I'm going to have a smear test and worried about this. I had a smear test possibly a few days after conception as didn't know I was pregnant. Hopefully I am not. Most women have a Pap smear once a year, though that timetable might change slightly if you're pregnant or if you've just given birth. No, he/she wouldnt be able to tell. According to CervicalCheck, occasionally women may have slight bleeding after having a smear test in pregnancy, but a smear test will not increase the risk of miscarriage. Follow these Guidelines: If you are younger than 21 years—You do not need screening. I do know someone who only found out she was pregnant at a smear test, and she was really shocked. Hi. I did a test yesterday and got a very strong positive. In the UK, cervical cancer is very rare. PAP smears, also known as Papanicolau tests or cervical screening tests, are tests that look for abnormal cells on the cervix, the entrance to the uterus. If you have missed some of your appointments, your doctor may advise you to have your smear done or to attend colposcopy even though you are pregnant. (From a Doc.) The only way the would maybe be able to tell is if you were about 8 weeks gone because your uterus (sp) is about the size of a grapefruit then. well good luck for tomorrow, I hope you get the answer your hoping for, The test results are sent to a lab that checks for abnormal cervical cells, the presence of which could mean cervical cancer. Your doctor will make sure you get the care you need while keeping any risk to any future pregnancies to a minimum. Contact your GP, NHS 111 or local GUM for immediate advice and contraceptive services. Your ob-gyn or other health care professional takes cells from the cervix and sends them to a lab for testing: A Pap test looks for abnormal cells. I had one cycle which lasted 34 days - pretty normal as my cycles on clomid were 31 days. Your cervix develops additional blood vessels during pregnancy. I assume what's going on around your cervix when you're pg affects the results of the smear. Most ladies are successfully treated with LLETZ first time, and the follow up smear confirms the outcome of the treatment. Fax +44 20 7723 0575, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Obstetric Impact of Treatment for Cervical Intraepithelial, You’re unsure whether you should have your smear or attend colposcopy while you’re pregnant, You’ve had an abnormal smear result and then discovered you’re pregnant, You’ve had treatment in the past for an abnormal smear, and are pregnant or are considering having a baby. hope you keep well and get over the shock quick :lol: I'm going to have a smear test and worried about this. this is any time after your first follow-up appointment, so long as you have not missed any appointments and your smear tests are up to date and normal. Your physician would need to find out if there exist any risks pertaining to cervical cancer and detect the presence of STD’s. When pregnant, your internals will swell, and the vagina will look purpally, and swollen. After the testing is done, about 85% of couples will have some idea about why they're having trouble getting pregnant. You'll have to wait until three months post parfumerie as per national guidelines. Nasty witch rooted around and complained she couldn't find my cervix. Your healthcare team is there to support you in making decisions that are right for you. Many people who have a Pap smear notice light bleeding, or spotting, for a couple of days after the test. Should you need any treatments, they probably won't want to start any until after the birth but at least you'll know and everyone can keep an eye on you. Tel +44 20 7772 6200 Ok this might be a really silly question, but it does have a point, I promise! It’s unlikely that a biopsy or treatment would be recommended when pregnant, but a colposcopic assessment can exclude the presence of invasive cervical cancer and provide reassurance. To conclude, pap smears is a vital part of prenatal care, and is not safe during pregnancy. Bleeding after a smear test. Alternatively, on the website, Helpline 0808 802 8000. More curious than anything, like I said, it really is highly unlikely I am pregnant. However if women are called for a repeat smear following a previous smear abnormality, they should have the smear test whilst pregnant. I googled my question, with mostly American results, and they were really mixed answers, mostly swaying to the fact that apparently the could tell! When I said I was worried the smear might have done some damage he pointed out that my usual sexual activity, assuming I was carrying on as normal while pg, must be more energetic than a smear test and if that was the case not to worry. The cervix is the opening to your womb from your vagina. I was pregnant when being fitted for a diaphram. In fact I won't have sex for three days before a smear as sperm can live for a couple of days. Sure its hard work at times but its great because they have grown up together and are into the same things. Within Queensland Health thin layer technology (ThinPrep®) is offered as an adjunctive test