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CASE STUDY: SmartSearch with dtSearch search engine makes finding key documents easier

Customer: The Town of Centerville, TN 

Companies: Square 9 Softworks, of New Haven, CT and dtSearch Corp., of Bethesda, MD 

The Challenge: Limited document storage space and an inefficient filing system 

The Town of Centerville, TN, is a municipal organization that manages critical government functions and handles paperwork for a variety of vital services, including police department and court documents. 

Town Clerk Susan Griggs reports that the local police department produces a significant amount of documentation -- paperwork that officials need to be able to retrieve quickly to ensure citizens’ security and manage operations. 

The town’s documentation system has always been paper-based, which imposed numerous challenges on Griggs and her colleagues. Paper document storage consumes precious building space and required the town to continuously expand filing systems to keep up with the constant flow of new documents. Town officials had to ensure secure storage and ready access to needed documentation. The town was again running out of storage room and faced a choice: purchase more filing cabinets and access to secure offsite storage, or modernize its electronic content management system. 

The Solution: Streamlined document storage, instant retrieval with SmartSearch 

Centerville needed an efficient way to store and access important public records, including those with a direct bearing on public safety. A trusted technology advisor encouraged Griggs to take a look at SmartSearch, an award-winning content management solution. Designed by Square 9 and built on .NET, SmartSearch delivers enterprise-class Web forms management and workflow automation capabilities, extending access to content in a highly secure environment. 

After evaluating the costs and weighing the benefits, Town of Centerville officials found that it would be less expensive -- and more efficient -- to implement SmartSearch. The SmartSearch solution uses the dtSearch Engine to simplify document retrieval, delivering proprietary document filters and instant search capabilities across terabytes of data and supporting database, Web data and popular productivity file searches. 

Armed with these new capabilities, Griggs can now quickly process and store arrest records, handwritten police officer reports, correspondence, time sheets, purchase orders, invoices and other vital documents, including court records. Instead of manually filing documents in cabinets, she uses a scanning device to capture and store reports in customized SmartSearch Inboxes. 

The new system has improved security. Original paper documents are now shredded. And SmartSearch has made searching for relevant documents simple. Griggs estimates that she saves approximately 15 hours a week by using SmartSearch instead of the old filing system. She is able to devote the extra time to serving the citizens of Centerville. 

Other applications 

After seeing how SmartSearch streamlined document storage, and retrieval and enabled more efficient communication between police and court personnel for the town clerk, other Town of Centerville departments are looking into implementing a customized version of the award-winning SmartSearch Content Management Suite in their divisions. 



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