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Mexican Air Force honors Hydra Technologies' work on drone surveillance

SANTA LUCIA MILITARY BASE, MEXICO May 6, 2017 A magnificent inauguration ceremony by Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto in the presence of the Minister of Defense, General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda and the Minister of the Navy, Admiral Vidal Francisco Soberon, was witnessed by guests from 32 nations, including more than 17 Air force Commanders and 11 Ministers of Defense. The president’s address focused on the capabilities and exponential growth of the Mexican Aerospace sector. In his speech, Mr. Peña Nieto declared, "The aerospace industry is becoming a turbine that drives our economic growth, and a window that projects a modern and changing Mexico."

After the inaugural ceremony the organizing committee presented the AWARD FOR TECHNOLOGICAL ACHIEVEMENT to Hydra Technologies, through its COO, José Luis Ortega. During the ceremony, Mexican Air Force Coronel Jose Antonio Sierra Amador, Chief of Protocol for the FAMEX 2017, delivered a brief but convincing speech, detailing the importance of Hydra Technologies as a leader in the development of aeronautical technologies in Mexico. He specifically mentioned Hydra’s unmanned surveillance systems, that are now one of the main tactical ISR tools of the Mexican Armed Forces.

On his part, Mr. Ortega mentioned that the ample collaboration of the Mexican Ministry of Defense has been crucial for the successful evolution of Hydra’s tactical unmanned systems into some of the most sophisticated and reliable in the world. He added that the vast experience transmitted by the Mexican Air Force and Federal Police to Hydra’s R&D team has catapulted the performance of the S45 Baalam (UAS) to unprecedented levels, surpassing the traditional leaders in this market.

Mr. Ortega went on to say that Hydra’s offer represents a real solution for many countries, especially due to the lower acquisition, operation and maintenance costs, along with its proven capabilities. “Add to this the dual engine configuration and the capability to operate in extreme weather conditions. All that, and more, is the S45 Báalam TUAS."

“I can’t imagine a better showcase for this award than this magnificent trade show, set to be one of the most important in the region and hemisphere,” and concluded, “We have another great advantage over our competition: Hydra’s customer service oriented philosophy, is unique in the market. Many of our systems have been in continuous in-theatre operation, for over 10 years. Match that!”

Note 1: Feria Aeroespacial Mexico (FAMEX) is a major aerospace tradeshow specialized in the military and civilian aviation industries and service sectors. It is held every two years near Mexico City. The 2017 edition gathered more than 500 exhibitors from 26 countries, including Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Saab, Suhkoi, Elbit Systems, IAI, Beechcraft, Bell, Russian Helicopters, Gulfstream, United Technologies and many other Aerospace companies.

Note 2: Hydra Technologies is a Mexican Corporation dedicated to the development, manufacture and deployment of military grade Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems (TUAS). Based in Mexico City, Hydra has been in this business for almost fifteen years, accumulating more than 100,000 mission hours. It has been awarded some of the most important international recognitions, including the coveted “Al Aube” (AUVSI) to the outstanding contributor award, and the “Leonardo DaVinci” for technological advances in the field of aeronautics.


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