Both browser vendors recommend the same best practice in order to detect the availability of auto-play, by listening to the promise returned by the play() function of an HTMLMediaElement, if it got rejected or resolved. Safari 11.0 ships with iOS 11.0 and macOS 10.13. The auto-play button is the button that is under the spot light here. Hello, I need you to quick fix my video autoplay function on my wordpress website so it starts to work on chrome [login to view URL] is working fine on firefox but on chrome it is not displaying. I will try to keep this article up to date as browsers change. In Safari on iOS (for all devices, including iPad), where the user may be on a cellular network and be charged per data unit, preload and autoplay are disabled. So it is possible that on your device autoplay is not working on Safari while it is working elsewhere. In addition to that, a new power-saving feature will prevent the playback of muted videos, if they are off-screen, or hidden in a background tab. Video autoplay is not working in Safari and Chrome February 19, 2020 So you have tried adding autopay and playsinline codes to your video tags but still, it’s not auto-playing? 2. The setting you select will apply to all media for all websites, except for specific autoplay site settings. Not sure what you're referring to, but Safari has three configurable options for auto-play: - Allow All Auto-Play - Stop Media with Sound - Never Auto-Play. Example 1: Here the autoplay attribute is used with the