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Cloud Intelligence Provider Morphean Puts Big Data Security at the Core of Redesign

FRIBOURG, SwitzerlandMay 17, 2018 -- Morphean launches significant upgrade to cyber secure cloud platform with two-factor authentication to increase data protection and ensure GDPR compliance


Cloud analytics and security-as-a-service innovator, Morphean, has put cybersecurity at the heart of the design of its upgraded intelligent software platform. Morphean takes cybersecurity to the next level, allowing users to deploy two-factor authentication to access the platform and the insights derived using artificial intelligence. This ensures the PII held remains impenetrable, readying its customers for a cyber secure future.

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In light of the increasing global cyber threats, Morphean's VSaaS platform delivers a robust and secure cloud environment. The upgrade will remove some of the burden of regulatory compliance such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), meaning the user can focus on implementing the insights delivered by the platform to drive business performance.

Rodrigue Zbinden, CEO at Morphean, states, "Security as a Service means exactly that. Creating world class business intelligence technology is no longer enough in today's cybersecurity landscape. We must ensure our solution is more secure in every way than an on-premise alternative. That is why Morphean only hosts its platform in Tier 3 data centres or higher. We collaborate with proven hosting partners, respecting the strongest certification standards in all regions we operate. Morphean has already begun upgrading its existing customers as part of the as-a-service model."

The growing number of network connected devices, and the resulting volume of data, provides new opportunities for businesses to extract meaningful insights from that hosted data, but also puts the security of such data firmly in focus. Where once these data sources were limited to physical security devices such as surveillance cameras and access control, with the growth of IoT the Morphean platform will now collect data, and extract insight from any network connected technology.

This is possible in a variety of sectors, including retail, transportation, industrial applications and government-related industries. In retail, utilising data from IoT devices is enabling immersive shopping experiences that appeal to today's digitally-native shopper, allowing for customer journey mapping and ongoing stock replenishment.

"From very early on, cybersecurity has been an important consideration within our technology," Mr. Zbinden continues. "Having access to game changing business intelligence is only effective if the technology utilised is 100% cybersecure, and compliant with local legislation. We believe the new Morphean platform effectively achieves this."


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