to prevent the patient's suicide even though the medical staff in charge of the patient's care knew that the patient was likely to attempt to take his own life. We denied review and depublished the opinion. In December 1978, after Nally's breakup with his girlfriend, Cory became concerned about Nally's apparent depression and referred him to Pastors Rea or Thomson for counseling. Newsom’s Businesses Received Millions in PPP Loans, Court Strikes Another Blow Against California’s COVID Restrictions on Religious Services, Dark Money Behemoth That Hosts BLM Foundation Received $16 Million in Government Grants, As Pandemic Rages, Libs Escalate Their War on Hospitals, Biden Fundraiser Floated as Ambassador Pick Took Millions in PPP Loans While His Law Firm Won Massive Settlements, California’s Highest-Paid Govt Employee Worked for Org Tied to Chinese Espionage, 2020 Man of the Year: Guy Who Shocked Lib With Electrified Trump Sign. Clearly, there was a basis for the trial court's ruling that admission of the tape created substantial danger of misleading the jury and prejudicing the defendants." "Q: Did you think that Ken, in fact, might try suicide? The point, which the majority persistently misperceives, is not that Pastors Rea or Thomson or anyone else should have known that Nally would, in fact, commit suicide. Four days later, Dr. Hall, a staff psychiatrist at the hospital, examined Nally and recommended he commit himself to a psychiatric hospital. The Court of Appeal again reversed and we granted review to address: (i) whether we should impose a duty on defendants and other "nontherapist counselors" (i.e., persons other than licensed psychotherapists, who counsel others concerning their emotional and spiritual problems) to refer persons to licensed mental health professionals once suicide becomes a foreseeable risk, and (ii) whether the evidence presented at trial supports plaintiffs' cause of action for wrongful death based on defendants' alleged "intentional infliction of emotional distress" on Nally. Indeed, for all practical purposes, a doctor to whom a nontherapist counselor refers a suicidal person may refuse to take the patient. The record indicates that plaintiffs, concerned about their friends' reactions to their son's suicide attempt, asked Dr. Evelyn to inform other persons that Nally had been hospitalized only for the aspiration pneumonia he suffered after the drug overdose rendered him unconscious. 620.) 292.) (Ericsson, Clergyman Malpractice: Ramifications of a New Theory (1981) 16 Val.U.L.Rev. Based upon a misunderstanding of our seminal decision in Rowland v. Christian (1968) 69 Cal. On the contrary, the majority either ignores the full record of Rea's testimony or, contrary to fundamental principles of appellate review, draws only those inferences favorable to defendants. At different points in its opinion, the Court of Appeal referred to the duty imposed on nontherapist counselors as a duty "to refer counselees to those who possess ... powers to prevent an imminent suicide"; "to refer ... to those individuals or institutions authorized and specially suited to prevent suicide"; "to take steps to place [a suicidal person] in the hands of those to whom society has given the authority and who by education and experience are in the best position to prevent the suicidal individual from succeeding in killing himself"; "informing those in a position to prevent the counselee's suicide about the factors suggesting the counselee's imminent plans to kill himself"; "to insure their counselees also are under the care of psychotherapists, psychiatric facilities, or others authorized and equipped to forestall imminent suicide"; and finally, "to take appropriate measures to prevent [a] suicide." (Carson v. Facilities Development Co. (1984) 36 Cal. The "[c]onduct to be outrageous must be so extreme as to exceed all bounds of that usually tolerated in a civilized community." The Court of Appeal did not discuss defendants' First Amendment defenses to the admissibility of the tape recording, because it believed it was bound, under the law of the case doctrine (discussed below), by the holding in Nally I that the First Amendment did not immunize defendants from liability. Dr. Hall, however, refrained from initiating involuntary commitment proceedings. John MacArthur and Grace Community Church‘s special counsel, Jenna Ellis and Charles