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Annual Reviews launches 48th review journal covering Criminology

PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Inaugural volume of the Annual Review of Criminology covers crime and violence, punishment and policy, police and courts, and more.

Nonprofit publisher Annual Reviews, a leading publisher of review journals for 85 years, today announced the publication of the inaugural volume of the Annual Review of Criminology, its 48th journal title. The first volume includes 23 articles addressing more than 20 topics across two main themes:  the nature of crime, which addresses individual-, group-, and macro-level causes and categories of crime, and societal reactions to crime, which encompasses criminal justice and punishment.

These comprehensive reviews address urgent and complex issues, including immigration and crime, varieties of mass incarceration, gun markets, and policing in the era of big data. Annual Review of Criminology articles reflect on the history of the topic and push forward in areas where there is increased research evidence and strong public interest.

Reflecting on the mission of the journal, Co-Editor Joan Petersilia (Stanford University) commented, "Our goal is to surface new evidence and insights from the cumulative knowledge about the causes of crime and its control, the behavior of those working in the justice system, and the empirical effects of new policies and programs." Co-Editor Robert J. Sampson (Harvard University) added, "It is our honor to invite distinguished scholars across the field of criminology to share their reviews of historical and current research on critical and diverse topics."

The Editorial Committee also includes David Garland (New York University), Candace Kruttschnitt (University of Toronto), John Laub (University of Maryland), Tracey Meares (Yale University), Daniel Nagin (Carnegie Mellon University), William Pridemore (University at Albany, SUNY), and Michael Tonry (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities).  

The first volume recognizes one of the field's most distinguished scholars, Dr. James F. Short, who is widely known for pioneering research in the 50s and 60s on gangs and group processes with the Chicago Gang Project. Reflections in his autobiographical review connect Chicago to Darfur today. The volume also includes contributions from leaders in the fields of law, psychology, criminology, philosophy, sociology, and economics.

Richard Gallagher, President and Editor-in-Chief of Annual Reviews, reflected on the organization's mission and the significance of this new journal: "Criminology has social, political, and policy components. By exploring developments in theory, data, method, and empirical results in the study of crime and justice, the Annual Review of Criminology will benefit researchers and professionals in the courts, law enforcement, forensic science, and corrections services. I believe that legislators at state and national levels, officials in public safety and public health, and those who defend civil liberties will also find content of value to them."

The Annual Review of Criminology expands the multidisciplinary content available from the Annual Reviews' Social Sciences collection, which also includes journals in Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Law and Social Science, Public Health, Political Science, Economics, and other disciplines.

The journal is available online at

About Annual Reviews – ( Annual Reviews is a nonprofit publisher dedicated to synthesizing and integrating knowledge to stimulate the progress of science and benefit society. For more than 85 years, Annual Reviews has offered expert review journals which today span 50 titles across the biomedical, life, physical, and social sciences.  Annual Reviews launched Knowable Magazine in October 2017, an open access digital magazine to explore the real-world significance of this highly cited scholarship and make it accessible to broad audiences. Knowable Magazine is supported by grants from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.
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