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AC Global Risk introduces vetting solution to combat terrorism


SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 22, 2016 AC Global Risk has announced its new I3™ extreme vetting solution to Identify, Investigate and Interdict foreign terrorists and others who pose security threats to the USA. The foundation of the I3™ solution is Remote Risk Assessment (RRA®), which accurately identifies human-based risk during short automated interviews conducted in any language.

Alex Martin, a graduate of the US Naval Academy and the CEO of AC Global Risk, explained RRA accomplishes the most challenging aspect of the I3™ process, which is to identify those individuals who appear non-threatening during the screening process, but who actually present security threats to the US. "The fundamental principle of I3™ extreme vetting is to identify, investigate and interdict high risk individuals before they enter the USA. Once RRA identifies high risk individuals, US security officials will initiate investigations to determine the specifics of the threats posed by these individuals. We believe our I3™ solution will be the most beneficial to US counterterrorism efforts on the frontlines; in locations such as our embassies, consulates, refugee screening centers and along our borders."

"Many recent terrorist attacks in the US and abroad could have been prevented had the I3™ extreme vetting process been implemented to screen at-risk populations." Mr. Martin expressed specific concern about threats posed by individuals who plan to commit illegal acts, but who have remained undetected by US and allied security services. "RRA has already proven itself to be highly effective in the extreme vetting programs used by our existing clients worldwide. In fact, RRA was the decisive factor in conclusively identifying individuals involved in a multi-year criminal conspiracy involving the theft of millions of dollars in assets, as well as identifying individuals claiming false credentials, who otherwise would have been granted close and continuous access to some of the world's top business leaders."

Mr. Martin further explained scientific studies have proven even the best interviewers are only about 40% - 50% accurate in identifying dishonest individuals. "RRA is unique because of the simplicity of its interview process and the fact the system is standardized and totally automated. Even illiterate individuals can be administered an RRA interview, since it requires no reading or writing skills. Further, RRA can conduct hundreds-to-thousands of simultaneous risk assessment interviews per day in any language from an unlimited number of separate locations, which makes it ideal for screening individuals applying for visas or for screening dispersed refugee populations. There is no other technology, system, or process in existence that can rapidly and accurately screen individuals for risk factors on the scale RRA can." Martin also noted the RRA system has proven its precision and reliability by achieving accuracy levels greater than 95% during large-scale trust assessment interviewing projects over the past several years.

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