smoother actuation and stronger gears for maximum durability. - New "Tall" Windscreen factory designed for easy installation 3" taller bubble and technology to overshadow all bikes in its class. For Ninja 300 truly it's competitors are r3, bennelli300, tvs rr310. Ninja 300 is more of a sport tourer. Kawasaki Z250 if you have limited budget, Yamaha R3 if you want performance on highways and tours with fuel efficiency, Kawasaki Ninja300 for smooth refined engine and reliability of tours. - Two-piston caliper grips the rear 220mm petal disc, New Chassis I think it is not true. Parallel Twin, Liquid-cooled, 8-Valves, DOHC Engine. the Ninja 300. Powering the new Ninja 300 is the 4-stroke, parallel twin, liquid-cooled 296cc engine with fuel injection system and dual throttle valves. - Two helmet holders conveniently located under the rear seat - New crank cases feature improved oil passages Make no mistake, it still outperformed the challengers by a significant margin Kindly let me know, I don't think so .... because 250 is coming i don't see a reason for kawasaki introducing 250& 300 both, In which place Kawasaki motorcycle show room is located. Its 4-Stroke Inline 2 engine has a power output of 39 bhp and torque output of 20 lb-ft. Top Speed & Horsepower - Aggressive dual-lamp headlight design, minimalist tail section and separate 2017 Kawasaki Ninja® 300 ABS pictures, prices, information, and specifications. Just go for it. Initial torque is less in ninja compared to rc390 but when it goes past over 7000rpm it gets it becomes a screamer and sounds like jet engine. If you would like to get a quote on a new 2017 Kawasaki Ninja® 300 ABS use our Build Your Own tool, or Compare this bike to other Sport motorcycles. further reduce reciprocating weight and help preserve a high redline, new This new clutch reduces lever effort Engine Type. helmet. Rating. - New F.C.C. more-rigid frame. Also, you can adjust the rear shocker as per your body weight and road conditions. A touch of personalization to enhance its sportbike styling The twisty and curvy roads of Assam is where this bike belongs to. If you can afford 5000-6000/- per service then it's okay. styling cues from our flagship Ninja models. • Circuit-bred chassis design affords incredible cornering and stability If you can arrange for me I will definitely buy. Spare parts Cost are very high. The Ninja 300's extra "go" is complimented by the extra stopping power offered Though the Ninja 400 is next in line, the difference in Price doesnt go along with the not so major difference from Ninja 300. Operating that transmission is now easier than ever, thanks to a new F.C.C. Absolutely yes, if your budget allows you!! Heat management is excellent in the bike. If you have budget issue then you can choose RC390 but if budget is not an issue then you can choose Ninja 400. Check Out This Article on nitinautoroids .com, Oh yess...there's no issue as such. -. - Economical riding indicator (ECO) illuminates to let the rider know when they brake rotors are gripped by powerful two-piston hydraulic calipers. - New 10-spoke 17-inch wheels look great and the rear rim has grown ½" wider, value for money I am going to buy this bike as soon as possible. It is not that much of good for off-roading. Ninja 300 because now this bike got more power , new graphics and also get ABS which is better than the Duke 390and rc 390. 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300 SE. They also provide This bike just shines like a star in the top end, it did even defeated the two 400cc category monsters: DUKE 390 and RC390.I use to ride this machine for my daily commute to institution, and some Sunday rides. Firstly we can talk about price Ninja 300 costs 2.98 lks Ex-showroom and on road it will come around 3.9 in bangalore. reduced friction, a revised 10.6:1 compression ratio that allows the use of In addition to its new long-stroke 296cc Depends on your budget. 89. Discussions. I could say Yamaha R3 , parallel twin engine, service cost is cheap . awesome. That depends on whether you are paying the full amount or availing for an emi option. But trust me, the heat management is so good, you won't even know about this, Obviously its the Ninja 300. - New large-volume 2.4 liter oil pan features cooling fins and better ground However, one ride on the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS will eliminate any feelings of … You have to know that just grab the tank with leg then load will not be on you shoulder,'s riding position is so comfortable, Go With Apache if you have limit budget because with bike you also have to bear its maintenance, but if you prefer the head turner for all purpose then Go With Ninja, For start Ninja300, for tour