Not too big a deal, I imagine. I was wondering about getting some extra frequency and volume for particular body parts. Nope, you got that wrong. Friday: Push (Chest, Shoulders, Triceps) 6. Better for mass and physique. 2. The 3-Day Full-Body Workout Plan. I don’t know if you answer questions like this but I can always ask . I have a few questions in mind. So this means you would train 2 on, 1 off, 1 on, 1 off and then repeat. Wednesday: Legs (Quads, Hamstrings, Calves, Abs) 4. Considering this fact, would this workout routine be too much for me ? Thursday: off 5. first of all I really appreciate your work on this site . And traps would go on back day? This is especially true for more advanced lifters. Split routines usually have more variety than full body routines which get monotonous. Well that would definitely either just be your imagination (this is kinda like why people never deload or take time off… they “feel” like they are losing muscle/strength) or like you said: your overall routine might just kinda suck. This is the most obvious upside to training the full body 3 days per week. Seems like a solid routine though! Full body training. Eg. No, I would not recommend having 5 consecutive weight training workouts. Also, what exercises do u recommend for each Push, Pull, and Legs workout? What exactly is the routine and what exercises are in it? 170+ home exercises to choose from, with video examples for each. I’ve already done the Upper Lower Split you have available on here and just needed to switch it up! For the smaller muscle groups: 2×10 + 2×12 = 44 reps per workout. It’s uses the 3-day version of the full body split, although it only involves two different workouts: the A workout and the B workout. M: Push T: rest W: Pull Th: rest F: Push Sat/Sun: rest M: Pull …etc. With all that out of the way, here’s what the training program looks like. The next week, back to 90%. Each of my workouts take 1.5-2hrs so that's the same amount of time in the gym. With full body workouts, you can expect to hit each major muscle group 3-4 times weekly. The 3 day body part split and one full body exercise regimen sounds like it can be a sensible routine. Your information was very helpful as I cross compared it with other routines that I have done from experience.By far this Push, Pull, Legs 3 day split along with the set/rep volume I have been using is at least for me the best for my goal. For example: Sunday: Push (Heavy weight low reps) Monday: Legs (Heavy weight low reps) Tuesday: Rest Wednesday: Pull (Heavy weight low reps) Thursday: Rest Friday: Push (Lighter weight, more reps) Saturday: Legs (Lighter weight, more reps) Sunday: Rest Monday: Pull (Lighter weight, more reps). I think I know that 3 sets 8 reps is the ideal for most of my chest/arms workout, but how many exercises would you recommend? One arm row 4×8-12 3. Thursday: off 5. Oh sorry, I obviously didn’t get that; but now it’s definitely too difficult for me to schedule knowing there’s no consistent pattern. Training frequency per muscle group ends up in a good range, but overall training frequency (meaning total workouts per week) is a bit higher than I’d personally like to see or feel most people would need or benefit from. Tuesday: off 3. And unlike the previous version, the 5 workout days fall on the same days each week. switching to upper lower split as of tomorrow after reading this. So if you miss 1 week, coming back to 80% of your usual weights is what I recommend. could you give me a list of the actual workouts, such as bench press, leg press, squat, curls, ect. The Full body workout. However, in the push/pull/legs split the frequency is a bit lower (about twice per week or every five days), so I’m kinda having doubts about how many reps I should use. Just wanted to say a big thank you for your website – Found it last night and it is very helpful! In my case, Thurs was a difficult day to work out, so I shifted the program up a day to have every Thurs off. Sundays are for rest and recuperation. Push Pull Legs (PPL) programs are a popular way to structure bodybuilding, strength training, or powerbuilding style programming. Really helpful web page you have here mate! Specifically, if your primary goal at the moment is to simply maintain the amount of muscle and strength you currently have rather than making additional progress, training each muscle group once per week will usually be sufficient for that purpose (sources here and here). I have been doing the intermediate upper/lower split from a different page of this site, but I have also seen a routine that seems like it could better fit my needs, and it is loosely based on push/pull/legs. The reason I ask is that one of the reasons why I switched to the combined upper+lower push/pull split from the full body split (which I was doing for a little over a year with pretty good results) is that the full body split doesn’t give you the flexibility of doing two back-to-back days. If yes, then, i can’t wait to read it when it comes out! Wrist curl 3×8-12, Fri. Legs, Calves & Abs 1. Great Article………I was on a 3 day split routine and have now changed it to 5 day split. The Big 4 should always be present, but over time it’s useful to build up your work capacity on lots of different exercises. Often the difference between success and failure is only a few sets or 5-10% worth of bar weight. Thank-you for the last reply. Sufficient? I looked at the 5×5, the 5/3/1 and so on. This is why: My calves are genetically ungifted so I am doing my push/legs/pull workouts in the morning and my calves session at night for about 30-40 min 3 times a week including some HIIT. Like I’ve recently explained, allowing for optimal recovery is about more than just having enough days before training the same muscle group again. -i don’t enjoy the upper/lower split. While it can work ABXABXX and ABXAXBX, I don’t typically recommend it like that because it essentially causes 4 shoulder workouts per week (the shoulder girdle is involved heavily in all push and pulling exercises). Should I train body parts or “movements?”. Ha, thanks dude… I definitely appreciate it! Ideally I’d like to do the four-day Upper/Lower split, but I just don’t have time at lunch to do a complete upper body workout in 45 minutes. Coolcicada. Thanks for your feedback and your time. Sunday: Legs (Quads, Hamstrings, Calves, Abs), 1. Monday-Pull (back, biceps) Tuesday-Legs (legs, shoulders, abs) Wednesday- Push (chest, tricep) Thursday- off (light cardio, abs) Friday- Pull (back, biceps) Saturday-Legs (legs, shoulders, abs) Sunday- Push (chest, tricep) and so on…. Excellent guidance, thanks a lot. fantastic website – you rock!! How many days a week would be best programme? Which routine do you personally prefer to build muscle – an upper/lower body split 3-4 days per week or push/legs/pull 4-5 days per week? It runs something like this: Monday:push Tuesday:pull Wednesday:rest Thursday:legs Friday:optional-work what you are lacking on or what you think needs more attention Saturday:rest Sunday:rest. It makes perfect sense to do legs all in one day.