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TSA rolls out one-time, three-year TWIC renewal

Holders of a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) now have a one-time, less-expensive option to replace their cards.

Beginning on Aug. 31, the Transportation Security Administration said cards set to expire on or before Dec. 31could be replaced with a new three-year Extended Expiration Date (EED) TWIC. The agencies that oversee the TWIC program, TSA and the Coast Guard, announced the new renewal option in June.

TWIC cards are a tamper-resistant biometric credential issued to U.S. maritime workers who require unescorted access to secure areas of port facilities, outer continental shelf facilities and vessels.

In a policy update on TSA’s Web page on Aug. 30, the agency said individuals holding a card expiring on Dec. 31 could benefit from the cost savings and convenience the three-year renewal offers.

Five-year TWIC cards cost $129 and renewals cost $105. The shorter renewal card costs $60.

TSA said the new EED TWIC is a one-time temporary extension option intended to provide convenience and cost-savings to workers in advance of the deployment of TWIC readers. TWIC holders who are not U.S. citizens or U.S. nationals are required to enroll for a standard 5-year replacement upon expiration of their current TWIC, it said.

Obtaining EED TWIC to replace an expiring card is optional and isn’t required., it said and the standard 5-year renewal card through the normal, full enrollment process, which requires two visits to an enrollment center and the $129.75 fee, was still in place.

The full 5-year card renewal process requires two visits to an enrollment center and payment of the $129.75 fee.

Replacement TWICs can be obtained in three simple steps, it said:

  • Call the TWIC Help Desk at 1-866-347-8942 (Mon–Fri, 8AM to 10PM Eastern) to confirm eligibility.
  • Pay a $60 card replacement fee by credit card.
  • Exchange the current TWIC for a new replacement EED TWIC at a TWIC Enrollment Center.

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