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Honeywell looks to IP interoperability

During the ASIS convention in Dallas Oct. 12-15, Honeywell showcased its collaborative work to develop new strategic relationships with security manufacturers with an eye to increasing interoperability among third-party IP systems.

The company said it is involved with several groups, including the Honeywell Open Technology Alliance; Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA); and ONVIF that are working towards interoperability.

Formed earlier this year, the Honeywell Open Technology Alliance is dedicated to sharing IP technology and forging effective collaborations, according to the company. Alliance members include Arquero, IProNet, Milestone Systems, Sureview Systems, Tridium and 3VR Security. There are several integrations currently in progress with other members.

As part of the Alliance, Honeywell works with other security and IT manufacturers to integrate their IP cameras and systems with its Maxpro VMS (Video Management System). Third-party cameras, like Axis, Panasonic, Pelco, Samsung, and other manufacturers can also integrate into Maxpro VMS.

“Our devices are now more compatible with management platforms from other vendors,” said Don Roberts, leader of strategic corporate accounts for Honeywell. “The compatibility offers integrators increased choice and flexibility when designing security systems and ultimately driving value for the end user. Our commitment to enabling IP security is vital to meeting industry demands for integrated security, situational awareness and operational efficiency.”

Honeywell said it is also involved in the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA), a global consortium of physical security manufacturers and integrators focused on promoting the interoperability of IP-enabled security devices across every segment of the industry. The company is actively involved in the four working groups relating to security products: IP Video; Video Analytics; Recording and Content Management; and Area Control (Access/Intrusion). To date, more than 1,200 industry professionals have downloaded PSIA’s specifications, the company said.

Honeywell is among several technology manufacturers showcase the PSIA video analytics specifications at the PSIA Interoperability Reception at the ASIS conference.

As IP technology is incorporated into new designs, the standards embraced by the Open Technology Alliance enable manufacturers to bring new products to market more quickly, giving end users a wider choice of solutions to solve their security issues, said Honeywell. “Open standards enable end users to integrate our products with their system without requiring expensive customization,” said Honeywell’s Tom Brodsky, who participates in the PSIA Video Analytics working group.

The company is also an active member of ONVIF and will be introducing products compliant with the ONVIF standard. Honeywell strongly supports open architecture design, and the company’s involvement in the PSIA and ONVIF initiatives formalizes its commitment to developing interoperability that will bring IP solutions to market more quickly.


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