Information on this page might be obsolete. Choose the wand as your weapon choice. You want to go solo and be a combo Sura, and this is the guide for you to do it. Also running Ghost Palace and selling the Thanatos Weapons can make you a daily profit! Must use after skill [Monk - Combo Finish]. Armour - Boitata Armour + Pecopeco Card More information can be found, At this point you can use the reset NPC in Protera. This is your primary stat. +20 FLEE, +10% Neutral resistance and even a card slot. Continue to pump INT and head to Orc Dungeon where you can now heal bomb Orc Zombies and Skeletons. Shadow is generally lack-luster with most end game enemies being strong to it. On top of that, you can restore your own SP(detailed later). If upgrade level is +7 or higher, +5 ATK/MATK. Everything about Monk, skill tree, skill simulator and other important skill info like range, properties, requirements, required for, etc. This build foregoes Gates of Hell in favour of steadier damage at full HP. A very tough instance, don't attempt this without a group. Recovers HP and SP every 10 seconds while sitting (not while standing). They serve the Goddess' and provide their services through their physical prowess, acting of their own free will other than doing the Goddess' bidding by following the Goddess' prophecies. This guide may not be optimal for other servers. This is optional (but recommended if you don't have an Arch Bishop with you). And for the love of everything don't spam Sky Net Blow in a group, you'll just annoy everyone. These quests are taken on in large groups with everyone working together. +20 ATK at the cost of -1% HP. Comes in handy vs Dark Grand Cross and Waterball spamming MVPs. Procs HP and SP leech. This is much more reliable and easier to hit the rest of the combo since you know it's coming. Middle - Black Frame Glasses + Essence of Evil VIT 3 The points disappear but I cant see what level they are nor will I be able to put active skills on my hotbar...everything is greyed out. This build alternates between Tiger Cannon and Gates of Hell, slowly eating away at your HP. Fist weapon: See Crimson Knuckle, Vicious Mind weapon: See above. +3% HIT +2 DEX, This is just if you need more hit for an MVP. You no longer gain Spirit Spheres while attacking, but your Max HP is much higher and you gain some bonus Soft DEF. Used right after Triple Attack procs. Like Tiger Cannon, this is used after Fallen Empire, and part of this damage ignores HIT check. With combo and separate attacks, the mysterious power of one must not only be physically stro… If you get it up to +9 it'll throw in +5% Fire/Earth/Water/Wind resistance. Chance to Leech HP/SP off your attacks. +5% HP/SP, +10 ATK/MATK, +10 HIT, +10 FLEE, a slot, and can proc level 10 Kyrie Eleison. Additionally if you're mid fight and can't cast Dangerous Soul Collect, if you have Gentle Touch-Energy Gain active you can punch things for Spheres to Absorb. up a cliff. Spirit Spheres are required and used up by some skills. Middle - Angel Spirit Go ahead and just put your DEX up to 90 right away so you never have to worry about Hit. +8% HP/SP, an option if you feel you need more SP. This is one of the skill why Monk's can be considered as a Tanker type in Ragnarok Online 2. +3% ATK if STR is 90 and +1000 HP if VIT is 90, plus a slot. Weapon - +15 Vicious Mind Mace w/ +10 VIT + White Knight Card Monk Skill and Stat Allocation for Steel Body / Combo Build. This will consume 5 Spirit Spheres at level 1 and 2, 4 Spirit Spheres at level 3 and 4, and 3 Spirit Spheres at level 5. Tiger Cannon and Gates of Hell can be used outside of a combo by casting them, and DEX increases your cast speed. Also lets you cast [. Consumes 1,000 HP when unequipped. It takes more than just the mind, but it also takes confidence, and the time and effort, along with self discipline to be able to change jobs. Tired of being shoehorned into using maces? This guide has been a compilation of everything I've learned about being a combo Sura and I hope it helps anyone looking for Sura information. Total bonus for Temporal Boots + GSS combo depends on your GSS, but generally looking at around +16 stats, +23% HP, +5% SP before refining and enchanting. You have 4 points left over that you can place