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TSA Awards Integrated Defense and Security Solutions (IDSS) a $4.4 Million Base Contract for Further Development of the DETECT™ 1000 Dual Energy Computed Tomography Checkpoint Screening System

ARMONK, N.Y., Nov. 29, 2017 -- Integrated Defense and Security Solutions, IDSS, today announced that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has awarded a base contract, valued at approximately $4.4 million for a 12-month development effort related to the new TSA Accessible Property Screening System (APSS).  Under the contract, TSA will acquire several prototypes of the DETECT™ 1000 screening system with support, and options to purchase additional prototype systems in the future.

In parallel, since June, TSA has been demonstrating the DETECT™ 1000 operationally at Boston's Logan Airport.  Several other U.S. and international customers have also obtained IDSS systems for operational evaluation.

This award complements several other development contracts IDSS has recently been awarded by other agencies. These contracts, totaling over $8 million in funding, are with other government agencies for systems and for adding new capabilities to the DETECT™ 1000 to automate the detection of certain threat types, as well as to develop new solutions for other security applications.

"The IDSS team is comprised of a number of security technology experts that are responsible for many of the systems in use by TSA and overseas customers today. This new contract will further expand the benefits from our DETECT™ 1000 technology to counter the serious and growing threats to the aviation industry," said Joe Paresi, IDSS CEO. "We are focused on supporting the TSA and our international customers with the most advanced automated screening solution available and appreciate TSA's recognition of our capabilities to bring Next Generation technology to airport checkpoints to improve threat detection and increase passenger throughput, while also making the screening process much more convenient for all passengers."

"We regard the TSA as the world's leading authority on aviation security.  We view this new contract as another important step toward providing the most advanced means to protect passengers against attempts against our freedom and way of life," said Jeffery Hamel, President of IDSS Security. "To us, this award is continued recognition of the incredible talent and commitment of the IDSS engineering team."

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About Integrated Defense and Security Solutions
Founded in 2012 by experienced security technology developers, IDSS is focused on delivering high performance, next generation security systems to replace the existing manual detection approach of X-ray based systems, currently in use at most airports worldwide.

IDSS designed the DETECT™ 1000 to meet the operational requirements of today's threats with the ability to expand its capabilities as threats continue to evolve.

To learn more about IDSS, please visit the company's website at  

IDSS is headquartered in New York with engineering and production facilities in Boxborough, Massachusetts.  For more information, visit

IDSS and the logo are registered trademarks of IDSS Corporation. DETECT™ 1000 is a trademark of IDSS Corporation.

For Further Information:

Contact: Pat Krall
IDSS Director, Business Operations
914-273-4000 [email protected]    


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