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Building Protection Systems, Inc. (BPSI) and MKS Instruments, Inc. Join Forces to Protect Private Industry From Targeted Attacks Using Chemical Weapons With The High-Powered MKS AIRGARD® Ambient Air Analyzer

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 24, 2018 -- Building Protection Systems, Inc. (BPSI) announced today that they have successfully executed a Sales and Distributorship agreement with MKS Instruments, Inc. the manufacturer of the Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)-based AIRGARD ambient air analyzer.

A key threat identified by the Department of Homeland Security is the targeted release of Radioactive Material, Toxic Chemicals and/or Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) distributed through a building's HVAC system to either harm building occupants or cause mass business disruptions.  The MKS AIRGARD ambient air analyzer is an ultra-sensitive, (FTIR)-based gas analyzer designed to rapidly detect CWA's and other toxic gases.  The AIRGARD has been thoroughly tested by the Department of Defense for its sensitivity, specificity, response time, and immunity to false positive alarms.  This immunity to false alarms prevents unwarranted evacuation of buildings, associated interruptions of business, and emergency notifications when no threat materials are present in the building airflow.  The AIRGARD has been tested by DoD and DHS as one of the pre-eminent technologies for chemical vapor detection.

"The AIRGARD® ambient air analyzer is an excellent addition to the extensive detection capabilities of BPSI's Sentry One™Toxic Chemical and Radiological Detection Solution.  It is a best of breed technology focused on detecting some of the most lethal toxins known as Chemical Weapon Agents or CWA's.  The ultra-low false alarm rates and excellent real world operational up-time make the AIRGARD® a perfect addition to our line-up of high performance detection equipment focused on saving human life," said Jay Poggi, Lead Engineer of Homeland Security Solutions at BPSI.     

"BPSI fits well as a partner with MKS, focusing on non-Government solutions in the Chemical Warfare Agent detection stationary gas analyzer market. The addition of the MKS AIRGARD® to BPSI's Sentry One™ platform, coupled with SAFETY Act Designation and BPSI's solution and service capability, make for a strong partnership for this market," said Vidi Saptari, General Manager P&EA MKS Instruments, Inc.  

About BPSI
BPSI is the world leader in reliable automated toxin protection life-safety systems for public gathering spaces, mass transit stations, and buildings. Founded by building systems experts with over 30 years of infrastructure experience, BPSI's products are U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security SAFETY Act designated Qualified Anti-Terrorist Technologies (QATT) that quickly and reliably detect, identify and isolate toxic chemicals and radioactive isotopes in the air to protect innocent people and assets. More information can be found at or 888-888-BPSI.

About MKS: About MKS

Media Contact:
Jay Poggi
Lead Engineer - Homeland Security
(925) 451-4017
[email protected]  

SOURCE Building Protection Systems, Inc.

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