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COBAN unveils new body camera, video evidence solution for law enforcement

HOUSTON, Oct. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- COBAN Technologies Inc., an industry leader in body-worn cameras and in-car video solutions for law enforcement, today announced the release of their new FOCUS Video Evidence Ecosystem and FOCUS X1 Body Camera.

FOCUS Video Evidence Ecosystem

FOCUS is a robust ecosystem of video evidence capture solutions that improve officer safety and efficiency, while ensuring law enforcement agency transparency with the public. The FOCUS Ecosystem is comprised of COBAN body cameras, in-car video systems, mobile video applications, and other intelligent devices that work together to deliver the best possible perspective and evidentiary value – all while keeping the officer safe and focused on policing.

FOCUS is also compatible with COBAN's industry-leading video management software suite, COMMAND, which supports several of the largest police departments in the country.

"When we spoke to agencies about the key law enforcement challenges they face, they cited officer safety, efficiency and transparency as their top priorities. FOCUS allows agencies to capture more evidence, resulting in better and safer situation awareness. This evidence can now be integrated together and managed as part of the ecosystem, streamlining agency workflows and freeing the officer to focus on their policing duties. And because evidence capture is a mission critical application, we made sure the FOCUS Ecosystem products are able to operate effectively in harsh environments," says Doug Dickerson, COBAN's CEO.

FOCUS X1 Body Camera

The first product to launch in the FOCUS Ecosystem is the X1 Body Camera. The X1 captures high-definition video, even in low light conditions. X1's battery lasts an entire shift with pre-event recording, provides automatic wireless triggering, and supports multiple mounting options. Operations are simple and intuitive, with different ways to notify the officer of the camera status, such as an LCD, programmable LEDs, audible alerts, or even vibration modes.

FOCUS X1's benefits include:


  • No Compromise Design – X1 is the first product in the industry to truly deliver on the operational needs of the officer – no distractions.
  • True Full Shift Recording – Exceptional battery life of over 12 hours at 720p (not SD).
  • Never Miss a Recording – X1 can be configured to remotely trigger based on vehicle sensors such as light bar, siren, doors, etc.
  • Recharge in Minutes – With the fastest charge time in the industry, X1 leverages fast charging technologies to get your camera ready for its next shift in a fraction of the time.
  • Rapid Video Upload – Upload video in minutes, rather than hours, utilizing the COBAN Smart Cloud, powered by Microsoft Azure® Government; upload speeds under five minutes per hour of HD recording.
  • Intuitive Camera Alerts – X1 can easily be configured to notify the user of camera status via vibration, audible, or LED modes. X1 also has a simple LCD to know the status of battery life, connectivity, and storage.
  • In-Car Device Integration – X1 is compatible with COBAN in-car video systems, Android™ devices, and laptops for viewing, tagging, and uploading. Both the body camera and in-car video can be uploaded over Wi-Fi together, with body camera video transferred to the in-car system. X1 can also work as a replacement for the in-car wireless microphone pack.
  • Adaptable Mounting Choices – Flexible mounting and camera options that can be securely attached anywhere on a uniform or vest, including an optional clip-on IR camera.
  • Unparalleled Nighttime Video – X1 delivers low light video capture under the most challenging conditions to depict what the eye can see.


COBAN will be débuting the FOCUS X1 Body Camera and other new emerging technologies for 2017 at the 2016 IACP Conference in San Diego California, October 15-18, at booth 3139.

About COBAN Technologies, Inc.

COBAN Technologies, Inc. provides body-worn cameras and in-car video solutions for public safety across the country. COBAN delivers efficient, configurable, end-to-end scalable solutions that fulfill the video capture, transfer, storage and management needs of law enforcement agencies. Founded in 2002, COBAN is headquartered in Houston, TX, with satellite facilities located throughout the United States. For more information on COBAN Technologies, Inc. visit www.cobantech.com or call 1-866-812-6226.


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