The judges also commend him on his growth as a creator and communicator. Join Slice of Pi and receive admission to Unlimited and Tween Primes, plus invitations to a variety of special club events, all throughout 2021! This week, fold hearts in preparation for Valentine’s Day. One that didn’t need any algebra or modeling. Here’s your chance! Math modeling has given jugglers all kinds of new patterns to juggle, and we invite you to come see what mathematics can do. And you can do it too! Anton’s sculptures — executed in steel, bronze, or as digital interactives — fix points in space that, as the eye connects them, reveal harmonious alignments as three-dimensional paths. Peter Winkler is the current MoMath Distinguished Chair for the Public Dissemination of Mathematics and Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Dartmouth College. Come and enjoy some non-competitive explorations in mathematics. Watch as Lauren Rose builds a Rubik’s Cube mosaic, and try to figure out what the picture will be. We need you!Interested in volunteering on the Museum floor? Learn more and register at How can you help your child when you’re not sure yourself how to solve a problem? Together we will explore proportion, ratio, and scale as Godwyn shows you how to create structures, furniture, and characters from simple supplies. Zoe Markman created a visual proof of the “sum of squares formula” by cleverly using three wooden 3-D pyramids that fit together. For more information and to register, visit Don’t know whom to ask? Plinko Machine at the Math Museum NYC - Duration: 2:28. If you love math and want to experience the incredible joy of mathematical discovery, you won’t want to miss this enjoyable monthly program. Is a heart a shape? Entrants need not have attended the January 19 event to participate. Hamza Alsamraee loves Instagram – and he also loves math. It isn’t about cold calculations at all— it’s a field full of creativity and beauty, and it is just as infused with humanity as any other.”. Folding FridaysFriday, February 5, 4:30 pm ET (New York)Origami expert Kathleen Sheridan continues this runaway hit series, teaching origami models to learners ages seven through adult. Nikoli’s Puzzle Challenge ContestWednesday, January 20, 6:30 pm ET (New York)Join MoMath for an evening of puzzles and challenges featuring eight hand-crafted puzzles brought to us by Nikoli. NEW in 2020: Online field trips to Composite, the gallery at MoMathTake a tour with artist Anton Bakker and explore the amazing Alternative Perspective exhibitionMoMath is thrilled to present a groundbreaking new art show in Composite, the gallery at MoMath — virtually! MoMath is offering limited private tutoring for grades K–12 with certified teachers who have extensive experience successfully teaching students online and in the classroom. Carolyn Figuereo is the retail manager of the National Museum of Mathematics. Mark Saul is the Executive Director of the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival. Nikoli’s Hand-Crafted Puzzle WorkshopTuesday, January 19, 6:30 pm ET (New York)Join MoMath and Nikoli, the company The New York Times calls “Japan’s Puzzle Palace,” for an evening workshop featuring a series of custom-designed puzzles. Mini Mathematical Universes to the rescue! Meet a MathematicianThursday, April 15, 4:00 pm ET (New York)Did you ever wonder what a mathematician does all day? Ralph Pantozzi is the winner of the 2014 Rosenthal Prize and a math educator. Meet a MathematicianThursday, March 18, 4:00 pm ET (New York)Did you ever wonder what a mathematician does all day? John Chase is a mathematical juggler and math educator. MoMath is currently accepting applications for summer 2021 and will be admitting candidates on a rolling basis. The overall effect is to reinforce the central idea of beauty in simplicity. Click here to support the nation’s only Museum of Mathematics as you shop! Or your anniversary? He has performed throughout the world and has been trained in several mime schools, including master classes with the legendary Marcel Marceau. 2:28. Explore the wonders of paper folding — there’s math in every fold! Watch this video of a Math Encounters lecture being given at the National Museum of Mathematics. A collection of humorous math stories, this book gives a window into mathematics and the culture of mathematicians. The expected commitment is five days per week for eight to twelve weeks, and it typically includes assignments on the floor of the Museum, in the retail shop, and in MoMath’s administrative office. Math Encounters: “Bouncing Billiards: The Symmetries and Mathematics in the Path of a Rolling Ball” with Diana DavisWednesday, February 3, 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm ET (New York)If you hit a ball on a pool table, it will bounce around for a while — it might even return to where it started and repeat its path. Mike Andrejkovics is a high school math teacher from Long Island, NY who creates and performs raps about mathematics based on popular hip-hop tracks. Moreover, the theme of infinity pervades the painting, just as it does in all of mathematics. Learn more and register at Free Math Gym, a workout for your brainWednesday, March 17, 3:30 pm ET (New York)Students in 4th grade and above are invited to spend an hour online with MoMath mathematicians, independently working on engaging and beautiful math problems hand-selected by MoMath’s advisory council of math PhDs. This book is a romp through the wild world of mathematics. “My math communication project, Infinity Universe,” wrote Yvonne Hong,  “is an illustrative yet mathematical depiction of the world in which we live. My youngest enjoys all the characters and their funny stories, and the oldest will solve the different museums over and over. On Tuesday, you’ll receive a subtle hint; on Thursday, a serious push; on Saturday, the solution. QED: Homework Help… for Parents!Tuesday, May 25, 8:00 pm ET (New York)In today’s environment, parents are more important than ever in the education of their children. We can help! A MoMath retail specialist will be on hand to answer questions and offer expert shopping advice for all your mathematical gift needs. Folding FridaysFriday, January 15, 4:30 pm ET (New York)Join origami expert Kathleen Sheridan for Folding Fridays in the month of January. Free Family Fridays at MoMath presented by Two Sigma: “Hidden Hexagons: Secrets of a Six-Sided Shape”Friday, January 15, 6:30 pm ET (New York)The humble hexagon may not seem like the world’s most interesting shape, but take another look and you may be surprised. has been a runaway hit that has engaged people all over the world during an unprecedented global shutdown. Jonah Yoshida’s project is a pencil-and-paper infographic on graph theory. Mark Saul is the Senior Scientist at the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival. But what happens when your child’s homework doesn’t look like anything you remember? This video is unavailable. Learn more and register at (Gordon Hamilton) and inspired by the inductive games Eleusis (Robert Abbott) and Patterns II (Sid Sackson), these Mini Mathematical Universes will provide an intriguing and engaging way to spend your evening! How can you help your child when you’re not sure yourself how to solve a problem? For more information and to register, visit The project submitted by Kyna Airriess is a “zine” based on a quote from A Mathematician’s Lament, a polemical essay by high school teacher Paul Lockhart. Write your own words to a favorite tune or compose your own melody; the only rules are that the lyrics must be original and must be about math or a mathematical concept. Choose whichever challenges you like and explore them with the guidance and mentorship of an expert mathematician.