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Maryland-based and GSN-Award Winner, TCOM, to Showcase Effectiveness of Lighter-Than-Air Maritime ISR Solutions for Cost-Efficient Persistent Surveillance at The Singapore Airshow 2018

Singapore. TCOM, Columbia, Maryland-based, a global leader for innovative, cost-effective Airborne Persistent Surveillance Solutions is proud to announce its upcoming participation in the 2018 Singapore Airshow where it will showcase superior persistent surveillance solutions at booth R92 in the USA pavilion. The long-awaited 2018 Singapore Airshow will take place February 6-11 in the Changi Exhibition Centre; showcasing the world's finest and innovative in the avionics and defense industries.

TCOM is the global authority in airborne persistent surveillance solutions with operations in over 20 countries around the world. For over 40 years, TCOM innovations have defined the industry, and their pioneering achievements continue to revolutionize the design, manufacture, and deployment of Lighter Than Air (LTA) systems. TCOM platform solutions include numerous classes of aerostats that can each be equipped with a broad selection of proven payloads that are customizable for specific customer requirements. The TCOM 22M and 28M Operational Class Aerostats are versatile, battle-proven, rapid deployment, persistent surveillance solutions. They are equipped to detect and track targets in the most challenging terrain, including those at sea.

Recently, it has been widely reported that regional states such as the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Korea, and New Zealand, are actively increasing their ISR vigilance. Adding to that complexity is the presence of largely populated areas in multiple countries proximate to the conflict zone, making it difficult to select one tool or method to create an effective operational 'big picture' for decision makers. Wisely, countries are also considering an all-of-the-above approach for their defenses to ensure full situational awareness with optimized intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) for land, air, and sea domains.

This year, TCOM will showcase the unique value its maritime systems can provide. Unhindered by costly fuel or aeronautic maintenance the Aerostat systems provide unmatched ISR capabilities. Their true strengths are observed with their Maritime ISR showings as the Aerostat is not "just a balloon" but a persistent, unmanned, ISR platform. Specific to the maritime environment where ground surveillance is rendered ineffective by the scale of the maritime environment, tactical and strategic Aerostats outperform other solutions based on their ability to carry a wide variety of payload to altitudes in excess of 20,000 ft. above mean sea level (MSL) with station time measured in weeks not hours. Aerostat systems need little time to deploy and have lower maintenance requirements at a substantially lower hourly operational cost than conventional aircraft and drones. Moreover, aerostats offer a combination of wide viewing angles and high resolution for more precise identification of small objects as well as surveillance of larger areas. In short, aerostats enable true persistent, real-time tactical ISR at an affordable cost.

Aerostats can serve as a platform for an array of sensors to provide indications and warnings of aerial and maritime threats. The helium-filled Aerostat provides a clear line of sight over air and sea space to a range of up to 200km. The reinforced tether provides near real-time ISR to the ground station personnel who can make smarter decisions based on actionable assessments. This is especially useful when dealing with extremely busy ports, and the difficult task to observe highly a congested waterway. Threats to congested waterways are ever present and not hindered by time, a safe port is a productive port and is at risk of failure without superior surveillance systems such as the Aerostat.

To Learn More, visit TCOM's booth at R92 in the USA Pavilion at the Singapore Air Show.

About TCOM, LP:

TCOM, LP is a global leader of Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) solutions of Lighter-than-Air Persistent Surveillance Tethered Aerostat platforms for Air, Maritime, and Land. For over 40 years, the company's pioneering innovations have defined the persistent surveillance and Lighter-than-Air industries. By blending leading edge technology, manufacturing and field operation capabilities, TCOM has provided ISR systems for the United States and foreign governments with complete persistent surveillance capabilities. Our systems are in use around the globe including theaters of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. TCOM's delivered systems include fixed-site deployments, fully transportable systems and specialized sea-based deployments. TCOM's headquarters are based in Columbia, MD and the Manufacturing & Flight Test Facility is located near Elizabeth City, NC. TCOM is the only company in the world devoted to cost-effective LTA surveillance solutions with in-house aerostat and airship manufacture, assembly, flight test, and training capabilities. Learn more at


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