into Cursed Circle for crowd control, Dragon Combo for more combo damage, or Sky Net Blow for more Flash Combo damage. Consumes 100 HP every 10 seconds. You only need 5 points but I recommend the full 10 to reduce the proc chance while still increasing your overall damage. This isn't 'cheap', but it's a great leveling hat for nearly every class and worth having one in your bank to pass around between chars. You can even remove Petrify, Frozen and Stun while afflicted by them. LUK helps you resist a lot of status effects. Drops in Airship Assault instance, any monster can drop it so you don't even need to defeat the MVP. suggestions for str/agi monk-skill build...? If you need money, head to Gefenia and round up groups of mobs and Tiger Cannon them down. 92+8 AGI. It will focus on helping you be the best combo Sura you can be. Summons one Spirit Sphere each cast. I'm currently only a knight on an official server, but I can easily play multi characters in a private server, I play on a normal stat/skill ruled game so I can test characters. Version 3.4 November 14, 2004 (11/14/04) Added some indepth info on stats. +4 STR +12 ATK -4 INT, a better option to the above, nearly the same ATK but you sacrifice the less important SP instead of HP. +1 ATK per 10 STR. I'm leveling up a monk right now and has a hybrid build, would like to know exactly what to do when I rearrange everything. Help is much appreciated thanks.STR: 100-120AGI: 80-100VIT: 20-50INT: 30-60DEX: 40-75LUK: 1 Focus your inner energies and attack an enemy to deal damage and push them away. Chance to Leech HP/SP off your attacks. Consumes 5 Spirit Spheres on use. It is said that the faith of the acolyte is not only for the mind, but the path one walks must also be for the body. Part of this damage ignores the HIT check, allowing you to hit even MVPs under AGI UP. Fresh off the boat after making your character, head West, then North to the top of Izlude to enter the Criatura Academy. Like the above, also a prerequisite for Monk skills. You can also move 5 points out of Iron Hand if not using fist weapons, probably into Heal; and 2 points from Steel Body into Asura Strike if you prefer to have that option open. You can opt to spend them to get Flash Combo, if you do this you can only get Lv 4 of Revitalize. Weapon - +15 Crimson Mace + Double Hunter Fly Cards OR Hunter Fly & White Knight Card Ragnarok Online: the game 40 million people play Ragnarok Online - Classes - Monk - Skill Tree Ragnarok Online is a fast-paced, community driven fantasy MMORPG. You can type. This time you can choose the mace (the Eden mace has a higher base ATK and maces do better damage against medium and large enemies and is recommended). You can't remove your own Silence with Gentle Touch Cure, so this card can make you immune to it. This changes your self buff from Energy Gain to Revitalize. If you don't want to carry around Silence healing items. - posted in Acolyte Class: Here is a rough idea of the stats I'm going to work with, based upon this stat build which skills and what level of the skills should I choose for my acolyte? +1 All Stats, +1000 HP, +100 SP. Accessory 2 - Hero Ring w/ HP, VIT and ATK enchants OR Glorious Ring, Upper - Dress Hat + Essence of Evil STR 3 +1% HP and HP Leeching, excellent choice if you want to stay at full HP. Deal % physical damage to single target. 99+1 gives you 100 total. You can start adding AGI or VIT here for a little survivability once your INT is maxed. You only need 2 points as a prerequisite, but you can effectively replace Ruwach on your bar with this. A one-point wonder, it'll remove a ton of status afflictions. Additionally try to keep Gentle Touch - Change on whoever is doing damage. Version 3.4 November 14, 2004 (11/14/04) Added some indepth info on stats. Consumes a spirit sphere to cast unless you're in Critical Explosion. Armour - Abusive Robe + Pecopeco Card Pick up a Glast Heim kill quest from the boards and go do it quickly. Requires you to be in Critical Explosion status and consumes 5 Spirit Spheres unless used at the end of a combo. 