Rich in healthy fats and low in carbs, they make this pesto sauce extra creamy and nutrient-dense. Keto Creamy Avocado Tomatillo Salsa If you have a better recipe for an easy, spicy, creamy, authentic tomatillo salsa, I need to see it immediately because if not, I am going to claim that this is the BEST tomatillo salsa you've ever had--especially when you consider that it is keto and low carb. Full printable recipe is on the card below. Stir until smooth and creamy. The sauce can be used alongside any number of Mexican-inspired recipes, or as a dipping sauce or marinade. The sauce is creamy, slightly spicy, and smoky. Not unless you want it to be! Serves 8 Serving: 1/4 Cup. Super easy to make and changes the whole dynamic of the food it’s put on. The sauce actually originated as part of the Bonefish Grill’s Bang Bang Shrimp appetizer. Add extra flavor to your favorite low-carb meals with these 25 delicious I also love adding it to hearty stews and chilis. Not just for your keto spaghetti, this sauce is ideal in lettuce cups, a base for chili, or any other creation you can think of. This 30 minute meal combines chicken, creamy buffalo sauce and blue cheese to create an easy low carb dinner the whole family will love. But try it, too, topping some chicken cutlets or as a dipping sauce side for grilled shrimp or chicken satay. A tangy and creamy keto sauce this is the base of our Reuben Bagel recipe. Ingredients. KETO CHIPOTLE SAUCE INGREDIENTS It is so simple it makes an amazing treat for the coming summer. An easy, one pan, gluten free weeknight dinner that’s fast and flavorful. Perfect for a weeknight meal or to entertain, this flavor packed low carb and keto friendly meal can be on the table in under an hour This is one amazing meal that no one will be able to stop talking about! Keto cheese sauce doesn’t have to be difficult to make. Smooth, creamy, and with a tangy spicy kick, this keto Horsey Sauce is just like Arby's and pairs perfectly with beef, grilled meats, and veggies! Spice it up, friend! Addicting, Creamy Sauce. Alfredo sauce over pasta is one of my favorite simple dinner meals. Trust me, no one wants that. I don’t find this dish spicy at all. An easy, one pan, gluten free weeknight dinner that’s fast and flavorful. The original recipe contained mayonnaise, sriracha (or a sweet chili sauce), sugar, and maybe another hot sauce ingredient. Why not freeze the meatballs ahead of time then mix up dinner time with one of these three tasty sauce covered meatballs your family will love! Now it’s time to build your tacos. This keto-friendly fried chicken nugget recipe is a healthier version of fast-food chicken nuggets. Keto Beef Panang Curry . Actually making cheese sauce keto is not only easy to do, it’s quick too. Keto Alfredo Sauce Ingredients. The flavors in this sauce give everything a well-rounded flavor. You’re going to love this low carb recipe to serve over zoodles! These keto zoodles with a creamy mascarpone sauce are both super tasty and super speedy. 8. This classic, creamy butter-tarragon sauce is fancy, but effortless thanks to this simplified blender preparation. Such a delicious curry recipe influenced by a creamy Indian curry. IMPERIAL | METRIC. The chili garlic sauce certainly adds flavor, but it is very well-balanced by the cream cheese. This recipe feeds a lot of people. Recipe Here! Give this super simple and straightforward sausage dinner a try. How to Make Keto Pork Chops. Hot Sauce. Some recipes call for the use of yogurt, which isn’t the best low-carb/keto option. Think 15 minutes start-to-finish, making them an ideal weekday meal. The salt and pepper both sides of the pork. My husband served himself a generous portion and could only eat half of it. But of course, you can adjust the spice level to your taste! Ripe avocado, fresh basil leaves, and olive oil creates the perfect creamy avocado pesto to top your spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles. With only 3 ingredients, you can create either creamy caramel sauce — that you can also use as dip or frosting — or dreamy fudge balls. You can also add a few drops of this sauce to a homemade Bloody Mary or other spicy drink (like a tomato-based V8 copycat). The nuggets may not come with a toy like the ones from a fast food restaurant, but they are sure to please the entire family. Keto Spaghetti Sauce Recipe . This keto chocolate sauce is made with cocoa powder. However, if you enjoy a little spice in your Keto stir fry, just increase the amount of hot sauce you use. Precook the chicken or use rotisserie chicken, shredded. If you love warm and spicy flavors, rich and creamy mouthfeel, plus easy few-ingredient one-dish recipes, this treat is for you. It’s obviously a good choice for adding a touch of spice to basic pasta. Yum! Keto Spaghetti Sauce Recipe. I’m