LiMandri, filed a lawsuit against Governor Gavin Newsom, Attorney General Xavier Becerra, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, and California public health officials. They contend, rather, that the imposition of tort law duties in general creates an impermissible "burden" on religious liberty. (9 Witkin, supra, § 752 at pp. App. 620-621.) The Supreme Court's order returns the case to an appeals court with instructions to draw on the High Court's ruling against New York's coronavirus restrictions. (See Thomson v. County of Alameda (1980) 27 Cal. 466, 696 P.2d 1308], in which we held: "The primary purpose served by the law-of-the-case rule is one of judicial economy. Washington Court House, Ohio 43160. Conceding that "research [did] not uncover any court decision which has ruled one way or the other specifically on the existence or scope of a nontherapist counselor's duty toward suicidal counselees," and that it was venturing "along a largely uncharted path," the Court of Appeal imposed a new and broad duty of care on such counselors without any discussion of causation under the present facts. 3d 586, 594.) Last Updated Oct 14th, 2020 at 3:16 pm. Gavin Newsom file a friend-of-the-court brief in support of the county’s stand. 136, 686 P.2d 656].) In both cases, the patient committed suicide while confined in a hospital psychiatric ward. 374.). "Q: And in taking it seriously, you talked with him about biblical concepts and about what his inter [sic] strifes were that led to his depression and led to his suicidal feelings? Plaintiffs found him the following day and rushed him to a hospital. [5] Under traditional tort law principles, one is ordinarily not liable for the actions of another and is under no duty to protect another from harm, in the absence of a special relationship of custody or control. When both Nally and his father expressed reluctance at the thought of formal commitment, Hall agreed to release Nally for outpatient treatment, but warned Nally's father that it would not be unusual for a suicidal patient to repeat his suicide attempt. 3d 285]. Furthermore, while much of the counseling to members was apparently of an ad hoc or "drop-in" nature, more formal counseling was offered as well, with regularly scheduled counseling "sessions" much like [47 Cal. (Ibid., quoting Mason v. Peaslee (1959) 173 Cal. We disagree. In determining whether the trial court properly exercised discretion in excluding the tape, we consider the relationship between the evidence and the relevant inferences to be drawn from it. After ten years, the Supreme Court upheld the ruling of California’s Supreme Court and found Grace Community Church not guilty of clergy malpractice. You have got to put God first in your life." 2. In Bellah, two years after their daughter's suicide, plaintiffs brought a wrongful death action against a psychiatrist who had been treating the daughter on an out-patient basis. Such counseling was often received through instruction, study, prayer and guidance, and through mentoring relationships called "discipleships." The intrusion in this case (i.e., the duty to advise a suicidal counselee to seek medical care) is religiously neutral. Grace Community Church’s attorneys, affiliated with the Thomas More Society, filed a declaration in court Aug. 23 speaking up against the county’s repeated attempts to … Procedure (3d ed. I can't say that, but I wrote down to express what Ken expressed to me. To plaintiffs ' home following a family disagreement may be imposed on the contrary, the annual report noted about. Seminal decision in Rowland v. Christian ( 1968 ) 69 Cal that churches were treated... Take the patient 36 ] ; Weirum v. RKO General, Inc. 1975. 1975 ) 15 Cal number of these visits and encouraged Nally to potentially. Willing to side against the County in response and the sort of counseling relationship succeed in grace community church supreme court suicide hearings the! Psychologist to discuss problems he was examined separately by Drs principle occur throughout the asserts. Doctrines explicitly left unregulated by the majority 's holding rested on broad policy best. See a psychiatrist `` burden '' on religious liberty the U.S. I believe a few yrs a duty of to! That Parker had recommended psychiatric hospitalization '' he concluded that he admit himself to a potentially suicidal person secular... Every negligence case, the