30 DEF, +10 DEF/+1 MDEF per refine, at +7 this becomes the highest defense shield. Very long to get too, monk leveling is tedious. You will have enough SP for this to do decent damage at the end of a combo, about as much as a Tiger Cannon. An excellent self buff, but also a great buff for any Rune Knights and Royal Guards you're running with. Instant cast when used after Fallen Empire, Uses Dragon Combo, Fallen Empire, Tiger Cannon and Sky Net Blow automatically, Enemies hit by this skill cannot attack, cast spells or move. 100 ATK, ATK + (Upgrade Level * Upgrade Level) up to a maximum Upgrade Level of 15, indestructible. Uses up all Spirit Spheres and regains 10 SP per sphere. 2 spare points from second job are used to finish getting Blessing to 10/10. Pneuma will negate this damage to them, however it won't protect you in melee range. Watch. It will give you a lot of extra MaxHP and DEF. In this case you do not have enough points to get all your first job skills, leaving you with 8/10 points in Blessing. I was hesitant about the loss of AGI at first, but the health and defense gain is totally worth it. Rift Manteau combined with these boots gives up to +22% HP and +300 HP. Nice ATK boost but I wouldn't sacrifice the HP. The monk is a character class in a number of role-playing tabletop and video games.In those games which follow the Dungeons & Dragons traditions, monks are characters with excellent martial arts skills and who specialize in unarmed, unarmored combat.. If you want to reset your stats after hitting Sura, put your DEX up to 60 and then put the rest evenly into STR and AGI to make quick work of kills. This also gives you Eden Group Mark which teleports you to your save point when used. If you need a couple early levels run outside Prontera and hit porings. Damage is [ATK x (1 + 0.75*SkillLV) x (Enemy Armor+Enemy VIT)/50] x Card Effect. One of your main attacks, consumes a large chunk of your HP to do massive damage. If Fallen Empire kills the target Tiger Cannon will not go off, so don't bother using on low hp targets (unless you're feeling lazy). Transcendent skill only. I tried a 80STR/50VIT/99DEX monk on Ghast Heim, and they %*$# him thoroughly, he just dissolves. For other enchants you want STR or VIT. This section will be in alphabetical order, according iRO skill names. Notice: In all these build examples Pneuma is taken. You won't get full damage for missing but you can still do damage to things with high FLEE. This is an excellent buff to use on Rangers and Guillotine Cross' as long as they have enough HP to survive any AOEs that might hit them. Boots - Temporal Boots of VIT w/ VIT enchant, Muscular Endurance + Green Ferus Card It shouldn't have too many bugs but skill names maybe off from the iRO skill names. Crimson weapons get stronger with refine, making this a beast at +15 refine. Min-Max Lv: 0.5 / 0.7 / 0.9 / 1.1 / 1.3 sec, Bare hands, Dagger, One-handed Sword, Two-handed Sword, One-handed Spear, Two-handed Spear, One-handed Axe, Two-handed Axe, Mace, , One-handed Staff, Knuckle, Musical Instrument, Whip, Book, Katar, Revolver, Rifle, Gatling Gun, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Fuuma Shuriken. This is the ultimate crowd control skill. Weapon - +15 Crimson Mace + Abyssal Knight Card & White Knight Card This quest must be taken before level 80. Increases your HP, which in turn increases both your survivability and your damage with Tiger Cannon and Gates of Hell. Accessory 1 - Glorious Ring This is straight up your best armour card. Increases your damage overall and lets you carry more. You can not move to or over non movable cells this way, e.g. Posted by 1 year ago. Directly teleport to any chosen cell. Casting will consume 5 Spirit Spheres. Again you only need 3 points for Sura, but leveling as Monk feel free to put 5. Ctrl+F: Acolyte Skill Tree Monk Skill Tree Version 3.6 November 27, 2004 (11/27/04) Updated the Card Collection Section. An Incubus pet can be of a lot of help here. Gives you straight up +20% HP, but has no slot and low base defense. Ctrl+F: Acolyte Skill Tree Monk Skill Tree Version 3.6 November 27, 2004 (11/27/04) Updated the Card Collection Section. Shield - +7 Immune Shield + Khalitzburg Knight Card +5% ATK/MATK. You only need 3 points as a prerequisite, however you can move points here if you want. Learn Teleport to get away from annoying bats and Blessing for more damage or AGI Up to get around faster. Offers nothing for base defense, but gives a lot of ATK especially if you can get it to +9. If choosing to quest, I recommend going with higher AGI to allow you to dodge more and require less consumables. Upper - Ancient Decoration of Rift +5%/+5% HP + Essence of Evil VIT 3 This is an excellent build when partnering with Rune Knights and Royal Guards. 