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SignalBooster.com accepting pre-orders for Guardian3 public band signal booster

HOUSTON April 3, 2017 SignalBooster.com has announced that it is accepting pre-orders of Guardian3 QR, the new highly intuitive public safety band signal booster with built-in remote monitoring not available on other signal boosters. It is specifically oriented to meet mobile signal requirements for buildings set forth by National First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet), and safety requirements by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) is an independent authority within NTIA to provide emergency responders with the first nationwide, high-speed, broadband mobile network dedicated to public safety. The purpose of FirstNet is to establish, operate, and maintain an inter-operable public safety mobile broadband network. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has several codes that regulate the safety and well-being of consumers and employees within residential and business environments such as within commercial buildings and residential apartment buildings. By offering the future-proof solution Guardian-3 QR, SignalBooster.com hopes to minimize the frustrations of complying with regulations to implement an extremely robust indoor signal amplification system for public safety bands in buildings.

SureCall's Guardian3 QR is a powerful industrial grade bi-directional amplifier kit for public safety bands boosting mobile reception for up to 80,000 square feet of indoor spaces. It is intended for commercial spaces as well as public service properties such as police stations, fire departments, hospitals, and emergency community notification facilities. Because of its potential 80,000 sq. ft. boosted coverage for indoor areas, most of these facilities can be accommodated easily. It boosts indoor reception on all public safety bands, to offset obstructions caused by factors such as building materials that can render first-responder two-way radios inoperable.

Guardian3 QR's amplifier specifics allow for a maximum gain of 80 dB ("decibel" is unit of measurement for cellular or other wireless band's signal strength) with a maximum RF output power of 26 dBm (decibel milliwatts). The device supports public safety 700, 800, and SMR 900 standards. Uplink frequencies are 788-805, 806-824, and 896-901 and download frequencies are 758-775, 851-869, and 935-940. Both uplink and downlink frequency ranges (MHz) include D block. Generally, this data translates into the device which can take a technical dead zone, meaning an area which has less than -110 db, and boost the signal in the coverage area to give it more than the minimal requirements for public safety decibel output at -60 dBs.

This latest public safety signal amplifier is specifically designed to help public safety initiatives and notifications. Signal strength is subject to vary, depending on existing signal and its amplification. This public safety band amplifier has the lowest out of band emissions, and auto gain control (AGC) feature. It also has independently adjustable uplink and downlink controls. It includes NEMA enclosure, which meets the NEMA 4 type requirements, and includes built-in safeguards to eliminate interference to the public safety network.

Guardian3 QR provides amplification of signals to 100+ simultaneous users, maximizing the potential to get more information to the public sector in an event of emergency. If more public sector personnel have wireless access to the world outside in an emergency, the more transparent the situation becomes. Seamless wireless communication also helps public servants to evaluate and act upon situations, and prevent redundancy between public service departments. Please note that it requires professional installation by certified signal booster installers. Please contact us for more details.

About SignalBooster.com

SignalBooster.com specializes in the distribution of consumer, commercial, and industrial cellular and wireless amplification products and their installation through a nationwide network of certified installers. It carries multi-patented, award-winning cell phone signal boosters that significantly improve cell phone reception inside homes, cars and businesses. Its clients include government agencies, libraries, institutions such as schools & universities, as well as private & public companies trading their stocks at the New York Stock Exchange. Large & small businesses, non-profit organizations, and government institutions trust their FCC-approved signal amplifiers to make their signals go the distance.


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