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State and local public safety agencies to spend more than $6 billion annually on IT systems by 2015

Demand for vendor-furnished information systems and services by U.S. state and local public safety agencies will increase from $5.3 billion in 2010 to $6.1 billion in 2015, bringing $800 million in new spending to the market.

A new report from Input, a market research firm, entitled State & Local Justice/Public Safety and Homeland Security Market, 2010-2015, shows a total of $34.3 billion in IT expenditures is predicted to come from the nearly $1.8 trillion in total operational spending by law enforcement, courts and prison systems.

As expected, growth in this market will rely primarily on state, city and county law enforcement. The market is also anticipating penetration of a wide range of basic policing technologies, such as mobile access to criminal history checks, digital fingerprinting and pattern-mapping software.

“By embracing cutting-edge tools such as predictive policing, local police and sheriff’s departments gain critical force multipliers,” said Chris Dixon, Input’s manager of state and local industry analysis. “Modern IT solutions not only improve officer performance in the field, but also compensate for hiring freezes and layoffs required by severe budget deficits that will persist through most of the forecast period.”

Also driving the market will be a wide range of interoperability efforts, involving advancements in radio communications and the widespread standardization of data networks. Remaining a critical priority for the federal government, the projects encompass nearly a $1.0 billion of federal technology spending. Moreover, a variety of national information sharing standards led by the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) 2.1, is also said to spur $1.7 billion in total systems integration spending during the forecast period.

“Law enforcement is one of the few areas in government striving to attain national standards for information sharing at the metro, state, and national levels,” said Dixon. “This in turn drives a slow-burn of activity to perpetually modernize and interconnect justice information systems with a variety of networks.”

Other trends that Input said are shaping this market include:

  • Improvements to probation and parole systems used to reduce corrections costs;
  • Ongoing rollout of next generation 9-1-1 systems to support all first responders at the local, metro and state levels;
  • Increased need for hosted -- or “cloud-based” -- solutions for medium and smaller jurisdictions that cannot afford major implementation costs;
  • Gradual migration toward IT solutions for gavel-to-gavel court automation and improved case management of probation and parole.

State & Local Justice/Public Safety and Homeland Security Market, 2010-2015 is available on INPUT’s website at the following link: 



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