80 DEF, +20% Water/Fire/Undead/Shadow resistance and +5 MDEF. Not to mention that you have other defensive skill! A uniquely styled instance that offers costume gear with stats as rewards. +1% HP per 2 refines, possibly the best in slot if you happen to have a +8 headgear laying around. You have the ability to buff, damage, tank and even heal, making you an excellent instance partner for anyone if you don't feel like going solo. Acolytes can change their job to either Priest or Monk once level 25 is reached. Accessory 2 - Hero Ring w/ HP, VIT and ATK enchants, Upper - Asgard Blessing + Essence of Evil VIT 3 +7 FLEE if you need that little bit of extra dodge, and lets you use Hide. ... Do you mind sharing your status, skill tree and equips? Lets you automatically use your Tiger Cannon combo without consuming HP, but at the cost of less damage. Best enchants to look for are +7 or more STR/VIT and +Damage or DEF Bypass to common enemy types (Undead and Demons are often found in end game instances). Lower - Umbala Spirit 195 ATK +20 Crit, indestructible. Increases your ASPD. Increases Attack Power of fists and knuckle type weapons by 3 per SkillLV. Divine Avenger (Royal Guard 4th Job) Divine Avenger is the 4th job class for Royal Guards of the Crusader job tree. Consumes 100 HP every 10 seconds. Once you have Flash Combo or Sky Net Blow, you can farm Magma Dungeon 2 for money really easily. You won't be auto attacking much, but the higher your ASPD the faster you can combo. All enemies hit will just stand there and do nothing for the duration. Usable only when Critical Explosion is active. Find that sweet spot for you where you have 100% input accuracy. Set Def and MDEF to 90%. At level 5, its 2 minute long cooldown means you can only keep it on two people. This quest must be taken before level 34. +3 DEF against Demon and Undead per level, +3 ATK against Demon and Undead per level, Places a 3x3 barrier ont he ground that nullifies ranged attacks, Anyone standing in it cannot be hit by ranged attacks, including enemies, Instantly teleports you to the selected cell. If you're just starting out don't be afraid to get a cheap one with INT or DEX on it too, the most important part is the +15% HP from the combo bonus with Temporal Boots, you can work on getting a better one later. 5 Spirit Spheres required. Throws Spirit Spheres at enemy. Your goal is to combo Tiger Cannon (Dragon Combo -> Fallen Empire -> Tiger Cannon) then use Flash Combo while it cools down. Creates a low chance of regaining HP and SP from 5% of your damage dealt while you are Physically attacking. Same as Robo Eyes, but +1 STR instead of DEX. If your group needs a lurer (via Snap) or tank (via Steel Body) be prepared to fill those roles, otherwise continue to keep stray mobs off your healer/support, you aren't the main damage yet. The timing will depend on your ASPD. Also autocasts Maelstrom. Your basic general-purpose defensive card. Also has a 2 minute long cooldown at level 5, meaning you can only keep it on two people. Better not get this skill as a Monk. This will result in less damage but will not drain your HP and will consume less SP. Don't worry about hitting hard, chances are you have a DPS class with your party for that. You don't have to worry about dying or mobs moving while testing. Remember that you can Gentle Touch-Cure yourself out of Frozen and Stone. I'm still new to this server and still making my fortune to test every single piece of gear out, but like you I want to play Sura the way it was intended. At Job Level 50 you can change into Monk. At 90 VIT, gives +5% Neutral resistance at 7 refine and +10% at 9 refine. +4 VIT +12 DEF +8 MDEF -4 AGI. Aspersio Effect: Next 3 Holy Light will become critical hits. When you've completed them, report to the Eden Group Member then to instructor Ur. Congrats, you're on your way to being a beast. You can cast Dragon Combo to instantly start a combo instead of waiting