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Barcelona bootcamp to feature instructors from Moscow Physics and Technology Institute


BARCELONA Jan. 30 The next generation of programming minds is set to gather for the first bootcamp of its kind held in Europe. Working in collaboration with the Moscow Physics and Technology Institute, Barcelona’s Harbour.Space University will welcome 150 students from top universities to train for one week in preparation for the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM-ICPC).

The Hello Barcelona ACM-ICPC Bootcamp will bring to Europe the coaches of the famed “Moscow Workshops” who trained 8 of the 13 world finalists in the 2016 ACM-ICPC contest. This will be the first time that one of the world’s strongest programming pedagogies will be on offer in a European bootcamp.

Working in collaboration with Kaspersky Lab, one of the leading cybersecurity companies in the world, and Codeforces, the world’s largest online competitive programming community, the Hello Barcelona bootcamp will gather students from world leading universities such as Cornell University, École Normale Supérieure, and University of Tokyo. The workshop is on track to become one of the largest of its kind to prepare competitors for ACM-ICPC.

Supported by IBM, the ACM-ICPC is the “Olympics of programming,” the premiere global computer programming competition conducted by and for the world’s top universities. In 2016, 40,266 contestants from 2,736 universities in 102 countries competed at over 481 sites to advance to the World Finals. The 2017 finals will be held in Rapid City, South Dakota, in the United States.

The ACM-ICPC competitors who will gather in Barcelona to train represent the bright minds who will shape the digital future. “Hello Barcelona Bootcamp participants are not just talented students that win competitive programming competitions. They are some of the hardest working and most brilliant minds of the ongoing digital revolution. We cannot really anticipate the full impact they will have,” said Mike Mirzayanov, founder of Codeforces.

Former ACM-ICPC finalists have made remarkable contributions to the software industry. They include Adam D'Angelo, the former CTO of Facebook and founder of Quora, Nikolai Durov, the former CTO of VK and Telegram, Matei Zaharia, creator of Apache Spark, Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos and a venture capitalist, Craig Silverstein, the first employee of Google.

“We are very excited to be launching the Hello Barcelona ACM-ICPC Bootcamp. Our mission is to make a meaningful contribution to the global ACM-ICPC community and to give teams access to the one of the world’s best programming training regimens,” said Svetlana Velikanova, Harbour.Space University Founder and CEO.

The collaboration with the Moscow Workshops makes Harbour.Space University the only location outside of Russia to offer access to the unique training methodology. "The training schedule consists mostly of full-length practice contests interspersed with highly topical one-day educational modules.

We make a point to provide in-depth explanations to every problem and to uncover the techniques that separate the winners from losers. Our tutors are professional educators and developers with a strong ACM-ICPC background and lots of experience to share," said Mikhail Tikhomirov, Head of the Programming Committee.

"As shown by the international draw of the ACM-ICPC competition, programming education is a powerful way to connect passionate students from around the world. While the Moscow Workshops have welcomed teams from over 20 countries, we are excited to bring the Russian training methodology to Europe for the first time, enabling us to reach an even more global group of peers,” said Alexey Maleev, Head of the Moscow Workshops.

Hello Barcelona training camp is organised with both experienced and novice teams in mind. While experienced teams will prepare to win medals at the next ACM-ICPC World Finals, intermediate-level teams will focus on preparations for regional competitions. Novice teams will be welcomed for a crash course in the exciting world of competitive programming.

The bootcamp program also includes Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS) session, a gamified training of a real impact cyberattacks may have on business performance and revenue. KIPS features a simulated enterprise trying to accomplish its mission to produce and sell goods to customers, while dealing with and resolving a number of unexpected cyber events. Several teams will run the same utility trying to outperform each other.

The Hello Barcelona ACM-ICPC Bootcamp is supported by local and international stakeholders, including Kaspersky Lab, OneCoWork, Barcelona Activa, Codeforces, OneRagtime and Global Catalyst Foundations.


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