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Infoblox NetMRI diagnoses root cause of U.S. Army’s network problems

In Afghanistan and Iraq, the U.S. Army needs to maneuver anywhere on the battlefield while communicating with warfighters, command posts and analytical centers across remote locations.

The Army mandated a new modular brigade design -- “Network Centric Warfare” -- replacing the Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE) which wasn’t mobile enough, especially for small units. For this network-centric model to succeed, real-time visibility and situational awareness of the security and availability of the end-to-end network is a necessity.

Network Centric Warfare is a truly IP-Convergent network supporting “real-time” voice, video and data communication for mobile tactical use. With skilled IP network engineers in short supply -- and no tolerance for downtime while units are in the field -- the Army needed to enable any repairs to be done remotely and quickly, never impacting the communication capabilities of the moving troops. 

The Army’s criteria required a new level of functionality for its mobile network. Network troubleshooting needed to be easy-to-understand and navigate, and be ready-for-use immediately. Network outages or performance degradation is inevitably caused by some change made to the network, often with good intentions and sometimes with an impact that goes undetected for weeks.

The Army tapped Infoblox NetMRI as a commercially available network configuration and change management (NCCM) tool to intuitively diagnose the root cause of network problems and speed the fix. Working through General Dynamics C4 Systems, the prime systems integrator for the Warfighter Information Network (WIN-T), the Army now has an automated 24x7 audit of all key network configurations and ongoing analysis of millions of datapoints to ensure the highest levels of network stability, compliance and performance.

Infoblox NetMRI identifies, tracks and shows the impact of changes to multi-vendor networks, and automatically compares configurations to gold-standard settings. NetMRI provides critical network visibility even in the most complex, virtualized environments. It is Common Criteria and DIACAP-certified and includes built-in DISASTIG, NSA best practices and SNMPv3 support. 


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