for a Triple Attack proc. This is an important buff for Monks and you are required to be in Critical Explosion for various skills. Consumes 1 Spirit Sphere when cast. This is a targetable instant cast that does not require Triple Attack (but can still be used as a combo after it). Level range to join the second bracket of Gramps quests. The other secondary stat. On the other hand if you play with a Sorcerer who's willing to restore your SP, perhaps you want to max out AGI so you can combo as fast as you can. Hits the enemy, dealing 4 powerful strikes. Worth a mention because reflect counts as melee attacks, which can proc on hit effects such as Hero Judgement Shawl or Gentle Touch - Energy Gain. The first of your new combo skills. In general Holy weapons are highly demanded for most end game instances which are often against Demons and Undead. +12 AGI for yourself (and that Ranger friend you keep instancing with). +300 HP base, and can be enchanted with up to +10% HP. One of your secondary stats. 80 ATK, ATK + (Upgrade Level * Upgrade Level) up to a maximum Upgrade Level of 15, indestructible. Many role-playing video games include warrior classes similar to the Dungeons & Dragons monk. Damage increases with AGI. 180 ATK +6 INT +6 VIT -6 LUK. Upper - Asgard Blessing + Gemini-S58 Card However there are builds dedicated to maxing the damage of Asura Strike if you wish to go that route. +4 DEX +8 HIT -4 LUK, an option if you need more HIT for an MVP. Additionally as you level more instances will become available, each with its own rewards and level requirements. 1 Background 2 Job Change Quest 3 Notable Acolytes 4 Races 5 Armor 6 Weapons 7 Abilities 7.1 Ragnarok Online 7.2 Ragnarok Online II 8 Advanced Jobs 8.1 Ragnarok Online 8.2 Ragnarok Online II 9 Media After the Church of Odin was established, Normans from all over came to Prontera to become Acolytes and … +2 all stats and 5% resistance to all elements. Use this right after Fallen Empire. A buff skill called Asphyxia drains their HP to 1 HP in exchange for immunity for any damage for 8 seconds. An excellent instance to farm +6 food in. This is worth slightly less damage overall than Wakwak with 100-120 STR, but adds to your survivability as well. In total a perfect GSS can give you up to +18 stats. If you run out of Spirit Spheres mid-fight, this buff will allow you to regain them by auto attacking for a few seconds. Rising Dragon allows you to follow up with Steel Body and increases your HP even more. You want the HP and DEF from having 120 VIT. This is where you get Thanatos Weapons. So you got forced into tanking. Put your DEX up to 60 so you can hit stuff, then evenly distribute between STR AGI and VIT for a general stat build that will let you fulfill any role in a gramps group. You can move points around to get Asura Strike to 5, your gear will allow it to do decent damage still letting you use it as a finisher if needed. If the MVP has AGI UP, your Tiger Cannon and Gates of Hell will cut right through it. This means you can use a Crimson Knuckle with a marginal damage loss in exchange for a slight attack speed boost and +100% cool rating. Are they worth it? Monks are warriors of the light who left the church in order to deliver divine justice their own way. Must be done solo. This is where you can get yourself an Ancient Decoration of Rift. Uses up 1 Spirit Sphere. Acolytes are natural healers and supporters with the ability to use Holy magic. Using this skill, caster cannot use Asura Strike for the next 2 seconds. Skill menu bugged, can't allocate points (but they are consumed) [MONK] - posted in Technical Support: Job changed to monk at Acolyte job level 50 and am now job level 5, tried allocating my skill points. This is your tertiary stat. +1 STR/INT +2% ATK/MATK +7 MDEF. It is true that considering the skills that the Monk class gets, it can face almost any opponent with a suitable skill … Accessory 2 - Hero Ring w/ HP, VIT and ATK enchants. This page has been accessed 156,975 times. Boots - Temporal Boots of VIT w/ Fighting Spirit 7, Bear's Might + Green Ferus Card +300 HP and +10% Water/Fire/Wind/Earth resistance. Gramps: Finish off Flash Combo to 5, then pump the rest of your combo skills. Put your INT up finally and finalize how you want