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GSN announces winners in its 2013 Homeland Security Awards program

Chuck Brooks

Government Security News is pleased to announce the winners of its GSN 2013 Homeland Security Awards program, which were selected from hundreds of nominations submitted by leading vendors of IT and physical security products and federal, state, county and municipal government agencies, highlighting their most noteworthy programs and projects.

The 2013 awards program was made possible by generous sponsorships from BRS Laboratories, Cardinal Point Strategies, Objectivity, Vanguard Integrity Professionals and Wave Systems.

GSN also owes a debt of gratitude to its blue ribbon panel of judges that included Charles (“Chuck”) Brooks, vice president/client executive of Xerox and the first director of legislative affairs for the Science and Technology Directorate within DHS; Scott Greiper, president of Secure Strategy Group; Paul Goldenberg, CEO of Cardinal Point Strategies and member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC); and Matt Johnson, cybersecurity expert and veteran of the DoD Intelligence Community.

In a first for the GSN Homeland Security Awards program, and a fact that reflects the growing importance of IT and cybersecurity in national security, vendors of IT security solutions submitted more nominations than vendors in physical security, despite having only half as many categories to enter. Commenting on this development, lead judge of the 2013 IT security awards, Chuck Brooks, commented:

“In the past, much of cybersecurity has been reactive and the trends are to be proactive. The trend is toward a more holistic approach of integrating technologies, processes and people. The future of the practice will rely more on informed risk management. That requires an active strategy of detection, recognition, identification, response and remediation of threats. Advancement in areas of predictive data analytics and diagnostics to index, provide network traffic analysis and protect against further incursions is already becoming a growing area of concentration.”

Echoing the remarks of the judges of the physical security and government agency awards, Brooks added, “The most difficult aspect of judging the awards was that companies and products submitted were all best-in-class. They are all winners. Several of the entries were spectacular. One of the winners, RSA, demonstrated some really specialized capabilities across many cybersecurity areas, including anti-malware, endpoint security and continuous monitoring. This is most important to the future of homeland security. The director of the FBI recently noted that cyber is one of the largest and most dangerous threats we will face in the near term. It is great to see that the companies that submitted entries for the GSN awards are at the cutting-edge of cybersecurity solutions across the threat spectrum.”

[Editors Note: Additional insights and commentary on the state of the art in homeland security will be available in a Government Security News interview with Chuck  Brooks that will be published in GSN’s upcoming 2013 Digital Guide to Homeland Security Awards, which will be released later this month.]

Also demonstrating the difficulty of selecting winners in the 2013 roster of outstanding IT Security awards entries, the judges felt they had no choice but to name co-winners in a number of IT categories. These included RSA SecurID and Vanguard Integrity Professionals as co-winners in Best Identity Management Platform; Agiliance and Vanguard Integrity Professionals as co-winners in Best Compliance/Vulnerability Assessment Solution; Lieberman Software and Xceedium in Best Privileged Access Management Solution; and Cyber Ark and Redseal as Co-Winners in Best Continuous Monitoring Solution.

In the vendors of physical security awards, big winners included Axis Communications, which was declared winner in “Best Thermal/Night Vision/Infrared Cameras” and “Best Video Storage/Digital Transmission Systems,” while FLIR got the winner’s nod from the judges in “Best Chemical Detection Solution” for its Griffin 824 and for “Best Nuclear/Radiation Detection Products,” for its Identification R 300 product; Cohu HD was selected as winner in the important categories of “Best Long Range Detection Products” and “Best Specialized CCTV Lens Technology”; and Desktop Alert was winner in the “Best Regional or National Public Safety Communications” and co-winner with AtHoc, in “Best Mass Notification Systems.”

In other always-hotly-contested physical security categories, HID Global was winner in the Best Integrated System for HSPD-12 FIPS 201 Compliance; Quantum Secure was tapped as winner in “Best Platform for Physical/Logical Access Control”; Panasonic took the award in “Best Network IP Cameras”; newcomer to the GSN awards competition, and a sponsor of the 2013 awards program, Wave Systems, was named winner of “Best Smart Card Solution”; Stanley Security snagged the prize in “Best Biometric Identification System; Sielox LLC was winner in the “Best Interoperable First Responder Solutions”; and Vidsys took the top prize in “Best Physical Security Information Management System.”

In another notable achievement, NICE Systems, with offices in Ra’anana, Israel; Paramus, NJ; and elsewhere in the U.S. and around the world, won not only the coveted physical security award for “Best Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions,” but also had the pleasure of seeing its government agency client, Miami International Airport, receive a Platinum award in the “Most Notable Airport/Aviation Program” category; its client San Diego Public Utilities receive a Platinum award for “Most Notable Municipal/County Security Program”; its client Harris County Sheriff’s Office received a Gold award in the “Most Notable Maritime/Seaport Program; and its client Duke Energy receive a Silver award in “Most Notable Critical Infrastructure Program.”

If the judges thought the IT Security awards were difficult to judge, they found the government agency awards to be impossible -- so impossible that they recommended a very good judging idea which GSN accepted, which was that government agencies that made it to the “finalist” stage subsequently would receive either a Platinum, Gold or Silver Award, because of the “apples and oranges” dilemma of trying to measure programs from totally different agencies, with totally different missions, in federal, state or local government.

