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Winners and finalists announced in GSN 2014 Airport, Seaport, Border Security Awards Program

Government Security News is pleased to present the official Roster of Winners and Finalists in its 2014 Airport, Seaport, Border Security Awards Program, which includes many longtime leaders in these fields as well as new names that could not be overlooked in light of their brilliant innovations and proven technological and managerial advances.

In a few cases, the distinguished judges of the program recommended dividing an announced category into two categories because of the different types of enterprises and different roles being represented. Vendor companies have also been identified in cases where they provided invaluable security technologies to the airports, seaports and border security facilities that they worked with.

In these days of horrific natural disasters and man-made suffering in many parts of the world, that sometimes spill over into, or originate in our own country, it is very reassuring to get a better understanding of the spectacular intelligence and colossal efforts that are being applied by government, industry and all in law enforcement and the security infrastructure who strive to keep us safe and secure and able to enjoy the “inalienable rights” of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that were promised to us by our forefathers.

And speaking of getting a better understanding, we’d like to thank our distinguished panel of judges who have meticulously studied and reviewed the entries in this program, and made every effort to provide a thorough and fair review to every nomination. It’s been a great pleasure to observe the consummate professionalism of Chuck Brooks, Xerox VP of Homeland Security and head of the two largest Homeland Security discussion groups on LinkedIn; Ralston MacDonnell, CEO of the engineering, consulting and training firm in Halifax, Nova Scotia that bears his name; and Janice Kephart, founder of the Secure Identity and Biometrics Association (SIBA) and frequent advisor to Congress on access control, biometrics, immigration and border security and other security sectors.

--Adrian Courtenay


GSN 2014 Airport /Seaport/Border Security Awards Program

CATEGORY 1 – Access Control/Identification

Best Biometric Identification/Authentication Facility

Winner -- IRIS ID

Best ePassport Solution

Winner -- Entrust, Inc

Best Physical/Logical Privileged Access Solution

Winner -- San Diego International Airport (SDIA), Identiv Physical Access and Security

Finalist -- Global Elite

Best Secure Chemical Biometric Reader (biometric, biographic or both)

No Entries

CATEGORY 2 -- Detection Solutions

Best Cargo/Vehicle or Persons Screening

Winner -- L-3 Security and Detection

Finalist -- Rapiscan Systems

Best Explosives/Narcotics/Contraband Detection

Winner -- Teknoscan

Best Metal Detection

Winner -- Scintrex-AutoClear

Best Nuclear/Radiation Detection

Winner -- Rapiscan Systems

Best Security Checkpoint Solution (persons, baggage, parcels)

Winner -- Global Elite

Finalist -- Morpho Trust

CATEGORY 3 -- Communications Solutions

Best Wireless Communications System/Data Transfer

No Entries

Best Long Range Acoustic Hailing Service

Winner -- LRAD Corporation        

Best Mass Notification Solution

Winner -- ATI Systems

Finalist -- LRAD Corporation

CATEGORY 4 -- Surveillance Solutions

Best Airport/Seaport or Border Security Video Solution

Winner -- AXIS Communications

Best Covert Video Solution

No Entries

Best Video Tracking/Wide Area Long Range Surveillance

Winner -- HGH Infrared Systems SpynelX

Best Thermal/NightVision/Infrared Surveillance

Winner -- Vancouver International Airport/FLIR Systems

Best Audio Surveillance and Security Solution

Winner -- Louroe Electronics

CATEGORY 5 -- Best Airport/Seaport/Border Security Fencing Barriers, Perimeter Protection

Best Security Fencing

Winner -- SecureUSA Corporation

Best Airport/Seaport/Border Security Guard Booths

Winner -- BIG Enterprises

Best Crash Barriers, Bollards, Gates

Winner -- Meridian Rapid Defense Group

Finalist -- SecureUSA Corporation

Best Guard Service/Facility Protection

Winner -- Global Elite

Best Integrated Perimeter Protection System

Winner -- Portland (ME) International Jetport/Tyco Integrated Security

Finalist -- Cinch Systems

CATEGORY 6 -- Best Airport/Seaport Integrated Security Programs

Best Cybersecurity Insider Threat Monitoring and Information Security

No entries

Best Physical Security Information Management System (PSIM)

(Declared a two-way tie by judges)

Winner -- Baltimore-Washington Airport/Intergraph Corporation

Winner -- Verint Systems

Best Integrated Harbor Security Program

Winner -- New Orleans Fire Department/Port of New Orleans

CATEGORY 7 -- Best Airport/Seaport/Border Security Human Resource Development

Best Airport/Seaport/Border Security Training & Certification Program

Winner -- MacDonnell Group Maritime Security Training, Certified Port Executive Program, Portstar Seaport Security Training

CATEGORY 8 -- Most Notable Airport/Seaport/Border Security Program, Project, Initiative

Most Notable Airport Security Program, Large Airports

Winner -- Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall (BWI Airport)/Intergraph Corporation

Finalist -- Tampa International Airport (TPA)/G4s Technology

Most Notable Airport Security Program, Small Airports

Winner -- Okaloosa County Airport Police Department

Most Notable Seaport Security Program (Port Initiative)

Winner -- Port of Baltimore

Most Notable Seaport Security (Port Solutions)

Winner -- The Mariner Group


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