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Massachusetts State Police Selects Orion Communications' AgencyWeb® Workforce Management Solution

DALLAS, Dec. 21, 2017 -- Orion Communications, a provider of Public Safety workforce management software, announced today that the Massachusetts State Police (MSP) in conjunction with the MA Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS) has selected Orion's AgencyWeb® solution to centralize workforce management processes for the 3,000 MSP employees located throughout the Commonwealth.  The AgencyWeb® solution will be used to consolidate data systems and streamline business practices related to scheduling, deployment of resources, training, supply management and asset tracking.

"We are very excited about working with MSP and helping them realize the efficiencies of online automation using their own business rules," states Orion's President, Leslie DeLatte.  "Using their new AgencyWeb® system, MSP leaders will be able to monitor and analyze workforce data in real-time for data-driven insight regarding resource planning, compliance management and policy decision making."

The new AgencyWeb® solution will centralize data accessibility for all MSP personnel throughout the Commonwealth.   Each employee will have mobile access for remote viewing of assignments and self-services.  Previous paper-based processes will be replaced using automated workflows based on the agency's collective bargaining agreements and business process rules.

Decision makers and command staff will have real-time information regarding available human and material resources ready for deployment.  Supervisors will access real-time information regarding time-off requests, approvals, and backfills so that assignments can be issued fairly and equitably.  Time and attendance and extra-duty detail assignments will be enforced based on union rules, policies and procedures.

Employees will be able to initiate self-service functionalities, such as time-off and overtime requests, vacation and shift bidding to name a few.  Sworn personnel will receive and be able to acknowledge court notifications in real-time.  Asset issuance and employee training will be managed using one platform.  Disparate data sources will be consolidated for a comprehensive picture of sworn personnel and their training, certifications, special skills, vehicle, weaponry, and equipment.


The MSP AgencyWeb® project kicked off in December 2017 with project completion by June 30th, 2018.


About Orion Communications, Inc. 
As workforce management and data interface experts, Orion Communications is a leading provider of public safety workforce management software. Orion's AgencyWeb® solution helps agencies simplify complex workforce management processes and reduce labor cost. Orion has been serving the public safety industry since 1998 and is a certified women-owned business headquartered in Dallas, Texas.  For more information, please visit; or contact Jackie Belasky at 337-504-2369 or [email protected]

Editorial & Media Contact:
Jackie Belasky
Orion Communications, Inc.
[email protected]
SOURCE Orion Communications, Inc.
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