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Hikvision’s CCTV solution kicks off surveillance at football stadium in Argentina

Armando stadium

Club Atlético Boca Juniors, known simply as Boca Juniors or Boca, is a popular Argentine sports club, best known for its football team. Their home field, Estadio Alberto J. Armando stadium, accommodates 50,000 people. To protect the stadium and ensure the smooth running of games and events, a rigorous surveillance solution was needed.


A requirement from Boca Juniors, the owner of the stadium, was that the surveillance cameras should give operators the ability to track and zoom in on individuals. For instance, the cameras should be able to help the security staff determine who is involved in an act of incursion or theft, or arguments among event-goers and identify whether these altercations would interfere with the running of games or events.

Monitoring such a large stadium is a huge challenge. With plenty of audience flowing in and out of the stadium, it is vitally important to ensure a secure environment for the safety of people, requiring security staff to keep an eye on every corner of the venue.


Boca Juniors decided to use Hikvision's surveillance solution consisting of stand-alone DVRs, PTZ high-speed domes and color cameras to secure the stadium. These units allow the security staff to effectively monitor the on-site status throughout the stadium, including the football ground, entrances and exits.

The project is offering a 24/7 surveillance solution by using PTZ speed domes together with fixed units. Inside the stadium, the PTZ high speed domes were preferred for 360-degree monitoring. The PTZ domes offer high quality video in the resolution of 480 TVL, as well as featuring 400-degree pan preset speed and 150-degree tilt preset speed, these allow the security staff to quickly track and zoom in on individuals to acquire details clearly, and take rapid action.

By contrast, the fixed color cameras were installed at the stadium entrances and exits.

Visitors who see the cameras know someone is monitoring them. This acts as a deterrent against petty criminal acts such as vandalism, theft and sneaking in without a ticket. People are less likely to do so because they know that the video footage can be used as evidence. Quarrels or arguments among audience members during shows, concerts and other events can also be observed.

As there are many monitoring points in different locations throughout the stadium, the surveillance system needs to support multi-channel video viewing to monitor the on-site status. To accommodate this, Hikvision supplied embedded DVRs that feature simultaneous 16-channel video preview on one screen. The DVRs also support video loop out on a TV wall, enabling the security staff to have a clear view of what is happening in the stadium.

In addition, with main and auxiliary video outputs, the DVRs can simultaneously support GUI operation and video preview (through auxiliary video output) for on-site status monitoring on a separate screen.

“Hikvision’s surveillance solution has a positive effect on protection of the stadium,” said Lic. Christian Uriel Solano, President of Security One Argentina, Hikvision’s distributor, which is responsible for this project. “Now we can provide a more secured environment for people who come to events held in Estadio Alberto J. Armando stadium. That’s exactly what we are pursuing.”


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