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ShotSpotter gunfire detection system provides rapid containment of airport threats

U.S. transportation hubs require pre-emptive security measures. ShotSpotter SiteSecure indoor/outdoor technology provides a complete “bubble” of protection within and around any transportation hub, and can identify a wide-range of impulsive events, including both sub-sonic munitions and supersonic firearms as well as conventional and improvised explosive devices.

Because airports and other transportation infrastructure support large, transitory populations and are sprawling with complex perimeters and multiple points of ingress and egress, they are especially vulnerable to well-planned, multi-pronged attacks by both sophisticated and untrained persons with firearms and/or improvised explosive devices.

Transportation facilities are typically “lightly defended” sites where the primary security focus is to deter and detect a narrow range of threats before they reach secure boarding areas so that they cannot get onto planes.

ShotSpotter SiteSecure is a unique gunfire detection system designed to provide both indoor and outdoor coverage at critical infrastructure locations to include airports and other transportation-related facilities.

ShotSpotter instantly detects incoming gunfire and notifies those who most need that information in real-time: Security Operations Center personnel and law enforcement first responders.

• ShotSpotter SiteSecure is the only gunshot location technology capable of detecting a full-spectrum of potential threats -- both subsonic and supersonic rounds, as well as explosive attacks such as improvised explosive devices.

• ShotSpotter SiteSecure has the ability to instantly provide fully contextualized alerts (number of rounds fired, the GPS location of one or more shooters, and streaming audio files of the event) to designated recipients anywhere in the world to include your organization’s security operations center, public safety dispatch centers, as well as a variety of mobile platforms utilized by first responders.

• Rapid incident detection and the swift deployment of emergency countermeasures, coupled with the rapid deployment of armed first responders, can make the difference between an incident where an active shooter is able to penetrate security checkpoints and reach an aircraft at a nearby gate and an incident where the  threat is quickly contained and eliminated with the  assistance of rapidly disseminated tactical intelligence.  

A number of associated and related technologies -- video, PSIM, CAD -- can be integrated to provide a 360-degree solution for end users.

Contact SST for more detail at or by phone at 888-274-6877.


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