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InstantEye Robotics Opens New Product Development Facility

ANDOVER, Mass., Jan. 25, 2018 -- InstantEye Robotics announced today that it has opened a new facility dedicated to the development and manufacturing of its family of tactical unmanned aerial systems. The 33,000 square-foot facility – with integrated design labs, manufacturing lines, and indoor and outdoor flight arenas – was specifically designed to accommodate the unique needs of the InstantEye Mk-2 GEN3, GEN4 and GEN5 product lines.

"We are very excited to be up and running in our new facility," said Tom Vaneck, Vice President of InstantEye Robotics. "The entire space was designed from the ground up to streamline the product design process. Having our design labs, manufacturing floor and flight arenas co-located means that new products and enhancements to existing products get to market faster, and we are best able to control costs and maintain quality."

The InstantEye Product Development Facility tightly integrates the design labs with the engineering area, allowing the product team to easily collaborate and test new concepts. The engineering area is adjacent to the manufacturing floor. While each InstantEye product has its own dedicated manufacturing line, "link points" enable efficient sharing of common components and subsystems for assembly and installation on several products.  One of the keys to the success of InstantEye products is design commonality; "It gives a sense of familiarity to customers and drives out cost and complexity," said Richard Guiler, Director of Product Development.

The InstantEye Product Development Facility also has indoor and outdoor flight arenas. The large indoor flight arena is an open space equipped with a motion capture system and easily reconfigurable "obstacles." All new product designs are tested, tuned and proven in the indoor flight arena prior to moving to outdoor flight testing for real-world evaluation. Only after a product has successfully passed stressing performance tests is it released for sale.

InstantEye Robotics is a division of Physical Sciences Inc., also located in Andover Massachusetts. InstantEye Robotics is a global leader in tactical unmanned aircraft systems. When customers need a reliable, portfolio-manageable, multi-mission system, they choose InstantEye.

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