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Gibraltar electric wedge barrier earns honor at ASIS conference

MARBLE FALLS, TX Sept. 20, 2016 Gibraltar, a leading manufacturer of high tension cable barrier systems and anti-ram vehicle barriers used across the globe has announced it has received an accolade for their electric M50 P1 Wedge Barrier at the 2016 ASIS International 62nd Annual Seminar and Exhibits in Orlando, FL.

The M50 P1 Wedge Barrier, which is marketed as the G-2000 Series in the Gibraltar G-Series line of products is ASTM F2656-07 M50 P1 certified in widths of 8'0" – 14'6". It is offered in hydraulic and electric actuation. The electric version of the barrier received the accolade based on the ease of maintenance and lower costs associated with installation.

Actuation of the barrier is simple, there are no springs or pneumatic assists required for the barrier to deploy. Gibraltar has eliminated wear items that cause costs to escalate for end users when the barriers need to be maintained. The lack of rebar in the foundation design also helps to lower initial installation costs when compared to other barriers in the market place. The barrier is a shallow foundation barrier with a frame depth of 14" with drainage.

Gibraltar designed the barrier to handle high axle loads. When you see the barrier you notice there are no steel plates for the vehicle to traverse, but concrete pads. The vehicle traverses over the pads which allows for less stress to be placed on the barrier components.

"Our barrier was designed with the intent to solve all the issues in the field that end users were having due to failures and maintenance. The barrier lowers costs for the end user due to the lack of springs and pneumatic assists, which are wear items as well as the lack of rebar for installation," says Joseph Hauss, Business Development Manager for Gibraltar.

Gibraltar has also incorporated visible bi-directional flashing lights into their design, which eliminates the need for high dollar in-roadway lights in front or aft of the barrier. This feature can save end users thousands of dollars in installation costs.

The G-FORCE Series of anti-ram crash fences is a key component of Gibraltar's perimeter anti-vehicle barrier portfolio, which includes offerings of crash certified fence systems, crash gates, wedge barriers, portable barriers, bollards, and vertical lift barriers.

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