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The Mariner Group’s CommandBridgeTM enhanced web-based platform cuts through clutter, enabling Common Operating Picture (COP) and true situation awareness

Editor’s Note: This is the fifth in a series of accounts of exceptional achievements in homeland security, as described in winning entries in GSN’s recently completed Airport, Seaport, Border Security Awards Program.

The Mariner Group – Winner: Most Notable Seaport Security Program 

Situational awareness involves perceiving, understanding, and projecting relevant information to interpret how one’s own actions will impact both immediate and future objectives. However, the traditional approach of simply increasing sensors to address a security or operational concern does not necessarily produce increased awareness. While this method enhances the perception part of the situational awareness equation, it actually detracts from understanding by creating data clutter and stockpiling knowledge in informational silos—which in turn hinders understanding. As a whole it comes as no surprise that this popular practice of simply adding extra sensors delivers unimpressive, undistinguishable and unsustainable results.

Instead of utilizing this tired approach, Mariner has developed a web-based platform, CommandBridgeTM, to give context to a wider base of information feeds. The platform architecture of CommandBridge allows the system to ingest dynamic data from virtually any sensor feed and visualize this information in a Common Operating Picture (COP).  Cutting through security-information clutter, CommandBridge enables true situation awareness by bringing the most relevant information to the surface. The field-proven platform employs rules, alerts and workflow defined by users to detect anomalous behavior and assist with incident response. Context-based visualizations within the COP enhance the perception, understanding and projection of situational awareness, which allows key stakeholders to detect anomalous behavior and form a more collaborative response.

Over the past year, Mariner has continued enhancing CommandBridge with new features for even greater awareness. This includes: oil plume modelling, air traffic monitoring, vessel routing, personnel tracking, escorting and more. A recent major update to CommandBridge also enables customers to significantly enhance their network and cyber security. The new cyber integration safeguards digital assets through a combination of machine-based learning and human monitoring. This equips customers with the tools to stop simply reacting, and begin predicting, detecting and defending against advanced cyber attacks. These new capabilities—combined with the existing CommandBridge feature set—help customers improve interoperability, simplify their complex environments, and strengthen overall security.

By adapting the web-based platform to local operations and organizations, regional stakeholders are able to securely share this information in order to execute a collaborative response. Recently CommandBridge has been integrated as the core situational awareness platform across a wide area in the Pacific Northwest. This recent installation unites the local police, fire and emergency response departments with several neighboring ports through a single COP. The project allows stakeholders to collect data and securely share any relevant information to rapidly assess threats and execute a decisive, collaborative response when needed. CommandBridge enables each individual agency to better manage their respective daily operations, while also improving multi-agency collaboration during emergencies or region-wide events. The ability to share the right information with the right people increases situational awareness across the entire region, which in turn decreases the response time to ongoing events.

With CommandBridge at the core of Mariner’s Maritime Domain Awareness Initiative, seaports and their partner agencies are discovering how to enhance their overall awareness without further complicating their environments.

For further information on product, service or program, contact The Mariner group at http://themarinergroup.net/products/commandbridge/


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