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Salient CRGT executive shares insights on mobility with South Carolina law enforcement agencies


FAIRFAX, Va., July 10, 2017 Today, Salient CRGT's mobility expert Martin Gillespie spoke at the South Carolina Sheriffs' Association Annual meeting in Myrtle Beach on the uses of technology in keeping law enforcement officials safe on the front lines. The conference brought together law enforcement officials and experts to discuss the latest developments in officer safety, communications, and products.

"The rapid pace of innovation in mobile technologies continues to have a tremendous positive impact on the safety of law enforcement officers on the front lines," said Martin Gillespie, Vice President of Product Development. "With increased demands on crime fighting budgets, the need for real-time decision making, and enhanced security in mobile environments, the value of secure, accurate and rapid response technology continues to prove itself as a cost-effective tool to improve officer safety. We applaud the South Carolina Sheriffs' Association and their members as they look for cost effective tools that will improve the safety of law enforcement officials on the front lines."

Gillespie is a recognized leader in the mobile application development community since 1990, and also spoke to the North Carolina Sheriffs' Association Spring Meeting, outlining the continued expansion of digital technologies and the value that innovative technology advances are bringing to the law enforcement community. His deep experience in building applications across all forms of public safety communities has given him keen insight into the various challenges that come with providing critical information technology to enforcement officials out in the field.

Gillespie and his team also provided hands-on demonstrations of Salient CRGT'S suite of Voyager™ Mobility products that have been in use for more than 15 years by thousands of mobile application users in more than 250 state, local, and federal government agencies. This leading-edge mobile technology is currently used in the states of Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, New York, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Virginia and Washington, with availability to North Carolina and South Carolina coming soon. Voyager™ CommandTRACKER provides personnel incident, asset management, and situational awareness wherever users are deployed, whether in the office, in vehicles or on foot. Voyager™ Query for Law Enforcement provides quick, secure, and accurate access to criminal justice databases such as the FBI's National Crime Information Center, the International Justice and Public Safety Network (Nlets), and state databases. The capability to put accurate data securely in the hands of law enforcement officers and providing the ability to run a warrant right from the device saves time, money, hassle, and most importantly, lives.

For more information about Voyager™ Mobility products, or to inquire about a free demonstration, please visit

About Salient CRGT
Salient CRGT provides federal civilian, defense, homeland, and intelligence agencies with expert depth in health, data analytics, cloud, agile software development, mobility, cyber security, and infrastructure solutions. We support these core capabilities with full life‐cycle IT services and training—to help our customers meet critical goals for pivotal missions. The most innovative talent delivery model in the industry, scientifically providing exactly the right people for the customers' most pressing requirements, fuels these critical capabilities. Salient CRGT has earned a record of success with integration and operations of large‐scale, high‐volume solutions. On March 1, 2017, Salient CRGT completed its acquisition of Information Innovators, Inc.– visit our newsroom. For additional information on Salient CRGT, please visit


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