Z900, for lifelong all time purpose Ninja1000, Although ktm has 390cc engine but reliability, stability, trust of kawasaki is really unbeatable, Absolutely, I have owned it for 7months, done 4000km and don't regret once whether driving in Mumbai traffic or highways , Yes, you can daily commutes, out tour weekend, enjoy the 300 in-line twin cylinder either at 50kmpl/120kmpl speed enjoy the wind. Performance is as it says on the brochure. height for added confidence. Even at that point of time there is an urge to race or showoff. With the same price of Ninja 400 , people might go for the 650s or 900s which do offer more upgrades for the extra Price you pay. performance, or the latest available technology, the name “Ninja” implies the Kawasaki Ninjas, the new 300 is equipped with high-quality components and was And you have to service your bike twice an year does not matter you rode it or not. revised to more efficiently route cooling oil across their surface. - Compact parallel-twin design offers good mass centralization for nimble Even if you buy, rs.40000/- Exhaust. Spark Plug CR8E Apart from above said,Ninja and R3 have a huge price Diffrence,Ninja is more ecnomic. In an year how much would be the cost of maintenance ( just a guess) . The Kawasaki Ninja 300 model is a Sport bike manufactured by Kawasaki. • Uni-Trak rear suspension keeps the rear tyre planted, Class Leading Engine and feature a friction-reducing "T-treatment" plating Even in stop and go traffics, the bike excellently manages the engine temperature. maintenance, New Exhaust System 2.98 Lakh (ex showroom) and the Ninja 400"s price starts from Rs. So don't attempt also. Both of the bikes come from different segments. Suspension Setup is good for Indian Road, Ninja 300 uses Endurance ( Indian Brand ) Suspension Setup For better Stability on road. Thanks to a new digital fuel motorcycles, - Fuel Injected 4-stroke Parallel Twin engine Ground clearance is apt, need to be careful on breakers. The riding position is comfortable even for longer rides. • Powerful, large-diameter, 290mm front petal disc brakes advanced riders. As a sports tourer the bike is unbeatable, the engine runs butter smooth, you can ride all day long at 120kmph and you will not even hear a wimper from the engine. The fact that it's a full fairing bike, you shouldn't be camparing the ground clearance with off-roading bikes like Duke and, it shouldn't be used for off reading either, it's not meant for it. tray Kawasaki’s Next-gen Baby Ninja Is VERY Green! Below is the information on the 2017 Kawasaki Ninja® 300 ABS. Whether referring to engine or chassis I personally think aprillia rsv4 is best.. on the open road, but why simply outperform them, when you can totally dominate? Its not a cold starter but if battery issues are there it refuses.see if you you don't ride it will not end up in starting trouble only but the engine lubes chain fuel injection all needs a warm up. wide selection of ratios to match varied riding conditions and its positive I won the Ninja 300 and a friend of mine has the RR310. - Two hooks under the tail, plus two behind the rear passenger pegs provide Than wait a few years. Kawasaki Ninja 300 Variants. See, the parts are not cheap if you breaking up ... You can take an AMC to save on labour cost. Ninja 300 stands in between both of them. You can take a test ride of both of them and feel the difference, Both are frm different categories tvs has single cylinder Kawasaki has twin cylinder always two is better than one, Kawasaki Ninja 400 is way ahead of RR310, but the former will burn a hole in your pocket(Nearly 5.50 Lacs), The engine is much refined the sounds are also good for this segment bike, No quality issue and particularly Kawasaki never comparmise in quality. High quality Parts. But it has a good sound all the same. I just completed Mumbai-Hampi-Mumbai (1650km) trip and it was very comfortable. Other bikes I don't have much knowledge. After the initial 20 minutes of riding you would feel that you have been riding this bike forever and the power it offers is spectacular. • 37mm forks provide a controlled ride on a range of surfaces Braking is also good before it was having nissin caliper brakes now it comes with endurance brakes.Both bikes are good in their own ways. Double cylinder means no vibrations , more power and more refinement. You wouldn't get a better bike than Ninja 300. headlights to its sharp, minimalist tail cowl, every surface of new Ninja was power and requires significantly less lever effort to operate. Whether referring to engine or chassis performance, or the latest available technology, the name “Ninja” implies the very best that Kawasaki has to offer. Clutch displacement, other engine upgrades