to conventional Pap smears. The advice you will receive will depend on your individual circumstances. You may be in one of the following situations: There are two circumstances, however, where you should still attend for review, even if you are pregnant: If you are unsure about your treatment, contact your colposcopy clinic/GP who will have the appropriate information on record and will be able to advise you on what to do. You will not usually need to have cervical screening if you're pregnant, or could be pregnant, until at least 12 weeks after you've given birth. If you're planning a pregnancy. This appointment will usually be 3 months after your baby is due. It does make sense though, I mean my Dr didnt exactly spend ages down there-just umbrella'd me, looked for the target and the proceeded to discuss 25 years of doing this! Basically, I haven't had a period since the 20th Jan. Colposcopy will not harm your baby … Wow-now that does surprise me. Scarlett Moffatt has opened up about getting abnormal cells removed from her cervix as she urged her followers to go for their smear tests.. If you are registered with CervicalCheck, you can check when your next smear test is due. I hope this helps If colposcopy has been recommended, it is important that you still attend your appointment even though you are pregnant. Scarlett Moffatt has revealed that she's had abnormal cells removed from her cervix after having her latest smear test. A PAP smear isn't a cervical cancer test, but rather a test that assesses the health of the cells found in the cervix. Therefore it is not unusual to be called for a smear test or to be asked to attend colposcopy during pregnancy. I’m now 7montha post partum and the thought of going for one is making me feel sick. If the nurse or doctor does recommend a biopsy while you are pregnant, they will discuss this with you. This is so any tests or treatment can be arranged around your pregnancy. A smear test looks for HPV, and only If positive will then look for abnormal cells. London … i had a loop cone biopsy for cin 3 and later became pregnant, at 16weeks in a hospital mix up i was given a smear instead of a colposcopy and as a result i lost my daughter. They can help by discussing your situation with you and answering your questions. If you have had a baby born prematurely or a late miscarriage in the past and your cervix appears shortened on the scan, you may be offered to have a stitch put around it to prevent it opening early. A place to discuss contraception and sexual health with other Netmums. The latter contains a full list of the sources of evidence we have used. So, yes, question is, if I *was* pregnant, would the doctor have picked up on it? If you’re pregnant during a Pap smear, you may see more bleeding following the test. But nothing since. In most cases, this is not a cause for concern, and it usually goes away without intervention. If your smear test is abnormal, you may be referred for an investigation called a colposcopy, which is a more detailed look at the cervix.Most women in the UK start having smears by the age of 25. Having a second test depends on the type of abnormalities reported on the first Pap test. This usually takes place about 3 months after your baby is born, so that any further treatment needed can be carried out. The procedure does not harm the baby and can provide valuable and reassuring information. Cytobrushes are not to be used. During pregnancy, a doctor recommends several screening tests to keep off unnecessary and unexpected complications and to ensure a healthy pregnancy and trouble free delivery. Answered by Dr. Heidi Fowler: Sure: Having had a recent pap smear will not prevent conception. If you have colposcopy while you are pregnant you will usually need to have a follow-up appointment. If colposcopy confirms abnormal tissue areas, a cervical biopsy may be done to diagnose the abnormal tissue. You can see a full glossary of all medical terms. Because of this, biopsies and treatment of mild abnormalities can usually be delayed until after your baby is born. If colposcopy shows normal tissue, then a repeat Pap test or colposcopy may be done later. Sometimes women become pregnant in between having their smear test and finding out the results. The procedure tests the cells of your cervix to check for abnormalities that could indicate cancer. If you need treatment, it is important that you tell the doctor/nurse treating you about your plans. If you are asked to come for a routine smear test while you are pregnant, you should put it off until after your baby is born. After my son was born, I went on the pill for a bit but came off it awaiting DVT risk test results. Forum . Did make me laugh When you’re pregnant, prenatal tests give you information about your health and your baby’s.They help detect any problems that could affect them, like birth defects or genetic diseases. I have just found out that I am pregnant (possibly about 6 weeks) and am seriously excited! cant remember how far gone she was though. Because of the small increase in the risk of your baby being born prematurely associated