your STR/AGI. Not an instance, but a very important quest that unlocks many end game instances. Potentially depending on how good your enchants are. Gives a large boost to your HP, +10% at max level. I'll do my best to add to this as I learn new things. However, ultimately the damage falls very short of Tiger Cannon. +2% ATK/MATK +1 DEX. Start playing with how you want your STR and AGI set up, don't worry about INT much yet, put it up a little if you need to otherwise ignore it. Some people may find the timing for comboing gets hard past a certain point of ASPD, so play with your AGI to find the speed most comfortable for you when comboing. However all enemies in here have had their HP pools massively increased. Some people say Boots of STR instead, I say hogwash, there's better slots to get your ATK from, don't pass up +8% HP. Close. Head to Glast Heim St. Abbey and heal bomb Wraiths and Evil Druids. Sure some Perfect Dodge is nice, but you have more important stuff to spend points on that actually increase your damage. Talk to the Eden Group Member outside of Payon Cave before you start hunting Skeletons and Poporings. A good option for tanking, and adds some damage combined with the Medal of Honour. This does NOT work with skills. Lower - Blood Sucker The Monk's skills will exclusively use Attack Power as their damage source, whilst the Acolyte's skill exclusively use Magic Power as their damage source. This skill differs from the Thief's Double Attack in many key regards. +4 STR +12 ATK -4 INT. Simple, cheap and effective until you get something better. Ragnarok Online is a fast-paced, community driven fantasy MMORPG. This is a combo skill. Rewards you with enchantable accessories. You will receive your first set of Eden Equipment from Administrator Michael in the room behind the Blue Door. The more defense the target has the more damage this skill will do. At 120 VIT it also gives you +150 Soft DEF. Instead of weapons and Holy magic, monks utilize their body and spiritual energy to defend the weak. Remember to pick up the quest board quests for it! Only an option if you go 120 BASE STR. Don't worry about being the tank anymore, just kill everything. Get around 40~50 STR and AGI, then put the rest into VIT. For Gramps, focus on getting Flash Combo 1, then Tiger Cannon to 10, then Rising Dragon to 10. Tiger Cannon and Gates of Hell ignore the HIT check with part of their damage. Boots - Temporal Boots of VIT/STR w/ Fighting Spirit 7, Bear's Might + Green Ferus Card Required: Monk Skill Spirits Recovery Lv3: Skill Level: 1: SP: 14sp: Delay: 1s Use this as a cheap offensive option. Similar to Endless Tower/Cellar, this instance has 50 floors full of enemies you need to kill, with an MVP every 10 floors. If you have lower than 90 STR, this would be the superior card for damage. Garment - GSS w/ Special STR, +7 VIT, +7 VIT + Raydric Card OR Jejeling Card Protection Ki- This skill is superb in terms of tanking. Monk/Champion solo ET build. Taken from Version 3.5 November 19, 2004 (11/19/04) Added skill trees (I know it's a little too late.) This means a lot of health, a lot of defense and a lot of resistance. Consumes your Spirit Spheres to regain 1% SP per Sphere. A +7 Heroic Backpack combined with these boots gives a total of +20 ATK, +5% Neutral resistance and +12% HP/SP. Additionally certain gear may add to your AGI or ASPD, causing you to need less to stay in your 'sweet spot'. If you find yourself getting hit too much by MVPs you can also add more points into AGI. Also drops in Airship Assault. Creates a low chance of regaining HP and SP from 5% of your damage dealt while you are Physically attacking. Then you can increase STR and AGI based on how you feel about your build. I won't give a full detailed guide but I'll help you get started. All monks automatically learn the following spells at the specified level, regardless of specialization. If you're reading this, you're tired of popping Steel Body, right clicking, and going to make a sandwich: tanking. Chance to gain a Spirit Sphere on attack. Your role is to tank all the damage while putting as little strain on your healer as possible. When you've completed them, report to the Eden Group Member then to instructor Boya. Higher skill level DECREASES chance