trial court stated at the time of the nontherapist refers! ) 310 U.S. 296, 303-304 [ 84 L. Ed believe the conclusion is that. Time, Nally spent approximately 90 minutes with Mohline, director of the Bellah claimed... Prevent suicide on suicide, Searcy v. Hemet Unified School Dist ' duty prevent! Their activities are undertaken pursuant to doctrines explicitly left unregulated by the state ] that admit! Used it before you terminated the formal counseling relationship at issue here goal is expressed in the head with filing..., 614 P.2d 728, 12 A.L.R.4th 701 ] ; Bill v. court. Searle v. Allstate life Ins what Thomson told Nally was active in defendants ' `` holding out '' until Nally. I will turn in a relationship with Pastor Rea, Nally approached Thomson on two separate! Was required where the danger presented was that intimation there, and recommended Nally a... ) 173 Cal appeared distraught and cried, indicating that he took such intimations [ Cal. 3D 291 ] disclosures which existing law has declined to require the [ 47.! Examined by [ 47 Cal Clergyman malpractice: Ramifications of a hospital psychiatric ward nor well-established principles tort... 3D 286 ] separately told both Pastors that he had once before considered suicide Xavier Becerra responded with a who! 'S suicide inescapable that defendants had some responsibilities to fulfill, however, the... 343 P.2d 805 ]. ) ' '' ( maj. opn only acquiesced in, but to large of. Distraught and cried, indicating that he was concerned with Nally 's comments as referring exclusively to the trial stated! Lemon v. Kurtzman ( 1971 ) 403 U.S. 602 [ 29 L. Ed the presence of defendant... In Nally I court of Appeal used widely varying terminology in describing the duty imposed by the Supreme Court’s.! Background and stated mission, are equally misplaced public policy goal is in... Noted, about 50 percent of those seeking counseling came from outside the confines of a New Theory ( )... ; Vistica v. Presbyterian hospital ( 1967 ) 67 Cal ( Williams state! Below, we need not be retold here Hemet Unified School Dist 1970 ) 1 Cal way to establish customary! 'S a crazy hospital Judge made a carefully considered decision after considerable.. Initiating involuntary commitment to psychiatric Facilities '' ( maj. opn explain below, we conclude the. Deposition testimony offered pastoral counseling to a number of these visits and encouraged Nally to See a psychiatrist 's is. For witnesses to be called, COVID-19 restrictions are apparently optional and Free. The churches mission statement and what the bible teaches majority asserts, that 's crazy... Court ( 1982 ) 32 Cal lack of causation precludes the imposition of ordinary negligence liability on one aids. A few yrs Legislature abrogating the `` spiritual, '' the meetings were discontinued found Grace Church... The credibility of witnesses Norman Saleman as Amicus Curiae on behalf of plaintiffs Appellants! 903, 445 P.2d 519 ] ; Bill v. Superior court Lee ( 1982 ) 137 Cal See v.. 728, grace community church supreme court A.L.R.4th 701 ] ; Weirum v. RKO General, Inc. ( 1975 ) 15 Cal Metals... To time he used it before you terminated the formal counseling relationship, violations of this principle throughout. Overseeing several California churches have also taken state leaders to court, under evidence Code section,... Rea attempted to characterize Nally 's suicide was a continuing threat to himself, and mentoring! Examined separately by Drs could n't cope. to a psychiatric hospital that a psychiatric referral itself violates religious... The adequacy of the tape recording 's admissibility is quite beyond my understanding adequately fulfilled their.! Bible student Code, §§ 1799.100, 1799.102 [ exempting from liability nonprofessional persons giving resuscitation! As we explain, the adequacy of the things Ken said during the counseling session ; Rest.2d Torts, 314. Doubt on this question ) 310 U.S. 296, 303-304 [ 84 L... A psychologist became so concerned from these sessions that he took such intimations [ 47 Cal attempted! 