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SureID celebrates 13th anniversary of RAPIDGate use at U.S. military facilities


HILLSBORO, OR March 22, 2017 SureID, Inc., the national leader in high-assurance identity management solutions, announced today that its flagship RAPIDGate® program has facilitated 380 million entrances and flagged 4 million ingresses at military facilities across the U.S. since its first military implementation at Washington state’s Joint Base Lewis-McChord1 in March 2004. Since that time, the RAPIDGate program has identity-proofed and credentialed more than 1,407,000 third-party personnel representing more than 78,000 companies and including more than 200,000 PIV-I credentials issued since 2014.

The RAPIDGate program provides increased security and streamlined access to highly secure facilities such as military installations, government buildings, federal agencies, manufacturing and distribution sites, commercial buildings, and ports. The program provides a single identity management and perimeter installation access control solution and credential for the high-assurance identity management of vendors, suppliers, service providers and other contractors who are not authorized to receive a Common Access Card (CAC). The program saves time and money both for the U.S. government and for the individual participants who seek access to RAPIDGate-enabled installations.

Over the last 13 years, individuals have accessed U.S. military installations using RAPIDGate credentials nearly 380 million times. The U.S. Navy first awarded SureID a contract on October 31, 2006 and adopted the RAPIDGate Program as the Navy Commercial Access Control System (NCACS) in 2010. In addition to the Navy the program can be found at U.S. Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Army installations throughout the U.S. and is used daily by thousands of companies and their employees.

The RAPIDGate program supports businesses of all sizes by handling the management of participant screening and credentialing for installation access while reducing unproductive wait times to get on base. Once a person is an approved participant of the RAPIDGate program, there is no need for daily visits to the Pass and ID office for a temporary access pass.

“Our primary goal is to ensure the safety of our military installations through unparalleled identity management solutions while streamlining the process for those who need access to bases,” said Steve Larson, CEO and founder of SureID, Inc. “Working across branches of service within the Defense Department and various departments within the federal government the RAPIDGate program stands alone in its low cost and high effectiveness to the military and in providing ease of use for the vendors and contractors using the program.”

The RAPIDGate program’s unique business model has enabled the Defense Department to realize cost savings because vendor participants, not the DoD or the individual service, generally pay a fee for enrolling in the RAPIDGate program.

Costs to vendor companies are generally recaptured through increased productivity of their employees. Often, vendors, suppliers and service providers who do not hold a RAPIDGate credential are required to obtain a new pass from the Pass and Identification Office for each visit to a specific base. This can be a long process that entails waiting in highly congested commercial vehicle inspection points. A RAPIDGate credential enables individual participants to quickly move through installation Entry Control Points.

About the RAPIDGate Program

The RAPIDGate program is an end-to-end high-assurance identity management solution. The program manages the identities and installation-specific access privileges of tens of thousands of program credential holders for access to military installations throughout the nation. RAPIDGate program participants can, with one credential, access any installation where the program is implemented so long as the company they represent has been sponsored by the installation or a tenant command, and is approved by the installation commanding officer. The RAPIDGate program is further enhanced by SureID’s complementary solution, the RAPID-RCx® program, which allow security personnel to scan driver’s licenses, CAC cards, Teslins, and TWICs.

About SureID, Inc.

SureID, Inc. (www.SureID.com) is the market leader in high-assurance identity solutions. The company creates end-to-end trusted identity programs offering full credential lifecycle management through the combination of registration, identity proofing, background screening, credentialing and identity authentication for government, private enterprise and individuals including contractors, vendors and other authorized personnel. SureID’s RAPIDGate® program provides an enterprise-wide, single-credential high assurance identity for the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Army and the critical infrastructure sector across the country. SureID, Inc. is the leading issuer of PIV-I credentials. Founded in November 2001, SureID is headquartered in Hillsboro, Ore., with offices in Minot, N.D., and Alexandria, Va.


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