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California company unveils vendor agnostic Next Generation 911 platform

BEVERLY HILLS, CA May 3, 2017 NGA911, a leading provider of advanced 911 call center technologies, announced today the launch of its Next Generation 911 Call System, a new 911 platform that provides public-safety answering points (PSAPs) with an innovative technology to dramatically improve 911 call responses. This new system functions as an adjunct for existing emergency response systems that improves location routing and jurisdictional routing. It is vendor agnostic, so it's readily usable by any center and easily implemented with minimal installation time and related expense. It provides 911 centers with a pathway towards next-generation calling, video, and textual media capabilities.

"Improving the 911 system is much more than a business opportunity, it's a way to directly save lives through improved responses," said Eric Parry, Director of PSAP Implementations at NGA911. "Our system fits over the top of the solutions already in place, so there's no app installation, or the need for the public to create any special profiles. It's a no-brainer for PSAPs. We've created the first system that features dynamic call routing and provides centers with new ways to receive vital 911 messages."

NGA911 Resilient Stack

NGA911's system addresses the persistent issues caused by mobile phones in terms of the 911 system. In years past, callers only utilized landlines, which could be easily tied to a physical location. Now, more than 85% of 911 calls are made using wireless phones, and the telecommunications industry framework was not designed to automatically provide 911 centers with wireless callers' location. If the call center's system is having difficulty establishing the caller's location, then the legacy system will route it depending on how it's "hitting" the side of close by cell towers. This can cause calls to be transferred to other PSAPs, so the caller has to restart their description of the accident/problem, which causes undue delays and potential injuries or death.

According to Tom Wheeler, former chairman of the FCC, there's a pressing need to transition 911 centers to the new technology; "The nation's 911 call centers need to upgrade to "Next Generation 911," or NG911. NG911 also gives responders better tools to handle high call volumes in major emergencies and to defend against cyberthreats as the system migrates to Internet-based networks. The bottom line is that NG911 will make our 911 system more accessible and more reliable, and it will dramatically improve emergency response."

NGA911's solution solves this problem by significantly improving location routing through its support of exact latitude and longitude, cell tower sector, and physical address location methods. NGA's system evaluates the data on an incoming call in real time to establish coordinates data. It then immediately identifies the right PSAP that should receive the call (irrespective of what the older legacy system might have indicated), and the call is sent on its way. This improved location routing also aids with any jurisdictional issues, as mobile callers can now be routed to the right local 911 center, so police or fire or other appropriate agencies can quickly respond to emergencies in their covered jurisdictions. The solution is highly available, scalable, and provides PSAPs with additional capabilities including network monitoring and decision support diagnostics.

"While 911 has saved thousands of lives over the years, the underlying technology is way behind the times," continued Parry. "Our technology enables the massive transition towards mobile phones by accepting reliable wireless calling and multimedia texting capabilities so users can receive a response by texting to 911. With a minimal investment, PSAPs can streamline their operations and better serve the emergency needs of their local communities."

Emergency centers are also impacted by the sheer number of calls, as mobile phones mean dozens of people could call 911 about a car accident, which floods the system. The new system from NGA911 removes the need for old-fashioned telephone lines by replacing them with the equivalent of a high-speed emergency services network. It creates 911 centers that are IP capable, which opens up the opportunity for texting, multimedia messaging, and video streaming options, which can provide emergency response times with vital on-the-ground data.

For more information about the new solution's capabilities, visit www.nga911.com.

About NGA 911

NGA911 is a technology company offering an advanced platform for 911 centers. The company's Next Generation 911 Call System offers PSAPs a technology overlay that fits on top of existing solutions. It provides centers with vastly improved call routing and caller location data, so calls are quickly sent to the right PSAP for immediate emergency service. Visit www.NGA911.com for more information.


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