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Perch Innovations unveils iPhone app with automated license plate reader technology

OAKLAND Feb. 15, 2017 Perch Innovations, Inc. today unveiled EasyALPR a free app that scans and saves vehicle license plate data.

EasyALPR (Easy Automated License Plate Reader) can send text message or email alerts when a suspect vehicle enters a property. Improve security and situational awareness by capturing photos of all vehicles without the cost of expensive security cameras and complicated software.

Position an iPhone or iPad to face where cars enter or scan plates during patrol to collect license plate data. The app captures and uploads high resolution images over Wi-Fi or cellular data without the need for an additional camera, computer or software installation.

The EasyALPR website ( shows an entire history of scans and displays the license plate numbers collected with the app. Users can create alerts for specific suspect vehicle license plates or search their history for a particular plate.

Facility managers, parking lot managers, security guards and homeowners associations are often faced with investing thousands in expensive license plate reader and security camera technology. EasyALPR helps them get to value immediately, with minimal upfront cost.

Perch Innovations Founder, Rob Banagale, built the EasyALPR app after realizing ALPR was out of reach for most people. “Automated License Plate Reader technology has been around for some time but the costs are high and the software is difficult to install,” said Banagale. “EasyALPR allows anyone with an iPhone to gain capabilities previously only available to law enforcement and high-end facilities.”

EasyALPR’s Basic plan is no-cost and demonstrates the high-speed and quality of capturing license plate data. Subscription-based Standard and Premium plans offer Alerts and offer Plate Grouping functionality which helps manage duplicate plate data. Standard subscriptions are available with a 30-day free trial.

About EasyALPR

EasyALPR is a license plate data collection app and website for facility managers and security professionals. EasyALPR allows old smartphones to quickly and discretely collect license plate information. The EasyALPR app for capturing license plate data is available for free in the App Store (; see results and set up SMS text and email alerts from the mobile or desktop computers using the EasyALPR web application (


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