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IDmachines’ CEO selected to chair by Security Industry Association Personal Identity Verification working group

The Security Industry Association - based in Alexandria, VA - selected IDmachines’ CEO Salvatore D’Agostino as the vice chair of its Personal Identity Verification (PIV) working group. The Security Industry Association is a trade group for businesses in the electronic and physical security market. SIA protects and advances its members' interests by advocating pro-industry policies and legislation on Capitol Hill and throughout the 50 states.

SIA happily welcomed Salvatore D’Agostino at this new position: “SIA is pleased to have Sal as vice chair of the PIV Working Group. As an industry expert with a strong track record of contributions to SIA initiatives, Sal will work with the group’s leadership and members to meet their charter of visibility, guidance and education. SIA looks forward to continued strong contributions from Sal and the PIV Working Group,” said Don Erickson, director of government relations for SIA.

The group, which serves as a liaison between SIA and the federal government, aims to support government agencies and contractors involved in the implementation requirements of PIV in accordance with Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD)-12, Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 201 and related documents and standards.

D’Agostino appeared happy about the news “I am thrilled to be in this leadership position. As a SIA member, IDmachines contributes where we can leverage our domain expertise. We have a solid history with SIA including the SIA 2005 Q4 Quarterly Technical Update. This laid the groundwork for many of the PACS requirements the group now addresses. We are seeing a substantial increase by security systems in the use of standards based, sound cryptographic techniques and interaction with public key infrastructure.”

The working group also aims to address challenges associated with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), biometrics, contact and contactless cards and readers, access control panel databases and interfaces and standards for data exchange between Physical Access Control Systems (PACS), Card Management Systems (CMS), and Identity Management Systems (IDMS) among others.

The Bush administration established a mandatory, Government-wide standard for secure and reliable forms of identification issued by the Federal Government to its employees and contractors, the HSPD-12, in 2004.

IDmachine, of Brookline, MA, has been providing services in large-scale identity, automation and security programs for 30 years. The company specializes in convergance security system integration and its realted services are FIPS 201 compatible, therefore, the selection of Salvatore D’Agostino for the Security Industry Association’s PIV working group was a natural choice.


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