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SpotterRF wins ASIS award for low-altitude drone detection system

OREM, UT Sept. 2, 2016 SpotterRF, the leader in low cost compact surveillance radar (CSR), today announced availability of its new A2000, the first SpotterRF radar specifically designed for drone detection and defeat applications. This innovative radar has also been named a 2016 Security's Best Award recipient to be presented at ASIS Orlando.

The A2000 has an ability to detect small quadcopters at range of 1000 meters, the longest range of any other SpotterRF model for that size of target. It is specifically tested in conjunction with drone deterrence technology to provide early detection, tracking and interdiction against drones threatening critical infrastructure such as power plants, substations, bridges, small airports, dams, along with stadiums and first responder environments such as firefighting or law enforcement.

Edison Electric Institute (EEI) is among dozens of organizations seeking solutions to drone threats. EEI has “raised concerns regarding UAS operations over critical energy infrastructure, including electric transmission and distribution facilities, power generation facilities, transmission lines, and substations.”

“The rapid adoption of low-flying aerial drones has spawned use of these devices in environments that endanger people, first responders, and vital infrastructure currently wide open to terrorist threats,” states Logan Harris, CEO for SpotterRF. “Power companies and firefighters give us high marks for moving rapidly to address this threat with a reliable, low cost solution for wide area threat mitigation.”

As opposed to most two-dimensional ground surveillance radar applications, the A2000 provides a 15-degree vertical as well as 45-degree horizontal field of view (FOV). This is an advantage over typical, more costly rotating radar that have a narrower vertical FOV. This provides a true three-dimensional FOV creating an invisible perimeter well beyond other technologies.

In areas where permitted by law, drone defeat device capability is also an add-on option for the SpotterRF A2000. One interdiction option utilizes high power white light illuminators tied to a PTZ mount that slaves to the radar detection and blinds the drone’s ability to gather photo or video on a location. Another defeat method utilizes directional jammers attached to a PTZ mount that is slaved to the drone detection from the A2000. The system jams communication between the drone and the controller and/or GPS causing the drone to either return to its launch point or immediately land. These solutions are currently integrated and commercially available were regulations permit. Product detail here.

SpotterRF delivers its award-winning compact surveillance radar (CSR) systems through more than 60 strategic integrators to a global marketplace in 24 countries on six continents. SpotterRF’s award-winning radar will be demonstrated at the upcoming ASIS trade show in Orlando, FL (booth #943).


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