The Big Present – Christmas Proposal. To be precise, there are 33 dotted along the coastline of this Canadian landmass, all varying in shape, size and design but all with one thing in common: they make perfect, secluded spots for a bit of romance with your partner. Like Russian dolls, put the ring in a box in a box in a box in a box going up in size with a message inside each of the boxes until she reaches the final box. Doing it at a surprise party with all her nearest and dearest could be the perfect proposal … 10 Unique Places to Propose in the UK. Romantic Places to Propose in UK We have top picks of some of the most romantic spots to pop the question. If you’re planning to propose in London you’re clearly onto something. Whatever the time of year you decide to get down on one knee, the location can sometimes be … Prince Edward Island, Canada. You’re down on one knee about to reach into your back pocket and get out a small box that holds a stunning engagement ring and suddenly you turn your head to the left and someone else is doing the exact same as you – this is just one thing no one ever wants to happen when proposing. 7. It was voted the one of the world’s most romantic cities, second only to Paris, bien sûr. Lighthouses are an enduring symbol of love and romance and Prince Edward Island has them in abundance. Unique places to propose in the UK Natasha 14 February 2018 Setting the mood and choosing a location is one of the most important factors in the perfect proposal; this could be dependent on your favourite location or the most beautiful spot filled with personal memories. Dealchecker have brought together 11 of the most unique places to propose for your personality, ranging from the truly traditional to the adventurous grand gesture. 21. 4. Surprise!!! Once here, make sure to grab yourself a private gondola and visit the Bridge of Sighs. There’s one thing that all proposers-to-be have in common – wanting to create a romantic memory for life. Venice is another one of those popular and best places to propose across the world that’s totally unique. So whether you want to pop the question with city in the background, or combine it with a slap-up meal, The Shard is a great way to a big YES! The best places for a winter proposal in the UK Brought to you by. St Paul’s Cathedral 22. And it’s no wonder, you’re both relaxed, you’re in a new setting away from your daily routine – it’s certainly a … After a long relaxing journey across the picturesque canals, … Castle Howard . A huge 38% of people who responded to our survey said that their proposal took place during a holiday, making it the most popular way to propose. There's more to it than that however, and is the perfect place for a luxurious proposal complete with a seven-star hotel, the Shangri-La. Piping hot fish and chips, fresh sea air and ice cream all await, as do whale-watching boat trips if a truly unusual engagement calls.