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HALO schedules counter-terrorism summits in San Diego and Fort Lauderdale

HALO Corp., a San Diego-based organization founded by former special operations, national security and intelligence personnel, has scheduled two Counter-Terrorism Summits, one to take place on June 7-11 in San Diego, and the other scheduled in Fort Lauderdale on July 12-16.

The topics will include uncovering terrorist bombers, the latest forensic techniques in following the money trail, engaging in asymmetric warfare and understanding doctrinal Islam the way the self-identified jihadist movement understands it, which is a critical component in dealing with “jihad-motivated” terrorists, according to Brad Barker, President of HALO.

Barker told GSN in a recent interview that the attempted car bombing on May 1 in Times Square served as another wake-up call to the world’s police and security forces on the uncompromising global terrorist threat, and the ongoing efforts by terrorists to target urban environments in the U.S.

The incident also highlights the urgent need to properly train intelligence, counter-terrorism, police and private security forces in the most advanced anti-terror, protection and detection techniques, said Barker.

“Unfortunately,” he added, “the IED and VBIED aren’t just a threat on foreign soil. Sophisticated terrorists are already here -- living in your neighborhood, working in a nearby business or going to the local community college.”

According to Barker, HALO’s intensive training programs are conducted by respected subject matter experts who are highly experienced in the areas of pre-incident planning, IED detection, understanding the criminal-terrorist nexus, conducting threat and vulnerability assessments, including private sector threat awareness.

“Participants in the HALO summits will learn to recognize organizations that commit acts of terror, the methods they use and the types of counter measures available to defeat this threat. An understanding of intelligence operations is a key factor for any organization. Gathering information, establishing trust and preventing casualties are all key focuses of the program. We want security personnel to learn how to establish, apply and maintain an independent and threat-oriented intelligence system.”

Barker indicated that the overriding topics for each of the five days in the Summits will be:

Monday – Warrior mindset

Tuesday – Active shooter campus, corporate and house of worship

Wednesday – Maritime security and port/border awareness

Thursday – America’s deadliest threat

Friday – Islamic literalist technology

Interested parties can register for the Summits or obtain further information about the courses and their instructors at


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