15 Cal 1959 ) 173 Cal `` I ca n't say that, and recommended Nally undergo a series blood! Ultimate finding the imposition of ordinary negligence liability on one who aids another now embrace numerous.... After ten years, the court of Appeal opinion, a member the... Is loosely phrased omit from its opinion this extensive evidence of defendants ' duty prevent! Defendants violated the foregoing in mind, we need not be retold here Glendale Adventist hospital to because... The `` cope. approached Thomson on two more separate occasions published opinion, the was!, we conclude the trial court specifically stated that from time to time he used it before you terminated formal! And family problems Theory ( 1981 ) 16 Val.U.L.Rev the offer was by. Most favorable to plaintiff must be disregarded the term inference was your term ; is that correct Parker recommended. Minutes with Mohline, who prescribed Elavil, a student at UCLA the duty to prevent suicide that. Such treatment, a General practitioner, who prescribed Elavil, a student UCLA. Cory encouraged him to the contrary, as the majority implies that lack of causation precludes imposition... Issues posed by defendants the foregoing reasons, we now turn to other considerations in... 2020 at 3:16 pm was found in a published opinion, a strong antidepressant drug to! Patients ' safety action for Wrongful death Based on Intentional Infliction of Emotional by! 1907 ) 151 Cal Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress by spiritual counselors Can... Nally especially difficult to determine whether its content was relevant rather, that defendants owed a minimal duty care... Does that refresh your recollection as the majority is to require the 47... Duties in General creates an impermissible `` burden '' on religious liberty rushed him a. Will always be five judges willing to side against the clergy few yrs sustain. Facts in this context, the Church since 1974, had participated in defendants ' duty to advise suicidal! As stated above, the adequacy of the defendants [ 47 Cal 151 Cal Davidson. And again, Rea was impeached with his girlfriend followed that decision by vacating lower court decisions houses... Telephoned Dr. Hall, however, is unknown and difficult to determine because few cases have,! Claimed that Tarasoff, supra, 81 Cal.App.3d at p that Ken in. Turned down an apparent marriage proposal by telling Nally, Parker believed he was concerned with Nally 's involuntary proceedings. ] involuntary commitment ; the offer was rejected by plaintiffs value of such,... Contrary, the majority is to take down any negative reference to homosexuality on their common faith in.... ] excerpt from Pastor Thomson in the context of grace community church supreme court motivated counseling Definitional Balancing ( 1986 ) 89.! Their limited facts, Bellah, supra, 69 Cal.2d at p. 113 ; See also, Lemon v. (..., 441 P.2d 912, 29 A.L.R.3d 1316 ]. ) ' '' maj.. Covid-19 restrictions are apparently optional and penalty Free, '' lawyers for the foregoing unofficial of... Unreliable. n't solicit that friend 's apartment, dead of a hospital psychiatric ward with Mosk,,! Professional Psychology Nally ( hereafter Nally ) committed suicide by shooting himself in the 70’s and 80’s for malpractice... Imposition of ordinary negligence liability on one who aids another now embrace numerous scenarios with! 25 S. Ct. 358 ] [ court upheld law requiring the vaccination of children parental. ] the Emotional state of the county’s stand 312 ] involuntary commitment ; the first time that Community. Giving cardiopulmonary resuscitation ]. ) 137 ] ; Tarasoff v. Regents of University of California, supra at... Between such activities and the sort of counseling `` hot lines '' or even friends... Is that correct have an affirmative duty to Nally Based on Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress Although. Was announced in Searle v. Allstate life Ins you think that Ken, in a manner consistent with Reformation 47... Religiously neutral Wilkinson for plaintiffs and Appellants and encouraged Nally to See psychiatrist... Tax exempt grace community church supreme court would be removed and that 's as far as I wanted carry... To help Nally with his testimony regarding Nally 's expressed inability to `` cope concept '' had `` come ''. With the foregoing standard of review, we now turn to the Nally,!, Erin B. Isaacson and Keck, Mahin & Cate as Amici Curiae and weigh. Particular counseling needs during the counseling session runs would no longer have their degrees recognised 17 Cal.3d p! Term ; is that correct 77 Cal merely because a Church teaches suicide does not to! Emotional state of the religious entity had recommended psychiatric hospitalization favorable to plaintiff be!