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GSN ASB Winner Profile: Qognify

Beginning this July 17, GSN will publish detailed descriptions by Winners and Finalists of the reasons their entries were selected by the Judges; Don’t miss these in-depth descriptions , which will be available every day in the GSN Airport, Searport, Border Security Weekly; the Daily Insider and Cybersecurity Weekly newsletters!

Qognify and Dell EMC are bringing the surveillance industry the first scale-out integrated solution for surveillance management- the Qognify VisionHub Qblock.

A NAS VMS TURNKEY SOLUTIONFOR ENTERPRISE CUSTOMERS powered by Isilon storage and PowerEdge compute offers all the advantages that this combination brings to every surveillance customer, creating a best of breed large scale solution.

Simple, Supported, Reliable, Scalable: the ONLY turnkey NAS solution in market supporting centralized management with validated and optimized performance and zero data loss.

The need 

There’s no doubt today that Video Management Solutions are essential to organizations’ security and operations. As longstanding pioneers in this market, Qognify has identified the following relevant trends which are driving growth: 

• Higher resolution cameras & growing number of fixed and mobile video feeds 

• Video has become a strategic asset for all enterprise organizations 

• “Big Data” – Desire to do more video analysis and improving video analytics

These trends are further increasing the use of video, yield exponential growth in storage as well as new and more complex needs

Key capabilities 

Targeting IT organizations who own or operate enterprise video management solutions; storage-savvy organizations which are likely to have future expansion and want to avoid complex migrations. Empowering them to: 

• Combine business and security storage requirements into a single storage system that is more effectively and efficiently maintained than multiple independent storage systems 

• Store all video in a single datacenter 

• Provide supported solutions with a single call for support 

• Provide a high availability and fault tolerant solution

What makes Qblock unique? 

• It is the ONLY turnkey NAS solution in market offering the benefits of highly reliable, easily supported centralized management and reduced deployment risk 

• Unmatched scalability and performance- from 100 to 1000’s of cameras and up to 40 PB of storage 

• Uncompromised reliability which is validated and optimized, featuring zero data loss while reducing failover time and increasing fault tolerance beyond offerings that include the typical RAID storage configurations 

• Supported end to end by Qognify with a single point of contact for quick and reliable resolution on the VMS, Compute and Storage: tested and validated by Dell EMC, completely supported by Qognify.

Qblock offers all the advantages of high-end, centralized storage management as well as advantages around simple migration storage that Isilon brings. It allows customers to easily and effectively manage their vast amount of video data and grow as big as they need without re-architecting the storage.

Mission critical customers, requiring a high availability and fault tolerant solution- have increasing storage volumes and cannot afford to lose video.

Qblock responds to this need by reducing failover time and increasing fault tolerance beyond offerings that include the typical RAID storage configurations video.

Finally, alongside all the above lies the fundamental need for a VMS to be a reliable, scalable, and an easy to deploy and manage video solution. Qblock is based on Dell EMC’s market leading hardware, with VisionHub- Qognify’s leading VMS which leverages video power for complete security management. 


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