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ASSA ABLOY develops 'Attack Resistant' doorway systems for schools, public buildings

NEW HAVEN, CT Dec. 13, 2016 ASSA ABLOY hollow metal door brands Ceco Door and Curries, and ASSA ABLOY Wood Doors, now offer Attack Resistant Openings, a complete doorway system that delays or thwarts an attacker's entry into a room long enough for occupants to seek safety and first responders to arrive. Ideal for K-12, colleges, offices, places of worship, libraries, and other public buildings, this product line addition meets the need for a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing life-safety solution.

Attack Resistant Openings include door, frame, and hardware from ASSA ABLOY Group brands, and protective glass lites from School Guard Glass™. Considering the important functional, aesthetic and daylighting roles played by glass lites, ASSA ABLOY formed an exclusive partnership with School Guard Glass™ for a complete factory installed solution.

"School Guard Glass is excited to be innovating new door, hardware and glass assemblies with ASSA ABLOY, the world's largest manufacturer of doors and hardware," said Foster Goodrich, president, School Guard Glass. "Our combined efforts are the result of evidenced based design, next generation technologies and proprietary installation techniques."

ASSA ABLOY's Attack Resistant Opening meets test standards for forced entry and ballistic resistant levels of protection for various threats set forth based on the FBI's Active Shooter Report (tested to 5-aa10 test standards). While the door or glass may not stop a bullet from penetrating the opening, the attack resistant door assembly can withstand an intense 4-minute physical attack after being shot 60 times by an AK-47.

"Buying time for teachers and students to get to safety in the relatively short duration of an active assailant situation is a recognized lifesaving strategy," said Ron Baer, director of K-12 business development, ASSA ABLOY. "Parents and the communities served will appreciate this effective, efficient, proactive security upgrade."

Attack Resistant Openings bridge the gap between standard doors and high level bullet resistant openings. This cost-effective solution permits increased protection throughout buildings, either through retrofit of existing infrastructure or in new construction. Doors, frames and hardware are available in various colors and finishes to accommodate many interior and exterior applications.

Watch the product stand up to an attack in a short video linked here. Complete details can be found at, or


ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience.


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