sure this creamy keto sauce for pork will quickly become a favorite. All you venison lovers out there…this one’s for you! I used it in these recipes: Keto BBQ Sauce; Sausage Egg Roll In A Bowl ; Keto Meatloaf Recipe ; How to Store Homemade Worcestershire Sauce. Very easy to make on the stovetop with readily available ingredients that every good keto cook should have in the kitchen. You are going to love these Keto Bacon-Wrapped Pork Chops with Mustard Cream Sauce.My last keto mustard sauce recipe so popular I figured we could try something a little different this time! Here is a quick visual guide to making this keto pork dish. Make it in bulk and freeze. Print. Keto buffalo chicken enchiladas are finger-licking twist on the spicy Mexican casserole. Keto White Chicken Enchiladas Recipe Instructions. Beef Panang is a popular Thai Curry with tender strips packed with spicy flavors. Place the fish on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake for 10-12 minutes. Collections French sauce tarragon béarnaise. Creamy Thai Peanut Dressing | Keto, Sugar Free This homemade Creamy Thai Peanut Dressing is so easy to make and goes perfectly on salads, or as a sauce for chicken, or shrimp! Cream Cheese – High fat, low carb, and low protein – the keto dream! Blackened Venison Tenderloin & Spicy Brussels Sprouts with Cajun Cream Sauce is an absolute show stopper! If you’d rather have something sweet instead of savory you’ll want to try our Keto Apple Pork Chops. A creamy Keto Thai Peanut Sauce that is gluten-free, low carb, dairy-free and has a paleo option. The choice is yours! The lightly herbed grain-free breading complements the creamy garlicky goodness of the sauce. Once the sauce appears creamy stop the mixer and put it aside until later on. It takes only a few minutes to make, but is packed with delicious flavor! It’s also more spicy in that fiery way that can only be achieved with cayenne peppers. You can adjust it to fit a paleo or keto diet. Keto meatballs are the perfect quick and easy keto dinner. Creamy Spicy Sausage Gnocchi is a one skillet dish that comes to together in less than 30 minutes. This Keto Sausage with Creamy Basil Sauce is as easy as baking the sausage, smearing with the sauce, covering it with cheese, and cooking a few minutes more. Spicy Cajun cream sauce is not only tasty, it’s also very versatile. Ingredients List. This keto chocolate sauce recipe is low carb and gluten free, as well as vegan. It’s low carb, and completely keto friendly as well! Creamy and Spicy – Keto Indian chicken curry recipe. Recipe Here! Once you’ve got the sauce ready, turn the oven on to 425°F and stick the fish when it’s hot enough. Be sure the butter is hot when you add it to the blender; adequate heat allows the butter to cook the eggs as they blend together. Print. Spicy Keto Skillet Chicken with Pan Sauce. This low carb version of peanut sauce is also often called satay sauce. Serve on top of cauliflower rice for a complete meal. On warm days I love to either make some keto ice cream or pick up some enlightened (halo top works as well but I prefer the texture of enlightened. Keto Beef Panang Curry. This spicy flavored mayonnaise is an excellent sauce for keto, as it’s not only delicious but it’s also low in carbs with just 1 gram of carb per serving compared to regular sriracha sauce that contains 3 grams of carbs. This yummy sauce has a nutty, lightly sweet and mildly spicy flavor. Keep ready to learn how to easily make a creamy goat cheese sauce, sweet and sour sauce, and a spicy garlic sauce for your meatballs. Cook up some zucchini noodles and have yourself a low-carb, gluten-free, Italian masterpiece. Sour cream for topping; Cilantro for topping . Set aside. And it’s awesome on everything – … This sauce is different than the one for regular buffalo wings in that it’s thicker and creamier, and super garlicky. Easy to make Keto Alfredo Sauce that’s ready in 10 minutes. Bang bang sauce is a sweet, creamy, and spicy sauce perfect for coating seafood, chicken, beef, pork, or really… anything. It only takes 5 MINUTES to make, and it’s incredibly rich, creamy and cheesy. You can thank heavy cream for that. Made with heavy cream, broth, cream cheese and Parmesan cheese. Heavy Cream – Are your favorite soups and sauces velvety smooth? It’s a must for rich, creamy sauce. Because of its fat content, heavy cream is curdle-resistant, so it won’t clump or chunk at high heats. How to make and use this recipe. In fact, it’s so good, you’d never know it’s a low carb keto cheese sauce. Mostly because it is rich and filling. It’s great with chicken too! In a large saucepan over medium heat, add the butter, cream cheese, heavy cream, 2 cups of Monterey Jack cheese, diced green chilies, and chicken broth. Is This Keto Stir Fry Spicy? Avocado Pesto Green Sauce.