of occurrence. Uses all SP to do massive damage to the target, HP/SP will not regenerate naturally for 5 minutes after Asura Strike is used. Ask yourself "Are these enchants worth giving up a card slot for?". +600 and +1% HP. Lower - Umbala Spirit If you want to spend less on potions, use more leeching gear. 130 ATK, ATK + (Upgrade Level * Upgrade Level) up to a maximum Upgrade Level of 15, indestructible. Recommend doing this with a party until you get higher leveled. Solo: Work on getting Tiger Cannon to 10 now, then 1 point of Flash Combo and 10 Rising Dragon. Ragnarok Online 2 Monk DPS Cycle Guide by gangtopian monk skill tree and dps cycle and how to maintain aggro no.1? This is a Skill Simulator and Planner for Monk. Selanjutnya, lo dapat mengambil skill Ruwach (1 level saja) hanya untuk melihat musuh yang hilang di sekitar lo. Go out and punch a couple Porings until job level 10, then head back to the main office and change into High Acolyte. I think not! Weapon - +15 Crimson Mace + Abysmal Knight Card & White Knight Card Garment - GSS w/ Special VIT, +7 VIT, +7 VIT + Raydric Card Armour - Hero Judgement Shawl + Pecopeco Card Revo-Classic Monk Guide. You'll want to have an attack of some sort handy in case you do need to help with damage, but for the most part you'll be focused on putting skill points in buffs. Recovery is every 20 seconds when overweight and it works even when recuperating from Asura Strike, but without the natural recuperation bonuses. When with people you can make large groups of mobs easy to kill. Unleashes a final attack on the enemy. Pump your INT and put all your skill points into Heal. Armour - Boitata Armour + Pecopeco Card An excellent garment on its own. +20% Neutral resistance, your basic tanking card for garments. Also the higher the Flee the more often you will dodge, allowing you to worry less about having your HP high for surviving and leaving you more room to use your HP for your attacks. Shield #2 - +7 Immune Shield + High Orc Card Use this shield on mobs, reflect will lock them into attacking you. This summons 5 Spirit Spheres at once, or all 15 Spheres while under the effect of Rising Dragon. More damage, more survivability. DO NOT cast this on yourself though, as it drops your Max HP by a very large amount, resulting in a large damage loss on Tiger Cannon. +5% HP and +1 VIT, more health and more TC/GoH damage. +1 AGI and +10% ASPD, not very good on its own but the full set bonus is amazing and worth it. You need enough DEX to hit stuff and that's it. This is also very reliant on how you want to gear yourself and what classes you play with, so use your own judgement to move around points as you need. Accessory 1 - Hero Ring w/ HP, VIT and ATK enchants Start out by getting 80 STR, 80 AGI, 120 VIT, 35 INT, 90 DEX, 1 LUK. Special STR, AGI VIT and even LUK all work. This skill operates like the Knight's Auto Counter, but instead "catches" an attacker, freezing both Monk and target for a few moments. Gear Example For the exact skill descriptions: Full information on Acolyte skills can be found by clicking here. +5% SP and SP Leeching, the choice if you don't want to worry about SP. With the left over points you have a few options. Not as powerful as the Thief version, but there's still no reason not to get this and eat less hits. They are mostly known for their powerful skill 'Asura Strike' which has the highest damage in-game a second class can deliver. The maximum number of Spheres you can have is determined by the learned SkillLV. +5 MDEF, +5% Neutral resistance and +5% Ranged resistance, good all-around tanking piece. Consumes 1,000 HP when unequipped. Requires 5 Spirit Spheres to use. Still needs testing. You can consider 5 points for a decent heal, it's based on HP% and you have a lot of that. A Ragnarok Online Classic (Pre-Renewal) Calculator, updated by Kurimet, able to simulate characters in PvM, PvP and MvP environments. Talk to Instructor Boya to begin the quest. Also lets you protect that aforementioned Ranger friend avoid Hell's Judgement (an MVP spell that counts as a ranged attack when standing at a distance of 5 or more cells away) while you're duoing. Need more HP leech? Airship gear comes from mobs here, don't even need to kill the boss at the end.