As usual, the U.S. Coast Guard was a big winner in the government awards, receiving a Gold for its AVIS (Advanced Vessel ID System) and another Gold in “Most Notable Critical Infrastructure Security Program.

The DHS Border and Security Maritime/Science and Technology Coastal Surveillance Systems received a Platinum in the Maritime/Seaport Security Program, as did the DHS Office of Infrastructure/Protective Security Advisory Service in the Most Notable Critical Infrastructure Security Program.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture was honored with a Platinum award for its USDA FedRamp Project Office in the category of Most Notable Federal Government Program, Project or Initiative. In the same category, the National Park Service was awarded the Gold for its Statue of Liberty renovation, while the U.S. Park Police received a Gold award for its work during the presidential inauguration.

In the Municipal/County Security category, the Cook County, IL, Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Response was singled out for a Platinum award for the spectacular turnaround of the agency by Michael Masters, executive director and his team. The Los Angeles and Monmouth County Sheriff’s Offices both received Gold awards and the City of Dover, DE, and County of Contra Costa, CA, received Silver awards.

 And finally, In a special humanitarian and public service award, Jordan Heilweil, CEO of Total Recall Corporation, of Suffern, NY, and nine partner companies, will be honored for donating a multi-million surveillance and security upgrade of the Statue of Liberty, which sustained extensive damage from Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The nine companies joining Total Recall and the National Park Service and the Park Police in the renovation of one of America’s most beloved symbols of freedom and opportunity  are Axis Communications, Briefcam, DragonWave, Milestone Systems, Pivot3, Proxim Wireless, RGB Spectrum, Scallop Imaging and Winsted Corporation.



Best Anti-Malware Solution


Best Identity Management Platform

RSA SecurID – Co-Winner 

Vanguard Integrity Professionals – Co-Winner

Best Compliance/Vulnerability Assessment Solution

Agiliance – Co-Winner

Vanguard Integrity Professionals- Co-Winner

Best Data Security/Loss Management Solution


Best Email Security and Integrity Solution


Best Endpoint Security Solution


Best Forensic Software

nPulse Technologies

Best Big Data Analytic Solution


Best Intrusion Detection/Prevention Solution


Best Network Security/Enterprise Firewall


Best Privileged Access Management Solution

Lieberman Software – Co-Winner

Xceedium – Co-Winner

Best Continuous Monitoring Solution

Cyber Ark – Co-Winner

Redseal – Co-Winner

Best Security Incident/Event Management (SIEM)

Event Tracker


Best Biometric Identification System

Stanley Security

Best Integrated System for HSPD-12 FIPS 201

HID Global

Best Smart Card Solution

Wave Systems

Best Platform for Physical/Logical Access

Quantum Secure

Best Interoperable First Responder Solutions

Sielox, LLC

Best Mass Notification Systems

Desktop Alert – Co-Winner

AtHoc – Co-Winner

Best Regional or National Public Safety Communications

Desktop Alert

Best Explosives Detection Solution

Implant Sciences 

Best Chemical Detection Solution

FLIR (Griffin 824)

Best Long Range Detection Products


Best Nuclear/Radiation Detection Products


FLIR (Identification R 300)

Best Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions

NICE Systems

Best Thermal/Night Vision/Infrared Cameras

Axis Communications

Best Network IP Cameras


Best Video Storage/Digital Transmission Systems

Axis Communications

Best Specialized CCTV Lens Technology


Best Perimeter Protection Product/System


Best Crash Barrier (Gates, Fences, Bollards, Guard Booths)

BIG Enterprises

Best Physical Security Information Management Solution (PSIM)


Best Disaster Preparedness or Disaster Recovery and Clean-up Service

High-Rise Escape

Best Facility Security/Emergency Response Software

BeSafe Technologies

Best Homeland Security Training/Higher Education Program

Bellevue University


Most Notable Airport/Aviation Security Program

Miami International Airport - PLATINUM

Transportation Security Administration - GOLD

Maryland Air National Guard, 175th Wing - SILVER

Most Notable Maritime/Seaport Security Program

DHS Border & Security Maritime/Science and Technology

Coastal Surveillance Systems - PLATINUM

Houston Ship Channel / Harris County Sheriff's Office - GOLD

U.S. Coast Guard Advanced Vessel ID (AVIS) - GOLD

U.S. Coast Guard – AtHoc Interactive Warning System -- SILVER

Most Notable Critical Infrastructure Security Program

DHS Office of Infrastructure/Protective Security Advisor Service - PLATINUM

DHS (for U.S. Coast Guard, Transportation Security Administration/Customs and Border Protection) – GOLD

Duke Energy Critical Infrastructure Program - SILVER

Most Notable Municipal/County Security Program

Cook County, IL Department of Homeland Security

and Emergency Response – PLATINUM

San Diego Public Utilities – Water Treatment Security PSIM - PLATINUM

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office - GOLD

Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office - GOLD

City of Dover, DE - SILVER

Contra Costa County, CA - SILVER

Most Notable Federal Government Program, Project or Initiative

U.S. Department of Agriculture (for USDA FedRamp Project Office) - PLATINUM

Defense Intelligence Agency (Multi Domain Dissemination System (MDDS) - GOLD

Department of Energy (Second Line of Defense, DOE National Nuclear Radiation Detection) - SILVER

National Park Service (for Statue of Liberty Project) - GOLD

National Park Police (for Presidential Inauguration) - SILVER


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