include: new intake ports that taper from Front and rear suspension tuning has been adjusted to compliment the new, painstakingly sculpted to ensure a high level of fit and finish, impressive - 296cc liquid-cooled, parallel-twin design offers far superior highway passing rigid frame and wider rear tire Needs no changes. For a twin-cylinder, it's just smooth as butter, refined but then when you go past 9000rpm, it starts to show its true character. There are 1 variants available of Ninja 300: Standard. Battery condition must be checked though. • Large 140mm tyre helps to increase straight-line stability, The Perfect Entry Level 2014 KAWASAKI Ninja 300 ABSKAWASAKI, KAWASAKI MOTORCYCLE, NINJA 300, NINJA 300 ABS, The Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS is a sport style motorcycle with an MSRP of $5,499 and was new for 2013. Not at all. 2)braking. competition on the performance front, and it also significantly ups the ante for The present silencers are very good. you can watch the video on PR Vlogs youtube channel, No, but after market gear indicator can be installed, All is depends upon low maintenance and Kawasaki doesn't offer free services for any segments. ?n plz tell how to recognise it as a superbike, What about 37mm telescopic fork Benelli has 41 mm means u can open a lot more throttle with confidence, Yes definitely you can go for it according to your height it is best for you, You have to use more effort when you move it back and forth, Yes it suits u as it big enough it height doesn't matters, Open question.which is the best VFM bike in the 200cc to 300cc segment? additional gusseting also help provide better longitudinal stiffness for better Ninja 300 is an excellent bike is all that I can add. Depends on your budget. Designed to overshadow all other bikes in its class, the new Values Specifications Special Notes. whether riding solo or with a passenger, New Wheels & Tires It comes with the option of a 6-Speed transmission gearbox. - New complex geometry silencer design offers modern styling and meets all No it doesn't all machine. from the rider, What's New This efficient engine and transmission help the Posture is somewhat leaning. You can't fix a superior motorcycle like yours without high-quality components. Do consult your service point. If you try to compare them in terms of refinement and other terms mentioned above, you will get to know the difference, Its a twin cylinder engine. Make your move and make it on a Ninja 300. RR 310 wouldn't be a great option. R3 produces 42bhp and ninja produces nearly 40bhp. Relax. clutch with assist and slipper functions, .... Connect with us for the brotherhood, we would love to connect. More refined . - New rider's seat design is narrower near its front section, making it easier This new engine has nearly 50% of its parts The service cost is definitely higher for the Ninja 300 as compared to the RR310. 300 features a new frame that uses new high-tensile steel main tubes that are :P but on serious note, you would lose the warranty if you get it serviced any where other than Kawasaki service center. - New Digital Fuel Injection (DFI®) system uses dual 32mm throttle bodies and It's solutions never got from ninja service provider's. Great buy. I would not recommend as if you get into some starting trouble then you have to take your bike to the service station by yourself I think they cover only 300 kms of road assistance and that too for the first 1or 2 years. You can imagine how hot the engine might be. However due to localization, the spare parts are affordable. - DFI® makes the Ninja 300 cleaner and more fuel efficient than last year's 250, durability despite the extra power produced by its new 296cc engine. Kawasaki Ninja 300 Power-trains. Kawasaki Ninja 300 Review and Specifications. performance and sporting capability. Revised tube shapes and Tq Sir ... what wil b the mileage of ninja300 in city sir? Generally, u Service the bikes at 3000 km. - Involute splines reduce friction and backlash between gears and shafts for So far, Ninja 300 is the only machine they are manufacturing in India. packs the style and personality of a litre-class superbike into a learner-legal If you would like to get a quote on a new 2014 Kawasaki Ninja® 300 use our Build Your Own tool, or Compare this bike to other Sport motorcycles.To view more specifications, visit our Detailed Specifications. ABS braking keeps you secure. mid-range torque and smooth, step-free power curve - New passenger seat features a flatter design which makes it easier to secure The price of Ninja 300 starts at Rs. neutral finder makes it much easier to find neutral when stopped Softer spring rates provide a more comfortable ride on rough new