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Shooter threat in progress at Washington College, Chestertown, MD, students on-campus have been advised to shelter in place and those off-campus asked to stay away

Chestertown, MD - November 16, 2015 -- Washington College of Chestertown, MD announced early this morning that a shooter threat is presently in progress and the campus has been locked down.

In a student update on the situation at 8:50 AM, the college adminstration emailed students, “We continue to ask students and staff on campus to shelter in place, and request that anyone off campus please stay away until the situation changes.”

In a 9:55 AM update, an administration update released the further information that, “Chestertown Police Department has released the following information - Jacob is currently considered a missing person. He is 5'4", 130lbs with light skin and brown curly hair. He was last seen driving a 1997 dark green Land Rover with Pennsylvania tag beginning with "JWY".

“At the request of law enforcement to facilitate a search of their buildings, residents in the Cecil, Dorchester, and Talbot Residence Halls are being moved from their dorms to the Hodson Hall Commons.

“The Chestertown Police Department, Kent County Sheriff's Department, and Maryland State Police are on campus and monitoring the situation in conjunction with campus Public Safety.

“We continue to ask anyone with information about Jacob to please contact the Chestertown Police at 410-778-1800 or Public Safety at 410-778-7810.”

The person named Jacob referenced in the 9:50 update has been identified as Jacob Marberger, a Washington College student, whose parents called the college early this morning to report that their son had returned to his home in Pennsylvania and then left again with a gun.”

In a 10:50 AM update, information was released indicating, “We are waiting for law enforcement to complete their investigation of campus.

We are planning on being able to feed students already on campus. The exact schedule is pending.

Students may move around within their residence halls and use restrooms and showers but at this point should still remain in their residence halls. Off-campus students, faculty, and staff should still not come on campus.

We continue to ask anyone with information about Jacob to please contact the Chestertown Police at 410-778-1800 or Public Safety at 410-778-7810.

Washington College sophomore Claudia Courtenay, daughter of GSN CEO Adrian Courtenay, was able to provide some late details on the situation, that were unfortunately drowned out by the sound of a helicopter flying over the school. A number of athletic students, she reported, had gone to the locker room for some exercise at 5:30 or so in the morning, and were still several hours later because of the lockdown.  She also indicated that there were police officers at all entrances to the college. Many of the students were communicating back and forth by Yik Yak, she said, exchanging thoughts about the situation.

In a conversation an hour later, Claudia mentioned that the students in the locker room had finally been escorted out and taken to get some food, and her class was scheduled to get lunch at 3:10. The students continued to communicate via Yik Yak, and although it would be too difficult to explain or sum up, she noticed that the prevailing message from the Yik Yak communications was that people hoped that the situation would wind up without anybody getting hurt, as they advised each other not to panic “because we’re all one family.” And they hoped that the 5’4” 130 pound boy with a gun would be apprehended safely for all parties and would get the help that he needs.

As of 12 noon, the situation had not yet been resolved. The update from the college read:

Dear Washington College Parents, 
The following email was sent out to all students:
“Update on Campus Situation
12:00 PM UPDATE: Public Safety is working to ensure all resident students are able to get meals in an orderly fashion and as quickly as possible. We ask all students to follow the instructions of Public Safety and their Resident Assistants, and to continue to shelter in place unless instructed otherwise. 
Campus will remain closed for the day, and all afternoon and evening events are cancelled. 
Law enforcement continues their investigation, and is still treating this as a missing persons case. We continue to ask anyone with information about Jacob to please contact the Chestertown Police at 410-778-1800 or Public Safety at 410-778-7810. “


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