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Haystax solution to help first responders with situational awareness during California marathon


LONG BEACH, CA and MCLEAN, VA Oct. 7, 2016 Haystax Technology, a leading provider of advanced security analytics and risk management solutions, announced today that its California Common Operating Picture (Cal COP) for Threat Awareness platform will be used by public safety officials for situational awareness during the 2016 JetBlue Long Beach Marathon & Half Marathon, taking place October 10, 2016 at 6:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m., respectively. Powered by the Haystax Constellation Analytics Platform, Cal COP is a cloud-based data sharing environment that provides a real-time common operating picture for state and local officials monitoring the race.

“Advanced threat analytics are critical to both mitigating and responding to potential threats during a high-profile event like the Long Beach Marathon & Half Marathon,” said Bryan Ware, CEO of Haystax Technology. “We’re pleased that state and local public safety officials have chosen to use Cal COP to help provide the field intelligence and situational awareness capabilities required of a major local event like these races.”

Deployed for the Coalition of California UASIs (CCU), Cal COP covers more than 85 percent of the population across the state and provides the ability for Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) regions within California, including Long Beach, to share information statewide. Cal COP combines data about protected critical infrastructure information for more than 60,000 assets across the state, with more than 125 information streams, to provide unparalleled situational awareness. This dynamic, real-time information sharing allows public safety officials across the state to monitor real-time natural hazards and respond appropriately.

High-profile events like the 2016 JetBlue Long Beach Marathon & Half Marathon highlight the need for enhanced situational awareness, intelligence, and information sharing. This 30th anniversary of the marathon is expected to draw more than 25,000 participants, as well as tens of thousands of friends, families, and spectators to one of the most scenic areas in California. The relatively flat 26.2-mile course offers the opportunity for runners to qualify for other races like the Boston Marathon.

“We deploy the Cal COP tools to support our Homeland Security efforts,” said Sgt. David Marander of the Long Beach Police Department. “These tools help to strengthen our capabilities and add value to our operations.”

In addition to this weekend’s marathon – as well as the Chicago, LA, and Boston marathons – Cal COP software has helped secure the past seven Super Bowls, the recent Yellow Command exercise in the Bay Area, and a number of other high-profile events including San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers race, the Indianapolis 500, the U.S. Open Golf Championship, America’s Cup, the Emmys, and the Oscars.

For more information on Haystax Technology and Cal COP, please visit haystax.com and http://www.calcop.org.

About Haystax Technology

Haystax Technology’s mission is to give decision-makers the advanced analytical and risk-management tools they need to prevent, protect against and respond to a wide array of threats to their most critical systems, facilities and people. Every day, some 50 million people and 100,000 assets are protected by organizations using our security analytics platform, ranging from local and state agencies and major urban areas, to large commercial enterprises and top federal government agencies. Haystax Technology is headquartered in McLean, Virginia. For more information about Haystax, visit http://www.haystax.com/technology.


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