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Authorities in Senegal arrest man detected by Securiport immigration control system

WASHINGTON Dec. 2, 2016 According to recent media reports in Dakar, Senegal, a French National who was apprehended for acts of armed robbery and wanted by Interpol, was intercepted and detected through Securiport’s Integrated Immigration Control System (IICS). With the intelligent watch-list management database implemented at the International Airport of Dakar, security authorities on-site were alerted immediately and were able to intercept the suspect. Since the apprehension of the Central African citizen, Otto “Prince Charming” Longola has been imprisoned in Rebeuss jail while awaiting his December extradition to France.

African Media further reported that the alleged criminal, known for allegedly impersonating a businessman through a fictitious company, was highly sought by Interpol at the request of the court of Bordeaux. Upon Longola’s arrest, French officials asked for the extradition of the Central African citizen that was captured at Dakar International Airport.

Throughout 2016, Securiport has successfully aided officials in several African countries with apprehending international criminals on the international watch lists. Similar to the latest incident involving Longola, numerous arrests have occurred at the Senegalese airport through the use of Securiport’s traveler screening tools.

Securiport’s threat detecting systems alert immigration officials of possible risks in real-time. A recognized leader in border security through the use of intelligent immigration controls and aviation security solutions, Securiport is the “gold standard” for providing tools for threat assessment and identifying trans-national criminal activities.

In addition to providing proprietary threat assessment tools, Securiport’s exclusive systems also conduct passenger biometric screening and security controls of travelers.

About Securiport

Securiport LLC is a global leader in the design and implementation of civil aviation security, biometric screening, immigration control, and threat assessment systems. With headquarters in Washington, DC, USA, Securiport partners with governments around the world. Securiport’s Civil Aviation and Immigration Security Services, a comprehensive security product that performs secure biometric recognition of travelers at immigration posts, provides proprietary systems for the identification of potential security risks, criminal activity, and disease prevention based on the comparison and multi-dimensional analysis of the biometric data and traveler information collected during immigration processing. Learn more at


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