with an excisional biopsy, you may be offered vaginal scans in pregnancy to measure the length of your cervix. While endocervical cells may not be sampled during … I have 16 months between my pair, its a lovely gap. Also if you are on birth control pills or have an infection you can bleed and the healing can take longer. This depends on the type of treatment that you have had: The majority of women who have had treatment to the cervix will have a successful pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby at the normal time. Most doctors recommend getting a Pap smear (also known as a Pap test) in early pregnancy as a part of routine prenatal care. I took a test a day or two before my 'expected' period, BFN, but I have experienced some milder pregnancy symptoms since-sore boobs/nipples, excessive tiredness, cramping, constipation etc. An HPV test looks for infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV) types that are linked to cervical cancer. SE1 1SZ This information has been reviewed before publication by women attending clinics in Warwick, Lancashire and Coleraine. The information here aims to help you better understand your health and your options for treatment and care. I had a smear test on the 8th of feb and was pregnant, I found out a few days after the smear test, I knew when the nurse did the smear because she said to me she couldnt find my cervix which is the norm when im pregnant. If the bleeding is very heavy or lasts longer than 24 hours, tell your GP. Well, just an update. I had a smear test on the 8th of feb and was pregnant, I found out a few days after the smear test, I knew when the nurse did the smear because she said to me she couldnt find my cervix which is the norm when im pregnant. Please note, as this is a peer-to-peer support board, Netmums has not checked the qualifications of anyone posting. Often colposcopy can be postponed until after your baby is born, but in some circumstances you should still attend. The best time to have it done is between 3 and 6 months of pregnancy. this will be your first follow-up appointment and your original treatment was for a mild abnormality called CIN 1, this will be your first follow-up appointment, your original treatment was for a more severe abnormality called CIN 2 or CIN 3 and your doctor was sure all the abnormal areas were treated. Well, just an update. I did a test yesterday and got a very strong positive. BUT, they would have to be looking for this. If you are not pregnant, then you should attend your smear test as usual. I googled my question, with mostly American results, and they were really mixed answers, mostly swaying to the fact that apparently the could tell! I do know someone who only found out she was pregnant at a smear test, and she was really shocked. Hi,I’ve never attended a smear before. The sample that is taken from the cervix is known as a smear test. It is normal to experience light bleeding or spotting for a few hours after a smear test. Unless you are pregnant; your body develops more blood vessels when you are pregnant. cant remember how far gone she was though. This is because pregnancy can make it harder to get clear results. Smear test results . take care A Pap Smear, usually done during your first prenatal visit is a test used to look for changes in the cells of the cervix which indicate cervical cancer or conditions that may develop into cancer. This might be because your first examination was very early in your pregnancy, or if things change, for example if you start bleeding or if you have an offensive-smelling discharge from your vagina. So I thought i'd ask for some real life UK answers. This can lead to blindness or premature birth. Blood surges to the pelvic area during a pelvic exam and PAP smear and it can take longer to heal. If you have recently read one of our leaflets, please give us feedback by completing this short questionnaire, 10 –18 Union Street Having a baby does not exempt you from a Pap smear, but you should wait until the time is right after giving birth. Forum. I had to take clomid to have my son. 0 Items: Total: £0.00: Basket. You are more likely to bleed if you have a biopsy or treatment when you are pregnant. You should let your GP know you have delayed the test so that you can be invited again. if your original treatment was for an abnormality called cGIN. No, he/she wouldnt be able to tell. Estimated about 8 weeks, in total shock-DS is only 6 mos!! Thats typical of american websites lol. They should be able to tell you what type of biopsy/treatment you have had and how much tissue was removed. :lol: Pap smears do not diagnose cancer, but they detect 95% of cervical cancers at a stage when they cannot be seen with the naked eye. congratulations! Sometimes you may need to have a colposcopy repeated. Wow-now that does surprise me. Scarlett Moffatt has had abnormal cells removed from her cervix as she urged her followers to get a smear test booked in. I had a cervical smear last week, and my question is, would the Dr have been able to tell during the smear if I was pregnant if she wasn't specifically looking?