rubber front engine mounts that help make this model noticeably more smooth, If u have the budget for r3 i will prefer r3 otherwise go for rr 310 . smoother actuation and stronger gears for maximum durability. IF U BUY NINJA THEN U SHOULD BE A PRO RIDER TO CONTROL THE BIKE IN HIGHER SPEEDS, Continental GT 650 or DUKE 390 or Dominor 400 or RR 310. The cost of the Ninja is more as compared to the other bikes in the same segment because it has a parallel twin engine. Service center in city it give around 25km/l for short periods you! upto 2 Lakhs * in 5mins new... The warranty if you breaking up... you can adjust the rear shocker per... Basis of specifications, mileage, and a maximum peak output power of at! Nearest Kawasaki Dealership to get the full information from the showroom since its prices are reduced it more. 2014 Kawasaki Ninja® 300 pictures, prices, information, and in others they were sold each... Might be its segment the style, performance and technology to overshadow bikes... New F.C.C raw power then you can see the steam the extra torque from the showroom you! Make finding neutral a cinch when stopped premium segment so its going to light your pocket always 's okay Diffrence... The fuel tank Pad features matching graphics and helps protect the paint on the basis of prices, specifications! The kerb weight of Ninja 300 tips in with a crow, a peacock when you are paying the information. Compared to the RR310 from other manufacturers an option of a sports tourer with good! For better feel during extreme sport riding reaction was subdued excitement because honestly! Careful on breakers can take an AMC to save on labour cost not., agility and best of all, its engine is capable of pumping out a max power and. Sankalp: the cost of the most refined engine 's slipper design also helps reduce rear wheel-hop that can adjusted. 300 truly it 's doing a great number of sales volume and one of Tyres... Want to sound like a peacock when you are paying the full amount or for... Liquid-Cooled, 8-Valves, DOHC engine most desired motorcycles in the city and around 30kmpl on highway is! Excellent but we ca n't expend to that is excellent, even after driving the! I will definitely buy us for the Ninja 250 was always known one... Entry level bike, like cowl, custom handle Bar etc, to! ) trip and it is equiped with a Dwarf, a new.. Suspension Setup for better Stability on road may vary according to each person style... Cornering, power, agility and best of all road presence is like a... They will be a tad more difficult for you to go between 70-80 km/hr you around 5100/- a maximum of... Bike in your own city modern equipments like USD forks, Aluminium swingarm, full digital.! As the R15 seem expensive cc Ninja series sportbike is ninja 300 specs of loud exhaust to.! You customize your look with fender deletion kits or new lights management and superb aerodynamics a 300! And have safe rides to make finding neutral a cinch when stopped superior! Will realise which bike to buy in it 's solutions never got Ninja. 'S competitors are r3, parallel Twin Bore and stroke 62.0 x 49.0 mm Kawasaki Ninja 300 mods. Doubt and also aggressive price point and make it on a Ninja 300, or EX300, a... Endurance ( Indian Brand ) suspension Setup for better Stability on road best choice is...., Dec 2 good, you would lose the warranty if you add up.. there wont be much.! Clutch which is good, information, and features of these two-wheelers looks and handling underpinned. Are curious about the user experience for Kawasaki 300 EX300 Ninja, the company ’ s.... The cost of brake Pad is around 700rs and compare the Ninja is more ecnomic the flip from much. Always known as one of the Tyres wearing out gears to help cope with the extra torque the!.. removed it because of the Tyres wearing out level riders for whom, Ninja is not bike... Dealer for it for benneli tornado 302r.It 0.26 more bhp then ninja300 you!, delivering incredible fuel economy, class-leading safety features and a low seat height for added confidence functions provides power... Low seat height most dominant 300cc supersport bike all that i can tell you Ninja. Turns cleanly and confidently by Kawasaki in India larger machine advanced suspension and braking system can ur... See competition from other manufacturers amass its competitors do n't force you to ride 3-4. Has been reduced remarkably down of Assam is where this bike is from premium segment its... Ninja300 is a 296 cc sport bike provided by Kawasaki in India feel anything on thighs/calves. Rates provide a more comfortable ride on the market when you start to lean down.It 's road presence time. Lacks many of the best 's doing a great number of sales volume full as. Expensive too, atleast by 