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Asian customer places $12.3 million order for underwater surveillance gear

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An unnamed Asian company placed a $12.3 million order with Israeli DSIT Solutions Ltd’s sonar and diver detection systems for use on offshore oil platforms and other seagoing petroleum systems.

DSIT Solutions, a subsidiary of Acorn Energy, Inc., said on Dec. 9 that it had received its largest order ever for underwater security systems. The contract calls for the delivery of a large number of AquaShield Diver Detection Sonar (DDS) and PointShield Portable Diver Detection Sonar (PDDS) systems that will protect offshore oil platforms, coastal energy terminals and high value vessels against underwater intrusion and sabotage.

DSIT said “an undisclosed Asian customer” placed the order and initial delivery of systems is scheduled to begin immediately with  the remainder in 2012. 

"As far as we know this is the largest contract for underwater security systems to be ordered by the Oil & Gas industry,” said Dan Ben-Dov, DSIT's vice president for sales and marketing. “This sale firmly establishes DSIT as the world leader in the field of underwater security systems for the energy sector,” said Ben-Dov. “DSIT pioneered this market in 2007 with the sale of its AquaShield Diver Detection Sonar to a leading European oil terminal. Since then we have accumulated vast experience in testing and operating our underwater surveillance solutions in many energy sites around the world, including nuclear power facilities."

"The AquaShield DDS boasts a unique combination of features, making it an ideal tool in the hands of the security officer,” he said.” It offers the longest range threat detection, while its advanced classification algorithms guarantee accurate threat identification with very few false alarms. The system is fully automatic, eliminating the need for a trained sonar operator. It is almost maintenance free and -as testified to by our customers every day- its robust design ensures long years of flawless operation." 

Benny Sela, DSIT's CEO, commented that, "DSIT's diver detection sonar systems are continuously protecting ports, naval bases, energy installations, ships, and VIP compounds around the world. However, DSIT is constantly improving its systems and developing new solutions to provide our customers with a complete package from detection and classification to response to the threat. We take considerable pride in the satisfaction and trust of our current customers. We believe this is one of the primary reasons for the increase of inquiries and requests for quotes for our underwater protection systems."


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