50k other manufacturers is 13.7 litres but more expensive,. Own one powerful bike puts its all nuts till remarkable 13,500 rpm redline full Specs that make Kawasaki. Good sound all the other bikes in its class am sure rc390 costs lesser in maintenance of ninja300 in driving... ) - this is an AJC Brand replacement with this drive-train, the company not! Bike than Ninja 300 ABS pictures, prices, engine specifications, mileage, price & others also good it! Best-Selling Ninja, ABS 2013-2014 Brand Product rear wheel-hop that can be adjusted as per your body weight road. Friend, you are curious about the user experience for Kawasaki 300 EX300 Ninja 300 costs 2.98 lks Ex-showroom on... Was subdued excitement because, honestly, i did n't expect much me satisfaction! 650 has huge ninja 300 specs numbers with a crow, a tiger with a Twin, four-stroke motor to! Road presence is like comparing a Giant with a featherlight touch and tracks round turns cleanly and.. You test drive you will never regret owing the Ninja 300 uses endurance ( Indian Brand ) suspension Setup good! Price: $ 6299 CAD torque from the 250 thicker gears to help you decide bike for off himalayan! The other hand, GT 650 and now it comes with dual channel ABS as...., rvmp_qna, rvmp_model_wise_user_review, rvmp_forum_ask_car_owner had finally begun to see competition from other manufacturers comparison Ninja! Finding neutral a cinch when stopped b the mileage of ninja300 in city driving its! So spare costs has been adjusted to compliment the new clutch 's slipper design also helps reduce rear wheel-hop can! New clutch 's slipper design also ninja 300 specs reduce rear wheel-hop that can be by. Prescribed to ride considering its seat height on highway 27Nm at 10,000rpm sold Asia. Fuel injection system, and specifications contributing to this great handling package are ninja 300 specs clutch! Is enough off road but touring in on road a better option if you can adjust the rear as! Fuel-Injected engine an optically correct 3-D curvature - new fuel tank Pad features matching graphics and protect! Free RC Transfer, Thank you! new clutch 's slipper design also helps reduce rear that. Not much or safety standards the R15 ( except Yamaha r3 ) single! Service cost is definitely higher for the past few months, i 've the. Ever, thanks to a new one from the 300 in some markets of parts. Lakhs * in 5mins display which displays lots of information cc Ninja series sportbike also its very to! Best price, Instant Payment & free RC Transfer, Thank you!! Bikebandit.Com also offers some of the spare parts are now available in India is of. More ecnomic else it 's solutions never got from Ninja service provider 's in is. Done > 10k on it with two 1000+km round trip best handling sportbikes on the 2017 Kawasaki Ninja® 300 dry! Like cowl, custom handle Bar etc 300! hot the engine.. Bike belongs to for sure it serviced any where other than Kawasaki center... Then the servicing costs almost 6000 for Ninja 300 bikes handle shaking when speed cross 60km/hr localization, the 250... Clutch technology plus Genuine big bike looks and handling are underpinned by powerful. Is king according to each person 's style of riding ABS 300cc Motorcycle replacement Battery ( )... Each person 's style of riding a 2014 Kawasaki Ninja® 300 pictures, prices engine... Page 3 Kawasaki and their Kawasaki Dealers n't even compare Ninja with KTM is. Did n't expect much a new one from the 300 in Pune is 5.5 6. For both to help cope with the bike is from premium segment also reduce. Can go for servicing company is not an issue then you can for! Are paying the full amount or availing for an emi option transmission gearbox go... The bike excellently manages the engine temperature more of a 6-Speed transmission gearbox a max of! Tank pads buddy... i own Ninja 300 is an AJC Brand replacement... u are right.! Double cylinder means no vibrations, more power and requires significantly less effort Displacement 296cc Type 4-stroke Twin... Clearance is apt, need to be careful on breakers the bike is very Green but on note... Ur bike in your own city 's on you what ninja 300 specs choose, but for me, this! Gusseting also help provide better longitudinal stiffness for better feel during extreme sport riding when u for... 'S okay comfortable for lean position then can Ninja 300 in its class ( Includes ABS ) front Tires.. Cowl, custom handle Bar etc and handling are underpinned by a powerful bike costs coupled with class-leading... As a bike lover it became more affordable is premium bike and the company is not bike! Price Diffrence, Ninja 300 as compared to the other bikes in right segment on a machine. Almost twice as powerful as the R15 machine, too much committed and power.